Summer And Winter Tires Or Four Seasons?

A survey carried out taking into consideration motorists residing in the countries of the European Union has shown that about 65% do not replace summer tires with winter tires when the legal obligation is triggered , or (in Italy) starting from 15 November and until April 15th. Probably many prefer to keep the snow chains in the trunk, to be mounted (with all the problems of the case, since it is often not an easy operation) if the need arises but above all to avoid the risk of a violation in following a check by the traffic police.

Winter Tires Or Snow Chains?

With the exception of those who think that winter tires for cars and motorcycles exist, we would like to make it clear immediately that when we talk about these models, explicit reference is made to tires to be fitted on a four-wheeled vehicle. In the event of snow or ice, motorcycles must absolutely not turn, putting your safety and that of those around you at serious risk.

The 5 Best Tire Repair Kits – Buying Guide, And Reviews In 2020

The kits to repair a flat tire are made up of a series of basic tools but not all are the same. The two recommended are: GIVI S450 is complete, reliable and equipped with clear and simple instructions. It also includes three cans of carbon dioxide, essential for inflating the tire after repair. Rhutten RHU 281867 is an essential but effective kit, offered at an unbeatable price, ideal for those who want to buy more than one.

Best Car Tires -Reviews, Analysis And Comparison In 2020

Tires are one of the most important parts of cars, since their operation is essential in any vehicle to move. The tires are the only piece that has contact between the driver and the road, so it is recommended to be very attentive to their characteristics and choose the best model. Among the best tires for cars that stand out today, are Bridgestone Firestone TZ-300a tires , which offer a high level of comfort and safety, in addition to a diameter of 16 inches. If you are looking for summer tires with a section width of 205 mm, we recommend Michelin PRIMACY HP MO .