How To Assemble Snow Chains

Here are the steps to take when it’s time to mount snow chains on the tires of your car.

Sooner or later, those who buy snow chains may have to fit them on the tires of their car, because they are surprised by a copious snowfall that prevents normal circulation. Snow chains are mandatory on board in the colder months of the year, although many motorists buy them only to avoid incurring heavy fines.

Proper installation is essential to be able to move in total safety even when the snowfall is very abundant. Assembling snow chains is not a very complicated operation. Still, it could become so if this happens perhaps in frost, under the snow or in a position of the car that does not facilitate installation.

For this reason, on the day that the chains are purchased, it is recommended to do one or more assembly tests, to understand where problems could be encountered and solve them in total serenity since there will be no urgency to put them on.

Once you have done this and memorized the various steps, if you happen to have to mount them quickly and furiously under a blizzard, you will surely act with more awareness, being able to count on the experience gained in assembling “under the light of the sun.”


How to mount them?

Now let’s see what the various steps to follow to assemble snow chains professionally and to have no problems travelling on a snow-covered road are. For our guide, let’s consider the classic snow chains with links, which use the cable for tightening around the tire. They are the most common ones, also considering the very low price.

First of all, it is necessary to make sure that the car is on a level surface and without any object near the wheels, that it can somehow preclude the correct assembly of the snow chains.

One piece of advice that we would like to give is that of having gloves together with the chains, which can keep your hands warm during this operation, given that the temperature will certainly be very low when you start the assembly.

At this point, it is necessary to remove the snow chains from their case. If they are new and never used, it will not be necessary to lay them on the ground to eliminate possible tangles, what to do if they have already been used other times and have not been stored with due care in their custody.

It is good to remember that the snow chains are a pair and therefore must be installed only and exclusively on the driving wheels of the car. In the case of an all-wheel-drive car, in the unfortunate event that this force is not sufficient to move safely, in the event of snow or ice, it will be necessary to fit the chains on all tires.

We feel that this possibility will be very rare, provided that the car in question is equipped with winter tires. Once the tangles are removed from the chains, it is time to place them on the ground and slide them on the back of the wheel. The two hooks of the rigid support must be held one by one to have them easily available for locking using a special hook.

In practice, once the two ends of the rigid support from which the various links of the chain start are blocked, there will be a circle on the outside of the wheel. Once this is done, the time has come to fix the various parts to this rigid support, taking care to arrange the links on the rubber so that they completely cover it, thus trying not to have free spaces that could compromise the grip.

The last operation to perform is to pull the tightening cable, clearly visible because it is coloured (the colour may vary according to the model of the chain).


The result

If everything has been done correctly, the snow chain (here is the list of the best products) will adhere perfectly to the tire, and therefore you will be ready to go. If this is not the case, it may be useful to move the car for a few meters to make the tires rotate and grip the links.

Also, in this case, it is necessary to pull the tightening cable again. If everything is carried out correctly, there should be no more problems, and the product will be installed professionally to ensure maximum safety during the journey.

The market offers models of easy-to-assemble snow chains, which in practice do not include the last step, that is, they adapt perfectly to the tire and self-tighten on it as soon as you move with the car.

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