The high power and the manageability of the Dyson vacuum cleaner convinced us, for this reason we reward him with a very high score that would have reached the maximum if it had not been for the battery not up to the other components. The price is much higher than that of other models, so we recommend it only to readers with a good budget or to those who really need high performance to clean their apartment or car.



Dyson stands out on the market for its powerful products made with cyclone technology and this vacuum cleaner is no different. It is powered by a Dyson V6 digital motor that reaches 100 watts of power to guarantee 20 minutes of constant suction.

The fifteen 2 Tier Radial cyclones that work in synchrony allow to suck dust and dirt without the filter becoming clogged, moreover they allow you to save on the purchase of polluting and expensive bags. The dirt will be collected in the practical tank which can be emptied easily at the push of a button, so you can start cleaning again immediately.

The high power of the product translates into high noise levels of up to 87 dB. A small defect that prevents using the vacuum cleaner while the other tenants are resting, or during the hours during which the neighborhood could be annoyed.

Ergonomic design

Although the dimensions of the Dyson are not exactly compact for a vacuum cleaner, the light weight allows you to use it without making too much effort even to reach the highest points of the house where you want to remove dust.

The handle with ergonomic trigger allows you to start it with the simple pressure of your finger, also the center of gravity has been designed to improve handling. This allows you to use the vacuum cleaner to also clean the inside of your car.

In the package you will find numerous accessories, some of which allow you to reach the most hidden corners of the house and furniture. The motorized brush is also able to capture hair, ideal therefore if there are pets in the house.


The battery of the product, unlike the other features, leaves a little to be desired. It must be said that usually the duration of the vacuum cleaner charge is quite short, but the problem of the Dyson lies in the low resistance of the battery which after a few months of use starts to discharge faster and faster.

It must be taken into account that, with a charge, it will be possible to use the vacuum cleaner for 20 minutes by setting it to the lowest speed level, a duration that is lowered if you want to exploit the maximum power of the product. The article has been designed to be used in pairs with a vacuum cleaner, for cleaning furniture, so you cannot expect to put the house back to polish using only the vacuum cleaner.

  • The remarkable power of the Dyson is felt thanks to fifteen 2 Tier Radial cyclones that work simultaneously to ensure maximum suction power. These are powered by the Dyson V6 digital motor which can reach 100 watts of power, for 20 minutes of constant suction at full battery charge. It is the ideal solution for cleaning car interiors, furniture surfaces and the most difficult to reach high corners in your home.
  • The lithium battery leaves a lot to be desired in terms of resistance, with a charge that goes down over time, forcing the user to recharge it very often. This is a very common defect in vacuum cleaners, although the short charge adapts to their functionality, as they cannot replace a real vacuum cleaner, but are used to clean corners where it is difficult to get or the interiors of cars.

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