Best Multimeter For Electricians (Reviews Of 2020)

If you work with electricity or there is an unstable current it is necessary to have a best multimeter for electricians that allow knowing the active electrical quantities. Of these portable devices there are many versions, models and designs, it being appropriate to know a little about them before making a purchase decision.

 Currently, there are two models that stand out for their attributes. First, there is the Tacklife DM01M, a professional-style digital device capable of measuring voltage and current. In addition, it has a backlit display. Next, there is Fluke 115 , a digital model with white LCD display and back-light with which the diode test can be applied.

If you work with electricity or there is an unstable current it is necessary to have a best multimeter for electricians that allow knowing the active electrical quantities. Of these portable devices there are many versions, models and designs, it being appropriate to know a little about them before making a purchase decision.

 Currently, there are two models that stand out for their attributes. First, there is the Tacklife DM01M, a professional-style digital device capable of measuring voltage and current. In addition, it has a backlit display. Next, there is Fluke 115 , a digital model with white LCD display and back-light with which the diode test can be applied.


The best multimeters for electricians on the market

Measuring the amount of current in an outlet or the electrical magnitude of a device cannot be done without a multimeter. Therefore, there is a wide offer. However, although the options are many, the number is reduced when looking for quality and high range. So that you know them, we have developed a section with its most important specifications. Digital multimeter


Rank #1: Tacklife DM01M

The model has versatile functionality; hence it serves to measure voltage, direct and alternating currents, resistance, diode, capacitance, temperature, and frequency. Besides, it has an extra function with which it is possible to measure live wire and zero lines. Hence it is recognized by many users as the best multimeter for electricians in the market.

Also, this digital multimeter is equipped with overload protection, being able to measure voltages up to 1000 V of direct current and 600 V of alternating current.

It is equipped with an automatic shutdown system and is easy to maneuver. It has a battery indicator, display with LCD technology and backlight, flashlight, and a stand for easy use. It also has a function for data retention, and for voltage detection, the device turns on and hums. The package includes two test leads, disposable double-A batteries, and manual.

Tacklife DM01M is considered the best multimeter for electricians of the moment for being versatile, practical, and functional.



 Includes an LCD screen with backlight with battery indicator and the data collected by the sensors.


 It has a simple and intuitive operation with a usable interface. It also includes support, being its weight of 600 grams.


 It can measure voltages, direct and alternating currents, resistors, diodes, ability, and others, with a high voltage capacity.


 It has an automatic shutdown system and retention function to keep data on the screen.



 The model does not include a cover to protect the device and facilitate transport.


Rank #2: Lomvum T28B

When power is handled, safety is an aspect that cannot be ignored. Therefore, this Lomvum model has the requirements for a safe measurement. Due to its characteristics, the model stands out among the best multimeters for electricians of 2020. It is equipped with a large screen and has a function for measuring voltage, alternating and direct current, resistance, electrical capacity, diode, temperature, and duty cycle.

In addition, being a digital multimeter, the display indicates with a symbol the measurement that is made. It has an NCV measurement system for the detection of alternating current, meaning with a hum of different frequencies.

On the other hand, it has a magnet function to facilitate the work, being possible to join the device to metal objects and leave the hands free, data retention, and backlight function to facilitate the reading of the collected data. It uses four triple-A batteries and includes cables.

Manufacturers bring quality models to the market, but Lomvum is recognized as the best multimeter for electricians’ brands.



 It has a capacity to retain data to use with hands-free placed in metal and automatic shutdown.


 It is capable of measuring current, electrical capacity, duty cycle, temperature, voltage, and frequency.


 It has a widescreen to see the collected data accurately and has a backlight.


 It is a portable and lightweight device weighing only 550 grams.



 It does not incorporate a protection that facilitates its transfer from one side to another safely.


Rank #3: Fluke 115

Determining which the best multimeter for electricians on the market is can be a complicated task. However, this model has high-end properties, which position it among the best. For example, the Fluke 115 multimeter has a high level of user safety. All entries have homologated protection from the European Community and follow the established standards.

In addition, it is equipped with a large LCD screen, which, in turn, has a backlight. The model integrates auto voltage function, according to the voltage it receives.

On the other hand, it has a function to identify phantom tension. It has a resolution for 6 thousand accounts and is capable of issuing reading for diode testing. On the other hand, it has an alternating current measurement range of 0.1 A up to 10 A, and in the case of continuous current, it is 0.001 A up to 10 A.

If you still don’t know which multimeter to buy, you can check the properties of the Fluke 115.



 The model incorporates a large LCD technology screen to appreciate the data accurately.


 In the case of dark workplaces, the model has a backlight to provide more light.


 It has a high level of security and user protection since it complies with the standards of the European standard.


 For greater accuracy, it has automatic identification of the phantom voltage and voltage.



 It lacks a holster to protect the equipment from bumps in falls and scratches when moving.


Rank #4: Fluke 323

If you are looking for a quality option, this Fluke multimeter could be the right tool for your criteria. It is a model that has a slim, lightweight, and ergonomic design to hold. In addition, it has a widescreen with backlight technology to facilitate the reading of the data.

Within its properties, this design has a function to retain the data emitted on the screen, which can be activated through an easily accessible button. Its maneuverability and operating system are simple. This clamp meter incorporates a cover made of padded material to protect the equipment from bumps.

Some of the functions of this multimeter are oriented to the measurement of the current and frequency of the direct current. In addition, it is designed to verify the state of the load and the voltage of the alternating current, as well as the continuity of circuits, contacts, and fuses.

Rushed purchases should be avoided. It is recommended to know the models and their properties; here, the pros and cons of the Fluke 323.



 Its design is light, practical, and comfortable to carry and work properly.


 Unlike other models, this multimeter is equipped with current clamps to detect current.


 Includes a padded protective cover to mobilize the equipment safely.


 It incorporates a large screen with backlight, facilitating the collection of data.



 Some users have stated that the readings issued are not entirely accurate. However, there have been a few cases.


Rank #5: Pro’sKit MT 2018

With a lightweight of only 550 grams and traditional design, this Proskit model is usually the recommended alternative for those who are looking for the best price-quality multimeter, making it one of the cheapest in the market.

This option corresponds to an analog multimeter with ample capacity, which tends to be a recommended equipment for professional use because it is more complicated than the digital type. Despite being a multimeter with high-end specifications, it still has a compact design, even being portable and practical.

In general, its measurements are 16 cm high, 6.2 wide, and 14.2 long. In addition, it has protection against overload and reverses polarity. It is capable of measuring both direct and direct current voltage, as well as resistance, capacitance, and is suitable for checking batteries and transistors.

Pro’sKit MT 2018 is functional, practical, and lightweight for analog readings, being one of the cheapest.



 The model complies with the essential features to measure the voltage in DC or AC, resistance, and capacitance.


 For its specifications and properties to check batteries and transistors is considered as professional.


 It is small and compact, as well as lightweight. Its weight is 550 grams, and its measures do not take up much space.


 It has protection against overload and reverses polarity, without causing damage.



 Although it has a protective case, it does not cover all the equipment correctly, being exposed.


Rank #6: Morpilot 2100014

With a relatively lightweight of 680 grams, this alternative is considered a professional digital multimeter, because it is equipped with high-end features that diversify its usefulness. In addition, this model has a practical and comfortable design to handle, which includes support on the back to keep it on a flat surface.

It also has functions to measure current, AC and DC voltage, capacitance, resistance, diode, temperature, frequency, continuity, work cycle test, relative value measurement with a high degree of precision and rapid response of the values.

All this data can be seen correctly and legibly on the 3-inch screen with LED technology and backlight. It also includes ten crocodile clamp cables for test connections, 9-volt battery, user manual, and thermocouple. Other functions are aimed at protection against overload and auto shutdown after 15 minutes of inactivity.

According to the needs, different models can be achieved, the most important being the precision in the measurement. Read the following pros and cons.



 It has a high degree of reliability in measurements that are executed with a fast response range.


It has protection against overload and automatic shutdown due to inactivity after 15 minutes.


 It has a lightweight design of just over 600 grams and a practical and portable structure.


The data can be seen on an LED technology screen with a size of three inches and backlight.



 It incorporates a complex and not very illustrative user manual that confuses users.


Guide to buy the best multimeter for electricians of 2020

Today multimeters are devices that are used frequently. Therefore, there are many brands available, which makes selecting a model can be difficult. The general recommendation is to consider the opinion of other users and look for properties that denote quality and functionality. To make a choice more accessible, we have developed a guide to buying the best multimeter for electricians on the market.


Frequently asked questions

Q1: What should a multimeter have for automotive?

There are different types of multimeters. However, not all may be suitable for specific purposes. As a general rule, it is convenient that they have essential automotive functions. So when selecting an alternative, it is essential to opt for that multimeter quality and average measurement range options, with a high degree of reliability or accuracy in the results. In addition, it must have an input fuse to measure intensities of 10 A.

Q2: How to measure the voltage with a multimeter?

To measure the voltage of the current, it is necessary that the power supply to the circuit be disconnected beforehand. Then, the welding of the course must be removed in order to have the space to introduce the probes of the multimeter. At this point, it must be selected whether it is direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC). To continue, it is necessary to connect the black wire at the COM input and the red wire at the amp input. Next, the cable ends must be connected to the circuit so that the current goes through the multimeter. Then it is up to activate the circuit and rescue the thrown data, considering the unit of measurement.

Q3: What is the multimeter with a recording device for?

As the name implies, registrars seek to keep track of electrical activity through the collection of data automatically 24 hours a day, as a kind of follow-up, in order to have a better impression of the electrical activities, giving an accurate view of the conditions. In multimeters, they have different purposes, but the intention is to be able to program and analyze the variables to know problems in the supply of electric current.

Q4: What should a temperature measuring multimeter have?

The multimeters have different functions, and according to these, as well as the accuracy of the device is that they are usually more expensive or economical. Within the services, professional-type multimeters even have the ability to measure temperature. This is possible because the device is equipped with individual sensors to obtain the ambient temperature, without the need to add other equipment. In general, you should turn to the degree or Fahrenheit measurement, and after a few seconds, the data will appear on the screen.

Q5: Which is better, the analog or a digital multimeter? 

Both multimeter models are suitable for measuring current. However, some considerations point to the fact that digital alternatives tend to be more resilient and accurate in data collection. On the other hand, analog models do not have a digital number display, but the results are shown with indicator arrows and are old models. These tend to be lighter, more comfortable to operate, and cheap. But concerning functionality, we conclude that it is appropriate to have a digital model.

Q6: Where to repair the multimeter?

Sometimes these measuring devices usually break down, being necessary to repair them. However, before going to a technician, you can check the protection fuse of the invention. Many brands include technical assistance, so you should review the warranty and go for it if it is on time. In the case of low-cost multimeters, they tend to be disposable. And repair could involve a more considerable expense than buying new equipment.

Q7: When was the multimeter invented?

The multimeter was released in 1923, so its creation was a couple of years before. It emerged as a response to the need to unify the functions of three devices, the ammeter, the voltmeter, and the ohmmeter into one, to simplify the work. His invention is conferred on the engineer Donald MacAdie, and his name was Avo. In the beginning, it was a device for DC circuits And with the year’s new functions were added, it is possible to measure the alternating current. Afterward, digital prototypes were released, whose operating base is the same as analog ones. However, they include other functions for detecting and solving electrical problems.

Q8: Why doesn’t my multimeter sound?

There may be several reasons why the multimeter does not emit sounds. One of them may not have this option within their functions, or this property is damaged. Another simple reason may be that the measurement is in direct current. Buzzing usually begins when continuity is measured with values between 0 and 10 ohms. In the 2K resistors, there are more ohms, and it will not sound.


How to use a multimeter

A multimeter is a device that is used to measure current and is usually widely used today. Due to the fact of having contact with electric current, great care must be taken in handling. Below we will give you some indications to properly use a multimeter.

Identify the multimeter

Before starting to measure, it is necessary to check what type of multimeter you will use, whether digital or analog. Next, it is essential to identify the kind of measurement that will be performed, if it is of intensities or resistances.

Read the manual carefully

Before starting to work with a multimeter, it is essential to read the manual and know the maximum voltage capacity, as well as the specifications of the equipment to avoid accidents.

Select function

By turning the knob, which is usually in the middle of the device, a service can be selected according to what is to be measured, such as temperature, continuous voltages, alternating voltage, alternating current amperage, resistance or others.

Connect the probes

For this step, it is necessary to be careful and connect the probes correctly: the black one on the universal plug and the red one on the plug to measure the voltage. Next, the other side of the examination must be connected to the object. Some models can show if there is reverse polarity, and in this case, the cable entry must be changed.

Measure alternate voltages and others

In the case of measurement for alternating voltages, the knob must be placed in the alternating voltage measurement and the probes at the points of the outlet. The same action must be carried out for the rest of the measures that the device has available within its functions.

Measure intensities

This step can be more complicated. First, it is necessary to place the multimeter in depths with the rotating wheel. Next, the circuit must be opened to locate the terminal of the red wire and that the current passes through the tester.

Disconnect the resistance

Disconnect the power supply that goes to the circuit. Remove the welds to be able to insert the probes of the multimeter wires.

Select the type of current and connect the probes

In the multimeter, set the standard of present to be tested if it is alternating current or direct current. Next, it is necessary to connect the black probe to the COM input of the multimeter, while the red wire must be connected to the input of the multimeter called amps. Then, it is necessary to join the other side of the cable in the circuit so that the current can flow and enter the multimeter to throw the data. For the energy to come into contact with the wires and pass to the multimeter, it is necessary to reactivate the circuit.

Read the measurement

On the device screen, you will see some values that correspond to the size that has just been made. Write down this data and remember to consider the unit of measure.

Be careful

When working with electricity, it is necessary to be alert and pay attention to the type of measurement that is executed. Avoid connecting the test leads to the current inputs and make a voltage measurement. This can cause a short, as well as damage to both the circuit being measured, the multimeter, and the user.

Shopping guide


If you want to know how much a multimeter costs, it is necessary that you analyze the precision capacity in the data that the device throws on the current measurement in the different forms and units. In general, devices that have a low margin of error and a high degree of reliability and accuracy in data tend to be more expensive.

This precision is usually given by the quality of the sensors integrated into the multimeter mechanism. It is recommended that equipment with a high degree of accuracy be acquired so that there are no errors in the data, and the work and measurements can be done correctly.


When buying one of these devices, it is essential to make a comparison of multimeters based on the type or mode of operation of the invention. In the market, there are analog multimeters and digital multimeters. Both modalities fulfill the same purpose. On the one hand, analogs are older and are the basis of digital models. Its price tends to be cheaper, and its weight is light. However, according to the consideration of some experts, these models are impractical and with a low level of precision.

Meanwhile, digital multimeters are devices that include the possibility of multiple functions concerning measurement, being equipped with a high degree of reliability, which shows the data on a screen. In addition, these are innovative and easy-to-use alternatives.


If the selected model is digital, it must have a filter. Many want to get an economical multimeter, but beyond the price, it is essential to analyze the screen, its dimensions, and the information that can be displayed on it.

It is recommended to acquire models that are equipped with a large screen, which allows you to see the figures collected clearly. Most models incorporate screens with LED technology and white light, as well as a backlight system and a flashlight that works to illuminate dark areas.


When selecting an alternative, it is essential to look at the design that the manufacturer devised for the model in question. About the design, it is more than an aesthetic matter, since these devices must have a plan of light, compact, and practical properties that facilitate their manipulation so that the work is successful. It should also be comfortable to hold.

On the other hand, in relation to the design, there are models that incorporate rear supports, so that the multimeter can be held on a flat surface and many others are equipped with magnets that allow it to be attached to metal elements, giving the user the possibility of having Hands free


There are models of basic multimeters and many others that offer the user a comprehensive measurement system, these being professional style. The most popular models in the market are equipped with the ability to measure much more than the current.

With these devices, voltage, alternating and continuous currents can be measured, diode tests can be made, resistance, frequency, temperature, capacitance, high pressure, continuity, sensitivity, relative value measurement, and work cycle tests can be measured. According to the range, the multimeter will have more or fewer functions.


When working with electricity, it is essential that care is taken, because any error could lead to serious injury to the user or a short circuit. To reduce the chances of accidents, it is appropriate to look for alternatives that have a high level of safety. For example, some designs are equipped with the automatic shutdown, overload protection, and current input fuse protection, with capacity for the working circuit. Otherwise, it is best to avoid high voltage circuits.

Also, some models have a polarity indicator and data retention on the screen. In the first case, it is a function of protection against reverse polarity, which prevents a shortage in case of a human error. In the second, there is the possibility of keeping the data on the screen by pressing a button.


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