How To Dispose Of Old Tires Economically

Some interesting tips on how to reuse used tires creatively, without causing damage to the environment and saving on the purchase of other objects

Used tires represent a big problem as far as disposal is concerned, at best they end up accumulating in large piles in garages and warehouses, waiting to be recycled by the numerous companies specialized in the recovery and reconditioning of old tires. But despite the efforts of these companies, most of the used tires end up inevitably in landfills or, worse still, abusively buried or discharged into the sea, with the result of polluting the environment more and more.

This is why it is important to be aware of the problem and try to contribute in every possible way, finding an intelligent way to use recycled tires. If you have old tires to dispose of and are looking for useful tips on how to do it, then try to consider some of the ideas proposed in our article.

A touch of originality for home furnishings

Among the most popular recycling methods, there is certainly that of retrofitting old tires and transforming them into furnishing objects. The ideas, in this case, are truly numerous, and with a little inventiveness, it is possible to create everything. For example, the most classic use in this area is to cut tires and then “reassemble” them to create chairs, coffee tables, umbrella stands and even sofas. The old bicycle and mountain bike tires, on the other hand, are particularly suitable for being transformed into frames where you can insert round mirrors, or paintings if you have a hobby of painting.

In case you don’t like the external appearance of the rubber, painted or not, then you can easily cover it with other materials, such as braided ropes for example. You may find it truly surprising how a tire, covered with a simple braided rope, radically changes its appearance and becomes a piece of furniture that does not even clash in a classic context.

A further and original idea is to transform them into chandeliers, always painting them and perhaps engraving shoulders and treads to create transparencies and plays of light that will leave your guests speechless.

A world of new games for the little ones

The swing made from an old tire, hanging on a branch with ropes, is the most classic of youth images. Still, even in this case with a little inventiveness, it is possible to broaden horizons and recreate a real playground in the home garden, made by reusing only used tires of any size, properly cleaned and may be painted for the occasion.

You can, therefore, give free rein to your imagination and build structures on which you can climb, for example, swings and swings of all kinds, tunnels, obstacle courses, forts and pirate ships; you can create everything for the joy of the little ones. There will also be the certainty that children can have fun without taking any risks, unlike traditional play areas made with metal structures which, however safe they can be designed, always leave the possibility that the child may get hurt by running into a sharp edge or in a protruding pin.

Pots and planters for gardening lovers

Always remaining in the field of garden use, the old tires are ideal for plant lovers and those with a green thumb, because they are particularly suitable for recycling as pots and planters.

Given their nature, of course, it is always recommended to use them to grow only ornamental plants and not vegetables or spices to be used for the preparation of food. In this way, therefore, it becomes possible to save a lot of money by avoiding buying terracotta pots, or plastic ones, and using the old tires instead.

Some also lend themselves to being cut and assembled to create particular compositions, to be suspended or hung on the walls following dictates inspired by personal taste or by the particular conditions of the environment to be embellished. Still with a view to garden use, moreover, but of a more functional kind, it is possible to use old tires as economical solutions to create paths and stairways in larger gardens, where there are accentuated differences in level in the ground.

In these cases, instead of performing expensive interventions with masonry works, which could adversely affect the “rural” aesthetics of the garden, it can be resolved in a much cheaper way by using an adequate number of tires to align along the bends, filling them with soil to create “natural” steps which, over time, will be covered with a light grassy surface which will give the staircase a remarkable beauty, especially if further enriched by planters obtained from the cut, shaped and semi-underground tires to hide the rubber parts from view.

Design objects

But the field where you can fully express your artistic, creative vein, through the recycling of old tires, is certainly represented by design objects.

From Christmas decorations to sculptures and even war armour in medieval or fantasy style, made by cutting out and modelling used tires, it is possible to do practically everything. The only limit in this field is dictated by your inventiveness, and even in this case, the web is full of examples from which to draw inspiration.

As you can see, therefore, the solution to the problem of the disposal of used tires, regardless of type and size, is at hand for everyone. The possibilities offered are so numerous as to satisfy anyone, both those who are particularly sensitive to the problem of pollution and the people who choose to do it mainly because they consider it a useful and intelligent way of saving money by obtaining useful objects.

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