Indispensable to leave helmets, jackets and other objects, the trunks for motorcycles and scooters are available in many versions and for all budgets. Read our guide to get a clearer idea: we will help you not to waste money and to make the right investment. Further help can be found in the ranking below where we have reviewed the five most popular models. If you don’t have time to read everything, just take a look at the first two. Givi TRK52N Trekker Monokey stands out for its remarkable 52 l capacity, enough for two modular and full face helmets and more. It also affects the particularly solid structure and the efficient closing system. A much cheaper alternative is the 43L TOPBOX 43L-SLV, suitable for two openable helmets; presents the integrated reflector for better visibility.

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GIVI TRK52N Trekker Monokey Suitcase, Aluminum Top, 52 Lt


With a capacity of 52 liters, the Givi motorcycle trunk is the largest on our list. The space available is an indispensable asset for those who have two helmets or even two jackets to store comfortably, up to a maximum of 10 kg in weight.

The price is the only drawback found by buyers. It is not a low cost product and therefore it is not suitable for all types of users.

If you are looking for a solid, resistant and capacious product, you will not be able to find a better trunk than the one proposed by Givi. The cost is not contained and therefore could be intimidating but the purchase is recommended by most users.

 € 222.49


43L TOPBOX Top Case Moto Scooter top box 43 Liters back box, motorcycle trunk box top case, Silver


The trunk is equipped with a plate, pins and brackets necessary for installation. Users appreciate the company’s interest in providing a complete trunk with everything needed, so as not to have to spend additional amounts to be able to install it.

The product defect, found by some more careful users, is the two-key locking system. Despite being safer, it also takes longer to open and close.

The TOPBOX 43L trunk has a good quality / price ratio. Despite having some defects, mainly related to the machinability of the double-key locking system, it is resistant and also quite capacious.

 € 57.95

TecTake Top case for scooter trunk motorcycle suitcase top case universal | -available in different sizes- (Type 2 | no. 401481)


The value of the product is related to the price, extremely competitive. It does not offer innovations or a particularly inspired design but guarantees the necessary for assembly and a wide reflector to signal the vehicle.

The maximum capacity of the trunk is only 5 kg. For some users it is far too little and they underline how the weight limit is a problem for those used to carrying work tools.

The TecTake trunk is among the cheapest on our list and if on the one hand it could attract the consumer, on the other it affects both the resistance and the capacity of the product. Recommended only for those who have no particular demands.

 € 43.99

Buying guide – How to choose the best motorcycle trunk?

The motorcycle case is essential for storing helmets, shopping bags, jackets and other items. But which one to choose among the many available on the market? Read our guide and the ranking to get some clarification; Compare prices and performance of the models most appreciated by motorcyclists that you find in the review below.

Capacity and security

What is the ideal capacity for your new motorcycle trunk? From the point of view of what the highway code provides, there should be no problems. As long as the maximum width of the objects mounted on the motorcycle or scooter does not exceed 50 cm laterally or longitudinally. There may be some problems, however, for those who have to mount the side cases that are not already integrated.

Those who always go around alone do not need a very large trunk, those who often travel in pairs have the need to store two helmets: this does not mean that you must necessarily buy the most bulky model in circulation.

Each trunk represents, in some way, an imbalance for the motorcycle or the scooter. If it is mounted in too high a position, it changes its center of gravity and destabilizes its attitude: the maneuvers will become more complicated and the holes will be felt more.

However, nothing compared to the cases in which, for example, the shopping bag is loaded on the handlebar: here the risks are enormously greater.

In most cases the trunk is used to store helmets so that you don’t have to carry them all the time. The helmets are of three types: jet and demi jet, compact, light, ideal for summer; modular (those that allow you to move with the chin guard open) and integral. Check if the trunk can hold two modular or full-face helmets that have a volume significantly higher than the others.

Maximum load and assembly

The trunks must be mounted on the luggage rack: is your scooter equipped with it? In any case, in addition to the top case, it is necessary to have a fixing plate which should be supplied together with the top case. Some are universal, others are better to check their compatibility with your vehicle.

The capacity of the trunks for motorcycles and scooters is often similar, the maximum capacity changes: the system for hooking the frame to the motorcycles is more resistant and allows you to load the container more without problems.

It is, however, very important to respect the indications provided by the manufacturer and not to subject it to excessive stress. For heavier bags it is better to use the side bags.

The kit also generally includes the assembly kit (screws and brackets). Better still if there are clear instructions, in Italian or explanatory videos on the Internet or if you can count on the company’s after-sales service: not all of them are assembly experts.

Closing system

When buying a top case you have to deal with the price: often you find models at a super competitive cost, in other cases you have to make a greater sacrifice. The factors that determine these differences are, for example, the materials used and the closure system. If you think you have to leave valuables inside the trunk, including the helmet itself, is it worth saving but never being calm and fearing that an attacker with a simple screwdriver could force and open it?

In addition, opening and closing the top case for the motorcyclist must be a simple and fast operation. The trunks of the best brand stand out from the others precisely because of the ease of use and the high safety of their locking systems.

The 5 Best Trunks for Motorcycles – Ranking 2020

Now take a look at our buying advice on which motorcycle trunk to buy: these are the models most appreciated by users this year. Find out what they are and make a comparison, in a few minutes you could find the model you are looking for without doing further research.

  1. GIVI TRK52N Trekker Monokey Suitcase, Aluminum Top

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Main advantage:

With its 52 liters of capacity it allows you to easily insert two helmets, both modular and integral as well as two jackets. Who has only one helmet can stow various objects up to a maximum of 10 kg in total.

Main disadvantage:

As is well known, quality is paid for, and even this motorcycle case does not escape this logic. In fact, the price may not be within everyone’s reach, but every euro spent is worth buying from all points of view.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

One of the best cases on the market, solid, weatherproof and so capacious that they can easily insert two full-face helmets and other objects. Unfortunately, however, it is not a first price product, but its somewhat high cost is in line with the quality it offers.

Buy on (€ 222.5)

Description Main Features

Large capacity

When thinking of accessories for the motorbike or scooter, one of the first brands that comes to mind is Givi, an Italian company that has been active in this sector for many years and is known for the quality of the products it offers. The TRK52N Trekker Monokey top box also corresponds to this last feature and puts a capacity of 52 liters on the plate. This translates into the possibility of inserting two helmets, both integral and modular and also two jackets. In this way, rider and passenger, once they get off the bike, will know where to leave these accessories.

If you travel alone, in the top case, in addition to the jacket and helmet you can insert different objects (bags, travel tools and so on) as long as you do not go to exceed a maximum load weight of 10 kg, which certainly is not little, since in practice it is that of a hand baggage that can be carried in the cabin when traveling by plane.

Safe and durable

The safety of the objects that will be stored inside the top case is guaranteed by the presence of a locking system called Security Lock, which allows you to close and open the top case with a key, simply and quickly. Also very easy is the Monokey release / hooking system of the top box to the plate that will be mounted on the back of the motorcycle.

The trunk, inside is made of innovative polymer and also includes the presence of fiberglass inserts which further strengthen the main body. The external part is in anodized aluminum which, in addition to making the device aesthetically pleasing, leaves it protected from the weather. Despite this, the top case proves to be particularly light and can be carried around the house or hotel without effort once you arrive at your destination.

Monokey system

As can be seen from the name, this system involves the use of a single key to close and open the top case and to hook and unhook it from the plate. The internal cylinder, if you try to force the lock, breaks, thus preventing access to the objects in the top case.

The key is created to be very difficult to copy and this is very important in case it is lost or stolen by some attacker.

Buy on (€ 222.5)

  1. 43L TOPBOX Top Case Scooter 43 Liters

 One of the best trunks for motorcycles of 2020 could not miss this 43 l model capable of containing two openable helmets.

It is a model that is striking for its excellent quality / price ratio: it is, in fact, a resistant and aesthetically pleasing case. Universal, it is suitable for motorcycles and scooters with luggage rack.

Included in the price, the motorcyclist also finds the plate on which to mount the trunk and the relative pins and brackets for installation.

Do not miss the reflector integrated in the structure, essential to ensure greater visibility in the evening.

The rather cumbersome two-key locking system is not the strong point of this model which, however, largely meets the expectations of most motorcyclists.

43 l capacity for this top case that can hold two jet or demi-jet helmets, therefore perfect for installation on scooters. It is a universal model, and can be mounted on any motor equipped with a luggage rack. Installation is simplified by the fact that plates, relative pins and brackets are present in the package.


Reflector: a precious reflector is installed on the back of the top case that allows you to increase your visibility to the vehicles that arrive during the evening hours.

Aesthetics: one of its strengths is the design with soft lines and double coloring for the lid and the body.

Universal: it can be easily mounted on any type of scooter, and is offered complete with brackets, plate and mounting screws.


Closing: the two-key system proves a little too cumbersome, and wastes time when you have to close or open the top case.

Buy on (€ 57.95)

  1. TecTake Top Case for Scooter Trunk Motorcycle Universal Suitcase

 Here is another top case with an unbeatable price, ideal for those with a very limited budget. It is no coincidence that it is one of the best-selling and appreciated models online.

It is universal, suitable for motorcycles, scooters, quads and more and is sold with the installation plate and the accessories necessary for assembly.

It does not take away the passenger space and must be fixed behind the seat, on the luggage rack. The plate is solid and, if the assembly is carried out correctly, there are no sealing or vibration problems; those who are not practical would do better to contact a technician.

Despite the very advantageous price, the trunk has a capacity of about 48 l which allows you to hold two helmets, even full-face. There is also a nice wide reflector for correct vehicle signaling.

The top box is made of ABS plastic which is not particularly valuable in terms of strength and the maximum capacity is only 5 kg but for such a price it is difficult to ask for more.

For those who do not want to spend a lot on this accessory, here is the model proposed by TacTake 48 liters, useful for housing two full-face helmets. It is suitable for both scooters and motorcycles, and can be practically installed on every model on the market by fixing it on the luggage rack. Made of ABS, it has a capacity of only 5 kg.


Double helmet: its 48-liter capacity makes it ideal for those who often have a passenger on board, since two full-face helmets can be inserted.

Visibility: at night the visibility of the motorcycle increases thanks to the reflective band located on the back of this top case.

Assembly: following the attached instructions, it can be assembled quite easily, and is supplied with everything necessary for this operation


Maximum capacity: the only drawback of this top case is the maximum capacity of only 5 Kg. Be careful therefore not to house two over-thought helmets.

Buy on (€ 43.99)

  1. A-Pro Motorcycle Scooter Top Case Universal Rigid Case 48 Lt

 Among the best sellers on the market, the top box distributed by A-Pro has everything you need to satisfy the motorcyclist in search of an effective and economical product.

This model can be purchased at a decidedly affordable price and is suitable for those interested above all in saving. It cannot boast the same build quality as that guaranteed by the most famous brands, but the most important thing is not missing: the 48 l capacity that allows you to insert two helmets, whatever they are. In fact, it may even prove too large for small scooters.

The reflector occupies the central portion and is large enough to effectively report its position.

The package includes the plate to be hooked to the luggage rack and the pins for fixing. Non imperforable closure and maximum load of only 3 kg are not the strengths of this model.

In the guide to choose the best top case this model of A-Pro deserves attention. In fact, at a very attractive price, it offers a capacity of 48 liters perfect for housing two full-face helmets that are not too heavy. Its dimensions, however, do not make it ideal for small scooters, but on the contrary perfect for maxi-scooters and motorcycles. Do not miss the reflective band to be more visible at night.


Two helmets: two full-face helmets can be housed, or other objects such as the rain suit or notebook for going to work.

Safety: as with all top cases, this model also offers a reflective strip positioned centrally on the back of the lid.


Lock: according to users’ opinions, the lock is not very secure and can be easily opened by attackers.

Weight: holds up to a maximum of 3 kg, objectively too little to insert two full-face helmets. Better just one or two jet type helmets.

Buy on (€ 34.16)

  1. Tresko Top Case for Scooter Motorcycle Universal Top Case Suitcase 48 Liters

 How to choose a good motorcycle trunk that is really cheap? If you are especially looking for savings, take a look at this model: difficult to find a product at a lower cost.

The package contains the plate, screws and washers necessary for fixing. As often happens, the instruction manual is not present. Despite being so convenient, it is still a top box that lacks nothing.

The 48 l capacity allows you to insert two helmets of any type inside, or shopping bags and other items.

The material is certainly not comparable to that used in the cases of the best known brands, which however also cost ten times as much.

The closure is not impeccable: better to avoid leaving helmets or other valuable items inside for a long period.

Little is spent on purchasing this Tresko top case, which comes with everything needed for easy and quick installation, even if assembly instructions are not provided. Who wants to know where to buy this top case can find the links of the resellers under the pros and cons of this page.


48 liters: important capacity for this inexpensive top case that allows you to insert two full-face helmets or other objects that are not too heavy.

Assembly: the Tresko top case offers all the necessary bundles for quick assembly on any type of luggage rack.


Closing: as often happens for cheap cases, the lock is certainly not burglar proof.

Instructions: although users consider the assembly of this top case to be very simple, it is worth mentioning that the installation instructions are not provided.

Buy on (€ 38.99)

GIVI TRK52N Trekker Monokey Suitcase, Aluminum Top

 A brand well known by motorcyclists, Givi has created a top box which is highly appreciated for the performance offered. The first advantage that it assures to the user is the remarkable capacity of 52 l which allows to store two full or modular helmets safely and also two jackets.

Those who have only one helmet can therefore have considerable space to store many other objects for a maximum permitted weight of 10 kg.

It also affects the solidity of this product which is made with an innovative polymer extremely resistant and reinforced with fiberglass. The outer shell is in anodized aluminum which protects the structure from the elements and gives it a particularly pleasant look.

Despite the remarkable robustness, the top case is rather light and it is also easy to assemble: the Givi attachment, specific for the different motorcycles, is needed, which is not included in the package.

As many motorcyclists testify, the Security Lock locking system is also efficient and easy to manage. For all these reasons we can consider this Givi the best motorcycle trunk of 2020.

From one of the most famous brands for the production of motorcycle trunks comes the new 52-liter model that is able to hold two full-face helmets or other objects for a maximum weight of 10 kg. Made of an innovative polymer it is further reinforced with fiberglass inserts. There is also a lock to keep the stowed items safe.


Capacity: undoubtedly those who aspire to buy a new top case for the bike will want it to contain the full-face helmets used during the trip, as the Givi TRK52N model allows.

Versatile: the top case can be installed on all motorcycles that use the Monokey plate, designed precisely to easily attach the top cases produced by Givi.

Light: although very robust, this top case is striking for its extreme lightness, useful in case you want to remove it once you arrive at the hotel or at home after a motorcycle trip.


Price: as often happens, you pay for quality, in fact this is not the cheapest case on the market.

Buy on (€ 222.5)

How to use a motorcycle trunk

If you are experienced motorcyclists you will probably already know the importance and usefulness of a motorcycle trunk, able to contain all your objects, a helmet or any other tool that would not find space in the pockets of trousers and jackets while you are in the saddle.

Which trunk to buy

If you are still undecided about which model to buy, keep in mind a few small factors. First of all, the capacity of the trunk, depending on the objects you intend to store, you should consider purchasing a double or single trunk. The first category allows you to stay for example two helmets, if you often have a passenger with you, or a greater quantity of objects, guaranteeing the possibility of going shopping during the summer days without having to use the car.

Maximum load

The second element to never forget is the maximum load that the trunk can bear. Here too the choice will depend a lot on your habits and on how many objects you intend to place inside. If you store only the helmet, for example, you can opt for a very basic trunk, which is therefore not particularly resistant to extreme weights.

Easy assembly

Then pay attention to the simplicity of assembly. Usually the product is supplied with special kits to guarantee a simple and quick installation that does not require additional purchases of screws and brackets. If you are not particularly expert or do not want to resort to the help of a professional installer, you may prefer products with clear and intelligible instructions, so remember to always check the opinion of users who have already had the opportunity to try the chosen trunk in order to be sure to properly spend your money.


Let’s move on to the actual installation of the top case which is usually fixed to the luggage rack on the rear of the bike, just behind the saddle.

Before installing any element, check that the boot opening works correctly, then insert the key and turn it at least a couple of times to understand if the opening and closing mechanism does not have any type of defect and, only afterwards, bring it close everything you need on your motorbike.

From the assembly kit you should have an anchor plate available, make sure before purchasing the trunk that this plate is compatible with your luggage rack otherwise you will have to adapt it creatively and unsafe to your needs, a procedure that we strongly advise against.

Screw the plate

Then place the plate on the roof rack and start screwing the bolts included in the kit into the appropriate holes to fix it firmly. If an Allen key is not present in the assembly kit, obtain a low-cost one from your hardware store.

Some models are equipped with a lid that closes the grill, if you have purchased this trunk, cover the grill and screw the lid so that it does not come off in the race.

Attach the trunk

All that remains is to position the trunk on the plate, taking care to hook it correctly. In order to proceed with the correct installation of the main element, we advise you to consult the instruction manual to understand how your model can be blocked.

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