At a price-quality level, this vacuum cleaner is probably the best on the market. Black & Decker has managed to create a high-performance and at the same time simple product, an ideal solution for cleaning furniture, corners of the home that are difficult to reach and even the interior of a car. Apart from the high noise level, the article does not have other obvious defects, so we reward it with a high score and recommend it to users looking for savings who do not want to give up on quality.




The article has a well-studied design that combines a series of conveniences to facilitate its use. The compact dimensions allow you to handle it without making too much effort, while the very narrow spout is perfect for cleaning the otherwise unreachable corners of the house and furniture.

In this way, it will be possible to use the vacuum cleaner also to clean the interior of your car, as it can be easily transported. The 610 ml transparent container allows you to collect a lot of material, you will also be able to see clearly when it will be necessary to empty it to start using the vacuum cleaner again.

The container can be washed with water to clean it optimally without risking damaging it. In the package, you will find various accessories such as the charging cable, the extendable slot nozzle and the folding upholstery brush.



Black + Decker has equipped its vacuum cleaner with cyclonic technology and electrical power of 10.8 V. This technology reduces the risk of filter obstruction, optimizing the times and the suction force. Although the product is very noisy (80 dB), it is rewarded by the high performance that ensures satisfactory results, removing dust and dirt quickly and effectively.

The suction power of 636 mm / H2o leaves no room for doubt and allows you to face even the most difficult dirt. it is an ideal solution to save on the purchase of bags for collecting dirt, with a lower impact on the environment which is really very important these days. There is also the possibility to select between two different speeds, ideal for quick cleaning or greater precision.


The product has a convenient rechargeable lithium battery, so you can use it without the clutter of wires, which is very useful if you want to bring it in the car to be able to clean it. The battery has a maximum life of 16 minutes, while the charging time is 6 hours.

Maybe the autonomy is a bit low, but considering that it is a vacuum cleaner and not a vacuum cleaner, then we can turn a blind eye. In addition, it will still be possible to keep the product connected to the mains, in case you need to use it for longer. The battery is consumed according to the set suction speed, so keep in mind that by using the vacuum cleaner to the maximum you will drain it much faster.

  • The practical design of the product allows it to be used very easily. The thin suction nozzle allows you to clean the most hidden areas of the house, so as not to leave any way for dust and dirt. The transparent container allows you to check the quantity of material collected, so you can empty it if necessary. Its battery operation helps to handle it freely without being obstructed by the cable, therefore ideal for cleaning your car.
  • With 80 dB, this vacuum cleaner is not the quietest on the square, but at this affordable price, you have to settle. The high noise level prevents it from being used at night or when other tenants are resting. To reduce it, it is possible to set the suction speed to the minimum, while sacrificing the power of the product.

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