Zipgripgo, The “Clamps” That Replace (In Some Cases) The Snow Chains

Special cable ties are depopulating in the United States which, in some extreme conditions, take the place of snow chains. But for now, in Italy, they cannot be used.

Maybe it will take some time, but it is to be hoped that ZipGripGo can be used very soon in Italy too, which in the United States is becoming a trendy emergency device, able to help a lot when you are there. Find yourself entangled in a sudden snowfall.

ZipGripGo is an emergency traction device designed for all motorists, especially those without excellent manual skills and who find it challenging to assemble snow chains for various reasons.

Last but not least, what is the terror of many motorists: getting up in the morning and finding several inches of snow covering the road and the tires of your car.

This innovative and patented product allows all car drivers to get out of dramatic situations, in which the wheels are unable to grip the snow, ice and mud and moving becomes practically impossible.

Its best feature is that it is straightforward to install and is fully adjustable, so much so that it fits most tires and even giant rims.

However, they are designed to be installed only in the presence of aluminium and alloy rims and are not recommended for use with steel rims. The reason is easy to say: some have sharp edges, which in fact can cut the ties when on the move, thus nullifying the purpose of why they were installed.

Where it arises

ZipGripGo fits between the tire tread and the ground. As mentioned, it closely resembles the regular cable ties used to lock cables, used by electricians, and the locking mechanism is practically the same.

However, compared to the electrician clamps, they are enhanced with sturdy double-layer nylon studs that can bite snow, ice or mud, giving ample traction even in the worst conditions.

However, one should not think that Zip Grip Go replaces usual snow chains in toto. These special clamps must be used in emergency conditions. The manufacturer declares a use for a maximum of thirty km.

In practice, a distance that allows you to find a more comfortable area to be able to mount usual snow chains and then continue your journey in total tranquillity. The same can be said if winter tires are used: if the snow is very high, the clamps can be installed until you return to a road where the snow is not so abundant that it does not allow you to drive safely. To remove them you have to cut them, better perhaps with pliers to avoid the risk of puncturing the tires.


This shows that each Zip Grip Go strap is “disposable”. Fortunately, their price is low: in the United States, they are sold in packs of ten cable ties for just $ 22, just under € 20, and are considered cheap snow chains, even if, as mentioned, they do not replace them. Altogether.

With a kit you can, therefore, be sure to get out of a snowy road in seconds, also considering the ease with which they are installed on tires. The company recommends mounting at least four-tire clamps to get the right grip.

Like snow chains, they must be positioned on the driving wheels, therefore either the front or the rear ones, unless you have an all-wheel-drive car. In this case, if there is a need, but the snow should be a lot, they should be mounted on all four wheels.


ZipGripGo can be easily stored in the trunk or in the loading area of any vehicle, ready to come to the rescue in an emergency without taking up much space, certainly less than any pair of snow chains.

Unlike these, which must be of specific dimensions according to your tire, the ZipGripGo closing mechanism is compatible with rims of all shapes and sizes.

As mentioned, for the moment it is useless to buy them on the various websites that offer them, as they are not approved as an alternative to snow chains or winter tires, to be able to circulate on Italian roads when there is an obligation to use one or of the other “non-slip medium”.

It is up to the manufacturer to request approval, but at the moment, it does not seem interested in overseas markets. However, they could arouse the curiosity of an importer who should take charge of requesting approval to sell them on Italian territory.

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