The Shell Helix Ultra 5w 30-Reviews In 2020

Engine oil is one of the forgotten elements of our car that, if we do not take proper care, can give us a severe dislike. Therefore, it is convenient to equip our vehicle with quality oils, such as Shell 5W 30 oils. This is Quality oil, formulated in some cases in competition circuits that improve the performance and operation of the vehicle.


The best Shell 5w30 oils -Reviews In 2020

If you want to know more about these oils, we leave you some selected types of our 5W30  Shell oil comparison, along with some guidelines to choose correctly.

When it comes to choosing an oil, the type of vehicle marks everything. Not only within the density but also the kind of oil. Modern engines incorporate elements such as particle filters, EGR valves, and other high-tech features that may require oils with certificates or specific approvals. Therefore, when choosing one of these oils, it is necessary to verify that the product you are evaluating meets what your car needs.

Another critical aspect of these oils is their properties. Obviously, all oils lubricate and can remove dirt from the engine, but not all do so with the same efficiency. Therefore, you should choose an oil that has the best properties depending on what you need.

Some oils help reduce fuel consumption while others improve performance in engines that run with a high level of demand. If this is your case, it does not hurt to look for an oil that helps your engine in these complicated circumstances.

Finally, we talk about presentations. Generally, almost all Shell oils are presented in a conventional 5-liter can format or a 1-liter auxiliary can. In some cases, the least, you can find 4-liter cans, which are not economically convenient for having a slightly higher price per liter. In any case, adjust your purchase to the oil capacity of your engine, and do not forget to keep a little it is necessary to refill it.


Shell Helix Ultra Professional

 According to almost all 5W 30 brand oils, Shell Helix Ultra Professional oil is an even more demanding product, designed for high demand engines with high-performance needs. Again, it is an oil that meets the ACEA A5 / B5 requirements, also being compatible with the WSS-M2C913-C specification.

An oil manufactured with Shell’s Pure Plus technology, which generates even better levels of cleanliness within the engine, thus optimizing its protection.

A synthetic and high-quality product that is even able to exceed the requirements of the GMW161772 specification, to provide further protection and cleanliness to your engine. Recommended for the most demanding use situations.


Shell 550040677

 Shell oil 550040677 is a professional type product designed for high-performance engines, whether gasoline or diesel.

A product that has a wide range of certifications such as ACEA A1 / B1, API SJ or ILSAC GF-2, including, besides, compatibility with certain approvals of Ford engines.

A synthetic oil, compatible with the wide margins of change that this type of product has and that maintains its properties without significant alterations during the period of use.

It comes in a five-liter can with spout tip to facilitate recharging without staining the engine, with a fill indicator or oil level on the side of it.


Shell Helix Ultra E

 Designed for specific uses in machinery or the emergency filling of your engine, Shell Helix Ultra E 5W30 oil in its 1-liter presentation is a very versatile option.

An oil with low consumption despite its fluidity, which is capable of generating quality cleaning in the engine, eliminating a more significant amount of debris from it. An oil that also protects the entire engine against oxidation, with a rapid movement to protect each area at the time it is needed.

Something very suitable for particulate filter engines, in which the use of the product extends its useful life. And if that were not enough, this oil also helps you save by having a technology that reduces fuel consumption by almost 2%.

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