The Risks Of Fake Tires

Wearing beautiful tires in our car is something that gives style to the vehicle, but also has a price. And if we are not willing to pay it and we opt for economic solutions, these can have severe consequences for our safety and our vehicle.

When looking for components for our vehicle, it is common for us to find products similar to those of the leading brands but with much lower prices. They are the products called replica, which mimic the design of the highest level products but whose characteristics usually remain in the visual since their safety, durability, and resistance are not up to par. Something that we must take into account, for example, when buying the best tires for our car. Because a wrong decision can end up having severe consequences.


Mercedes’s experiment

To make users aware of the risks of this type of second-line products, the manufacturer Mercedes has decided to take action and demonstrate to users the real risks of these types of products when it comes to providing adequate performance and the minimum security when moving on the road.

The experiment is simple, and the result can be seen on YouTube. In this video of the test, a Mercedes CLA 45 AMG is used, equipped with 19-inch diagonal wheels and considerable power that can reach 360 horses. Enough, therefore, to demand the maximum components from the components, when shooting the vehicle’s performance.

However, to carry out this experiment, it was not necessary to increase the engine power to its limit nor to look for an expert driver, of those who can take the vehicle to the limit. In this case, it was enough to put the vehicle at 50 kilometers per hour and pass it over a false pothole, built expressly for the test, and very similar to the bumps and even soundtracks that we can find in any cart.

The final result of the experiment is clear. Once the vehicle overcomes the pothole, it looks like the tire breaks, losing a good part of the metal located on the outside of it. A piece of metal that, if fired, could become a dangerous risk for anyone near this vehicle. Not to mention the risk of having a tire that breaks with so little, which can end up cracking the tire and causing an accident.


It is not the only case

Despite the spectacular video, if we continue to take a look at YouTube, it will not cost us work to find videos in which these imitation tires are subjected to some efforts, with unfortunate results. Just a little bump on the surface of the tire or simply apply a low pressure on it so that the material with which the tire is made is damaged or even cracked.

Imagine now that instead of that breakage in a laboratory or under controlled conditions, this tire breakage occurs when we drive with our vehicle on a highway at high speed. The result would be a real catastrophe, which is undoubtedly very difficult for us to save. Because in those circumstances, the fracture of an arm of a tire would make the vehicle ungovernable and probably causes the ultimate destruction of the tire, with the total loss of control of the car.


The reason

The reason for these types of problems is apparent. Imitation tires do not have the quality of materials or manufacturing processes that can be found in quality tires. The forging systems of these tires require high technology, as well as a controlled and high strength material, considering the type of stresses the tire is attached to when driving the vehicle.

Precisely because of all this, the tires also go through a previous design process in which the safety that the user deserves when rolling is guaranteed. Something that is complemented by a complete quality control process, which verifies each tire before it is sent to the market, to detect defective products or that are not as safe as they should.

All these elements disappear when it comes to fake or imitation tires. These tires are made of inferior quality materials, have dyspnea that is not always correct, and it is common for the quality control of this manufacturing process to shine due to its absence. So the ingredients for the disaster are served.


How to identify dangerous tires

At this point in the article, you may have already gone to take a look at the tires of your car to verify that they are suitable and that you have not been given a cat for a hare. The truth is that there are many ways to identify poor quality tires, but there are also some manufacturers with quite a little shame, which can hit even the most experienced users.

The first detail that makes us think that some tires are not original is the price. When some tires for our vehicle have an amount that is well below what the rest of the tires on the market cost, there is a reason to suspect. As the saying goes, nobody gives hard to four pesetas nor sells tires at the price of balance unless those tires are not what they seem.

Another detail that should make us suspect is the sales channel of these tires. Many tire manufacturers, both vehicle manufacturers and the leading companies in the sector, are dedicated to selling on exclusive channels. Therefore, we can only buy your products through a series of specific distributors. If we find your tires outside those circuits or distributors, we have many high chances that they are false.

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