How The Portable Compressor Works And What It Is Used For

If you have recently purchased a portable compressor or intend to do so, find out first how it works and what can be useful to you.


It is not enough to choose one of the many portable compressors on the market, because without a knowledge of the components and situations in which it can be useful, you risk abandoning it, leaving it filled with dust.

Its field of use is truly vast, because with compressed air it is possible to carry out numerous work activities or even use it as a pastime. If you are thinking of buying one, then thanks to this article you can get to know the types available on the market, the main features and the features that stand out the most, then opt for the best solutions.


What is it about?

When we talk about the compressor, par excellence means a device (better, a machine) that uses mechanical force to compress the air, subjecting it to high pressure.

Regardless of the manufacturer, the structure repeats itself with some characteristics for each model: there is a cylinder that contains gas or compressed air, a supply tap and a flexible tube that is used to direct the air jet.

Its uses can be manifold, because the range of possible uses is wide both at work and in the hobby, DIY and so on.

Nonetheless, a widespread use is to inflate the tires of a car, motorcycle or all those vehicles that move with tires. This is why it is always recommended to choose the best portable compressor, because it can serve you on special occasions so it is always good to have one.

You can also use it for sandblasting, but also for painting, so you need not only a more powerful compressor, but one equipped with an airbrush. It is also used in industry for olive harvesting, or for cleaning apartments and other machinery, which cannot be cleaned with other products and tools.


Two large families

Of compressors, as you have guessed, there are different types. On the market there are only two large families: the volumetric and the dynamic. In the first case, the air pressure and the delivery of the latter are marked by well-defined mechanical movements.

As far as the second type is concerned, compression occurs due to the speed that can be impressed on the body. It goes without saying that the choice to use one or the other depends very much on the work that must be done or on what will be useful to you.

Being forced to put a force on a body to collect air and therefore function is not always the best, especially if you are in a hurry and you do not have enough strength: that’s why the most common ones are those of the first category.

If you are thinking of buying one, consider before understanding what type it is that you have identified and, only after, compare any technical characteristics.


Other types

To be even more specific, by virtue of the different uses, there are also further sub-categories and types of portable air compressor. There is, for example, the one without oil, also called dry compressor, particularly useful for performing housework in which excessive power is not needed, therefore avoiding staining both the floor and other things.

There is also the counterpart, therefore the oil one, often quieter but to which attention must be paid in any case for possible grease losses: therefore it also requires more careful maintenance.

Screw compressors can be found, that is, those with two propeller-shaped motors, often started by means of a fluid that enters the valve and generates a considerable pressure. Let’s move on to piston compressors, which have, in fact, two or three pistons that allow you to compress the gas. It is one of the most used models in the industry, but also in everyday jobs, because beyond the possibility of being able to transport them, they can be improved with the addition of other pistons.


What it can be used for

With a compressor you can perform many activities, both professional and pleasure. Very often a portable compressor is mainly used for those housework that needs more precision, such as painting walls, painting and much more.

As anticipated, they can also be used for the cultivation and cleaning of environments. Thanks to the air pressure, in fact, it is possible to move large quantities of materials in a short time.

There are some compressors that allow you to connect a gun for the hydraulic pump, therefore they are used in the cleaning of cars, motorcycles, bicycles or other vehicles. For domestic purposes, it can be interesting to attach an airbrush, or other accessories and tools that can be found in hardware stores or by a specialized dealer.

In fact, it will be possible to use it to wash shutters, curtains and mattresses, or take it with you when traveling by car. It will come in handy in case you need to measure the tire pressure and screw in the bolts that hold the wheel cover firmly.

In short, the methods of use of a product of this kind are numerous, just choose the best model.


How to choose one

In this regard, to find the right one among the wide range of compressors on the market, you can opt for various classification methods. First of all decide for what use you will need, since a compressor for painting will be different from another used for sandblasting, for packaging or for cleaning, not so much in terms of structure, but in terms of functionality.

Each compressor has some peculiarities that make it unique and different from the others, therefore suitable for the various sectors of use and, consequently, with different costs. If you are looking for an easy-to-carry item that can be brought with you by car or motorbike, then opt for a model that is affordable, both with the option of being integrated with other tools.

There are drills, electric screwdrivers and other tools that are also activated through the action of compressed air, therefore particularly useful in all those emergency situations on the road, where there is no electricity.


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