The 8 Best Vacuum Cleaners For Car –  Ranking in 2020

Do you want to clean the table or the interior of your vehicle, but have no idea how to do it? The solution is to buy a practical and handy vacuum cleaner. On the market there are really a lot of devices, so the choice is not at all simple, for this we have written this guide that includes buying tips and a ranking with reviews of the most popular and appreciated models by users. If you don’t have time to read it, we can immediately recommend the excellent Black + Decker DVJ325J cyclone vacuum cleaner . Alternatively, the VORWERK Folletto Aspirabriciole has an elegant design and a truly excellent quality of materials.


The 8 Best Vacuum Cleaners – Ranking in 2020

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Rank #1: Black + Decker DVJ325J-QW Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner 10.8V

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Black & Decker presents what we could consider the best vacuum cleaner of the year for value for money. Equipped with cyclonic technology, it allows you to effectively clean furniture and appliances by removing dirt and dust even from the most hidden corners.

The material will be collected in the appropriate container that can be emptied easily, so you will not have to spend any more money to buy the bags. The lithium battery allows you to use the vacuum cleaner without any restrictions, so you can also use it to clean the chips from a work table or to remove some dirt inside your car.

As for the power, we are talking about 10.8 V adjustable on two different speeds, more than enough for satisfactory cleaning. The Black & Decker vacuum cleaner is a bit bulky, especially when compared to other models sold online, but the ergonomic design allows for comfortable use. If you don’t know where to buy the new product, we invite you to click on the link below which will take you to the online shop page.


Cyclonic action :

 Allows cleaning without risking clogging the filter with the collected dust and dirt, it also saves on the purchase of expensive bags.

Practical :

 The tank can be removed with a simple click to empty it and clean it with water.

Handy :

 The ergonomic design allows you to use the vacuum cleaner without making any effort and clean in the most unreachable corners of the house or your vehicle.

Powerful : 

The 2.5 Ah battery and the 10.8 V power allow you to thoroughly clean any surface.


Dimensions : 

Compared to other products, this vacuum cleaner is rather bulky.


Rank #2: Vorwerk Goblin Vacuum Cleaner VC100

Although it is not exactly the cheapest on the square, we believe that Folletto is one of the best vacuum cleaners of 2020 for practicality and above all build quality. The small size of the spout allows you to remove dust and dirt from the narrowest corners of furniture, the home and even your vehicle.

It also affects the elegant design that makes it very beautiful to look at and does not make it look bad in a house furnished with style. The materials that compose it are extremely resistant and give it great strength and durability over time. This justifies the fairly high price of the product, as it is much longer lasting than other less expensive products.

As for performance, we find two speed levels and a rechargeable battery that can last from 15 to 20 minutes of continuous use. At minimum speed the Folletto vacuum cleaner is extremely silent, so if you want you can use it even while the other tenants are resting.


Materials : 

The high build quality gives the vacuum cleaner a great resistance and durability over time.

Design : 

The model is very pleasant to see, it can also be gripped with maximum comfort to clean without making too much effort.

Performance :

 Two different speeds can be selected, choosing between precision and power according to your needs.

Battery :

 It can last up to 20 minutes of continuous use, ideal for cleaning the house thoroughly without interruption.


Charger :

 The attachment system of the battery to the charger is not very fluid.


Rank #3: Dyson 238732-01 V6 Trigger, 100 Watts, Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Among the best-selling vacuum cleaners, the Dyson vacuum cleaner stands out for its high power powered by a digital V6 engine with cyclonic technology. Once activated the dust and dirt will no longer escape, you can thoroughly clean the furniture, rooms of the apartment and the interior of your car with great efficiency.

The ergonomic handle allows you to control and handle the vacuum cleaner with safety and ease, thanks to the center of gravity located near the handle that allows you to keep the spout always pointed in the right direction.

The motorized brush can also catch hair, so you may want to consider buying this vacuum cleaner if you have pets in the house. The container is also very practical and instead of having to be disassembled, it can be unloaded with the push of a button.


Powerful : 

The digital engine with cyclonic technology designed by Dyson guarantees really high performances in the removal of dirt, dust and even animal hair.

Grip : 

The center of gravity positioned near the handle gives the vacuum cleaner great handling and precision.

Battery :

 Charges much faster than other models.

Container : 

It empties with a simple click, so you don’t have to disassemble it every time it fills up and you will save time.


Price : 

The quality in this case pays off, so if you have a limited budget we recommend you take a look at the other vacuum cleaners in the ranking.


RANK#4: Rowenta AC4769 Extenso Cyclonic Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Nozzle

Rowenta is always a guarantee when it comes to household appliances and home hygiene products. Its inexpensive cyclone vacuum cleaner is the ideal solution if you are looking to save money. It has only one speed, so don’t expect the power of the other more expensive models, but it’s still good for cleaning the interior of your vehicle or removing dust from furniture.

The integrated telescopic nozzle allows you to reach the most difficult points to clean without any difficulty. The filter and the container can be cleaned simply by detaching them from the vacuum cleaner, emptying them later in the dustbin.

The ergonomic handle and functional design allow you to handle the Rowenta vacuum cleaner effortlessly. In the package you will also find dowels to fix the vacuum cleaner to the wall, in addition to the charging base for the battery.


Value for money : 

The Rowenta is the ideal solution if you are looking for an inexpensive vacuum cleaner to remove some dust from furniture and appliances, but you don’t want to spend too much.

Telescopic nozzle :

 Allows you to clean in the most unreachable corners of your home or car.

Practical : 

Filter and container can be removed very easily, just a click to detach them from the vacuum cleaner and empty them.

Equipment :

 You will find two dowels to position the charger on the wall and not keep it on the ground where you could step on it.


Not very powerful :

 It has a single speed that does not allow to remove particularly difficult material such as animal hair or shavings.


Rank #5: Hoover SC72DWG CliK Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 0.3 Liters

If you have a limited budget available and you don’t know which vacuum cleaner to choose, we can recommend this Hoover model. Although not particularly shining for its performance, the product defends itself thanks to a series of integrated accessories that allow cleaning surfaces with good results.

The crevice nozzle reaches the corners unreachable by a vacuum cleaner, while the brush brush allows you to remove animal hair. The ergonomic handle facilitates the grip and increases the handling of the product, it will also be possible to empty it easily by removing the container.

The charging base of the Hoover vacuum cleaner is included in the package, it can be hung on the wall or placed on a flat surface, according to your needs. We summarize what are the pros and cons of the product, comparing them in the table below.


Economic : 

The low price of the product is ideal if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for household cleaning, but you are not going to spend too much.

Practical : 

Thanks to the crevice nozzle and the brush brush, you can clean hard-to-reach corners and remove pet hair.

Handy : 

The handle is very comfortable, it will also be possible to empty the vacuum cleaner by simply removing the container.

Charger :

 You can hang it on the wall in case you don’t want to keep it on the ground or on a piece of furniture.


Not very powerful : 

The performance of the product leaves a lot to be desired, so don’t create high expectations.


Rank #6: Holife Powerful Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 100W

A comparison between the offers of the models with the lowest prices has made us discover this Holife vacuum cleaner that has received positive opinions from most users. It has a good power of up to 100 W which allows you to vacuum up dust, dirt, allergenic particles, hair and even liquids. To do this, just mount the specific nozzle among those that you will find in the package.

The battery of the product recharges in just 3 hours, therefore ideal in case of intensive house cleaning. To appreciate also the autonomy that can go from 25 to 30 minutes depending on the set speed.

Like other vacuum cleaners, this model also makes use of a removable container that can be easily emptied into the dustbin and cleaned with water.


Powerful :

 Despite the relatively low price, this vacuum cleaner defends itself with a power of 100 W that allows you to clean surfaces effectively from dirt and dust.

Equipment :

 In the package you will find several vents useful for removing pet hair and even liquids.

Charging : 

The battery can be recharged in just 3 hours, also if the vacuum cleaner is set at low speed it can last for 30 minutes of continuous use.


Not very long-lived :

 The components of the product leave a lot to be desired and make it not very long-lasting.


Rank #7: Ariete 2474 Bagless Black, Handheld Vacuum, Dry & Wet

Economic and functional, this model produced by Ariete undoubtedly allows you to save money by focusing on a discreet quality guaranteed by a recognized brand. It has a double filtering system that allows you to suck up dirt and dust but also liquids, which is a nice convenience.

The suction power is modest, therefore its intended use can only be that of vacuuming crumbs or hair from the table or from a corner of a room. The effectiveness is such above all on smooth surfaces while on rugs or upholstery the yield is lower. The autonomy is more than enough and, with a use of about ten minutes a day, you can recharge it once a week.

As you can imagine, given the low cost, the model in question is not very powerful, moreover the quality of the body materials is modest and for this reason do not expect the solidity to be such that you can use the Ariete vacuum cleaner for a long time.


Cost :

 The product is sold at low prices, despite being produced by a brand like Ariete. If you want to save money and have no particular needs, you may have found the right model.

Double filtering : 

This system allows you to remove dirt and dust but also liquids, which is a nice convenience.


Not very powerful : 

The performance of the vacuum cleaner is not as high as that of other products which, however, have a much higher cost.

Materials :

 The shell is made of modest quality plastic, which suggests that solidity is not one of the strengths of the product.


Rank #8: Bosch BHN1840L Dry Only Vacuum Cleaner, 18 V

Bosch is always synonymous with quality and even with this vacuum cleaner the German brand does not deny itself. If in terms of power it does not reach some of the best performing models, the model defends itself very well with a long life lithium battery that can be recharged in no time.

Each cycle can last up to 40 minutes of continuous use, therefore ideal for intensive cleaning. The High Airflow system sucks in the dust without spreading it around the apartment, separating it effectively and without causing the filter to clog.

The material will be collected effectively in the container which can be easily dismantled and then emptied and washed. Compared to other models, this Bosch vacuum cleaner has a slightly bulkier size, but still remains very handy.


Price-quality :

 The low cost of the product is combined with good performance guaranteed by the Bosch brand and by the High Airflow system which allows you to vacuum the dust effectively, without clogging the filter.

Battery : 

Each charge cycle can last up to 40 minutes for uninterrupted intensive cleaning.

Container :

 It can be easily dismantled in order to empty it and start using the vacuum cleaner immediately.


Dimensions :

The product is quite bulky, especially when compared with other models available online.


Guide to buy a good vacuum cleaner

If you have made a comparison between the offers of the products in the ranking, but you are uncertain about how to choose a good vacuum cleaner, then you have arrived in the right section of the page. In this guide we will help you understand what are the features to consider in order to buy the right model for your needs. In general, modern vacuum cleaners do not have great differences and come with a very similar design to each other, although factors such as power, battery life and equipment must be considered.



Vacuum cleaners can have a variable power which is calculated in Watts. The more wattage the more the model will be able to quickly suck up dust and dirt. On average, most vacuum cleaners range from 7 to 10 watts of power, more than enough to obtain optimal cleaning without leaving a trace of dirt or dust.

What makes the difference, however, is the cyclonic technology that allows you to suck material without obstructing the filter and above all it saves on the purchase of the bags for the collection, as the dust will be collected in the appropriate removable container. Cyclonic vacuum cleaners cost more than normal vacuum cleaners and are usually the most powerful in circulation.

But what can a very powerful vacuum cleaner do and is it really worth it to spend high amounts? It depends, if you have to clean a work table from shavings and other material that is difficult to vacuum, then you should invest in a good product.

If, on the other hand, you only need an electric tool to be able to clean the furniture and maybe the car then you can also focus on less performing products, maybe it will take you a little longer to finish the job, but you can save considerably.


The sore point of most vacuum cleaners lies in the battery charge which usually hovers around 15 minutes of maximum autonomy, with the best models that manage to reach 30 minutes.

Keep in mind, however, that a vacuum cleaner cannot absolutely replace a vacuum cleaner and that it will therefore be used to make short cleanings, for example if your pet puts the croquettes on the ground or if you need to quickly clean the table after eating.

The low battery runtimes can be a bit annoying in case you have to clean many furniture in a single session or maybe if you have a large vehicle that requires painstaking work. To gain power, you can always set the vacuum cleaner to the minimum speed, sacrificing power for precision work. The battery of a normal vacuum cleaner is recharged through the special base and can take between 3 and 5 hours.



Pet hair, shavings and liquids need special spouts in order to be removed effectively. If you want to make the most of your vacuum cleaner, you can think of buying one with a good supply of spouts useful for different situations.

It is very important, however, that the main one is long and narrow enough to reach the most hidden corners of the furniture, in order to do a complete and optimal cleaning job. As for the container, it can usually be easily detached to be emptied, while some models can be emptied by a simple click.


Frequent questions

What is the vacuum cleaner for?

The vacuum cleaner is a power tool designed to remove dirt and dust from the most unreachable corners of the house and to clean the inside of furniture, appliances and vehicles. It is not essential, but it can be very useful for tidying up an apartment or office without leaving anything to chance. It is particularly appreciated for the cleaning of cars, as operating on battery power it allows you to take it wherever you want and handle it without the clutter of a cable.

What power should a good vacuum cleaner have?

A good quality vacuum cleaner ranges from 7 to 10 watts of maximum power, usually adjustable in two different speeds that allow you to perform precision work or make the most of the product’s suction power.

We recommend buying very powerful vacuum cleaners only if you need to clean work tables from chips, or for intensive cleaning of a very large apartment. In general, 10-watt vacuum cleaners are more expensive, so if you want to save money and still be satisfied with the results, you can opt for a 7-watt one.

How much does a vacuum cleaner cost?

Vacuum cleaners can cost from € 30 to € 300 depending on the model. Those with cyclone technology are generally more expensive, especially if powered by engines patented by the manufacturing companies. Unless you have special needs or a high budget, a 30 or 70 € model is more than good for cleaning home furniture and your car.

How much does a vacuum cleaner consume?

Not much, considering that its battery operation allows it to be used without connecting it to the electric current, considerably reducing consumption. As for the battery, it can last from 15 to 30 minutes depending on the model and power set. Recharging instead takes place in 3 or 5 hours, a period of time that can always vary according to the vacuum cleaner.

Should bags be used to collect dust?

No, most modern models have cyclonic technology that can collect dust in a special container separating it from the filter so as not to create obstructions. In this way you will simply have to empty the container and then immediately start cleaning again. To wash the container just use water, without resorting to any product that could instead ruin the vacuum cleaner.

How a vacuum cleaner works

The vacuum cleaner is basically a small miniature vacuum cleaner that is used for the precise cleaning of furniture, corners of the house that are difficult to reach, car interiors and even work tables. Although each model has a particular design, in general the vacuum cleaners all work the same way.

They have a long-line shape, with a spout located at the tip, a central container and a handle with power button. Holding the button down will immediately activate the suction function and you can immediately start sweeping away dust and dirt.

The long spout allows you to get to places that are particularly difficult to reach with a vacuum cleaner, also since the vacuum cleaners are light enough, you can also use them to clean tall furniture without making too much effort.

How to empty the container

The most modern models exploit the new cyclonic technology that prevents the filter from being blocked by the aspirated material, collecting it in the special container (which will be emptied from time to time). To do this, all you have to do is find the release system (different for each model) and detach the container from the vacuum cleaner.

Once done, just pour the contents into the bin and clean the container with water, dry it and reassemble it on the vacuum cleaner to be able to use it again. More advanced vacuum cleaners can have a container discharge system without the need to disassemble it, although we still recommend cleaning with water, especially if you have collected a lot of dust and dirt during the day.

How to charge the battery

The batteries of the vacuum cleaner are charged through the special base included in the package. We invite you to always check that this is supplied, otherwise it is good to contact the manufacturer and advise him of the lack. Most of the vacuum cleaners must be attached to the base without disassembling the battery, therefore once connected to an electrical outlet you will just have to position yourself over the power tool to start charging immediately.

If the base proves to be a little defective, do not force the vacuum cleaner too much because you could break the connections, rather try to find the right joint calmly. There are models that include in the package of plugs to be able to mount the base on the wall, ideal for not holding it between your feet or for not cluttering space on a piece of furniture.

In general, it is not possible to use the vacuum cleaners by connecting them to the power outlet, as these are tools designed to be able to move freely.

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