If we compare the low cost of the product to its overall quality, we can say that we are in front of a good vacuum cleaner that we recommend especially to those who want to save money without sacrificing performance. The long life battery and good power allow you to clean your home or the machine in an optimal way, also the accessories supplied make the model truly versatile. The materials can easily be ruined, so those looking for a vacuum cleaner for very intensive use can take a look at other models.



Long autonomy

Although the Holife vacuum cleaner is not among the most noble on the market, it still manages to stand out for its long autonomy, guaranteed by a 2,200 mAh lithium-ion battery. It can last for more than 500 cycles and guarantees a continuous work of 30 minutes, ideal for those who have to clean rooms with lots of furniture or do a thorough cleaning of their car.

Once the charge is exhausted, the battery can be recharged by placing it on the special base included in the package which in turn will be connected to an electrical outlet. The complete recharge takes place in 3 or 4 hours, so you can reuse it in a very short time.

If we consider that a branded vacuum cleaner has a charge of 15 minutes and a charging time of 6 hours, we can only reward the Holife model for this feature.

Double layer filtration

The device has good power, powered by the 100W motor capable of reaching up to 6,500 PA of suction. For this it will be possible to use it to clean different surfaces, removing material such as sand, bread crumbs, animal hair and even liquids. Thanks to its advanced filtration structure, the vacuum cleaner keeps the air clean without spreading dust and dirt in the environment, an ideal solution for those suffering from particular allergies.

The filter can be easily removed and cleaned, also since it is a cyclonic aspiration model, it will not be necessary to buy any bags to collect the dirt that will accumulate in the tank. This can be easily removed by simply pressing the appropriate “lock” button to unload the contents into the garbage.


The practical and ergonomic design has been designed to guarantee the user maximum handling, ideal for cleaning the corners of the house or furniture that are difficult to reach with a vacuum cleaner. It is a cordless vacuum cleaner, so there will be no restrictions when using it.

To further increase the versatility of the product, in the package there will be different nozzles to be used as needed. The one for crevices is ideal for cleaning the car, as they can reach even the tightest points, while the brush one performs very well with the hair of four-legged friends, while the one for liquid allows you to remove water, milk and others drinks, accidentally spilled.

  • The battery of the vacuum cleaner surprises for its durability, superior even to the models of well-known brands. With 2,200 mAh it will be possible to thoroughly clean the house for 30 minutes, so you don’t have to take breaks to recharge the device. In this regard, it can be recharged in just 3 or 4 hours simply by placing it on the appropriate charging base, so it can be reused without wasting too much time. The battery operation and the absence of the cable allow you to use the vacuum cleaner to clean your vehicle.
  • At this price, high-quality and above all durable materials cannot be expected. It is likely that after many uses, the product may begin to malfunction, or there may be difficulties in unhooking the tank or filter for cleaning.

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