How To Mount The Car Sunshade

Sun visors and other alternative solutions do not overheat your vehicle’s interior when you leave it parked in the sun.

The infernal heat of summer is getting stronger, forcing us to run for cover to avoid suffering too much. Although it is inevitable to feel a specific heat, there are several useful ways to combat the heat even when driving. Cars in summer are used to turning into real traps, especially if the air conditioning does not work correctly or if you have the misfortune of having to park them in the sun. Leaving them exposed to sunlight, within an hour, you will find the machine boiling as if it were an oven and, therefore, unusable.

The solution is obviously to open the doors and open the windows, but it is never pleasant, especially if you are in a hurry. The steering wheel becomes incandescent, and the seats, especially the leather ones, become unbearable heat traps. Turning on the air conditioning to the maximum to find refreshment is a bad idea because you can suffer cold shots that lead to ailments and even unpleasant stomach blocks.


The parasol

Among the most adopted solutions, we find the parasol. An excellent car sun visor to be placed on the windshield allows you to protect your vehicle’s interior from heat, especially the dashboard, steering wheel, and seats that tend to heat up. The heat, as well as being annoying, can compromise the functioning of some components. Therefore the sun visor is a good idea both for your health and for that of your vehicle.

How to install the parasol? First of all, you need to buy one of the same sizes as the windshield to avoid leaving any glimmer from which the sun’s rays can enter, heating the vehicle, and completely negating the usefulness of the parasol. Once you have bought the right one, all you have to do is place it inside the machine, using the appropriate suction cups.

Make sure the glass is clean before doing this step to ensure a safer grip. After mounting the suction cups, fix the curtain in the lower part of the window and the eyelets to hold the curtain. In the package, you will also find screws that will help you fix everything effectively, although it is advisable not to tighten them too much to remove the parasol more easily.

These are general guidelines, as each sunshade may require particular installation, therefore always follow the instructions in the package so that assembly can be carried out correctly.

On the market, you can find aluminum parasols with a different design; some depict excellent images or characters from TV series, comics, and cartoons, while other more sober models will have no fantasy.


Alternative solutions

What if this is not enough? Leaving the car in the sun, it could still heat up, although the sunshade provides excellent protection in the front of the vehicle. For complete protection, you can opt for a car sheet thanks to which you can cover the whole car, although this solution is recommended only if you have an outdoor parking space and you have to leave the car parked for a few days in the sun. We advise you not to buy a dark car sheet in case you want to cover the car, as black attracts sunlight.

If your vehicle has seats and steering wheel covered with synthetic leather, you can use unique covers to keep them cool so that you can immediately drive even if you park the car in the sun.


Air conditioning

If the parasol is the ideal solution to keep the car cool when it is stationary, air conditioning is the only way to keep the temperatures balanced when traveling. Many people have the terrible habit of turning on the air to the maximum, shooting it on themselves without regard for their health and often also for that of passengers!

Instead of taking cold air in the chest or face, try to balance the temperature so that a livable environment is created in the car. There is no need to raise the power to the maximum, just set it to medium levels and let the pleasant breeze envelop the car’s interior.

Obviously, for the air conditioning to work correctly, it is necessary to check the filters from time to time, changing them when necessary. Don’t forget to bring a good supply of water when you travel, especially if you are going on long stretches of the road.

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