The 8 Best Luggage Carriers -Buying Guide And Reviews In 2020

When there is not enough space in the baggage, it is necessary to have a luggage rack to carry suitcases and other fairly bulky objects. Among the most interesting models on the market, the Cam Box Sport 431 deserves attention, which can be installed on any roof rack and offers a capacity of 430 liters. To be installed if the longitudinal bars are already present on the car, a universal model is the Menabo Brio, 120 cm long and capable of supporting a maximum weight of 90 kg, therefore suitable for different types of luggage racks in circulation.


The 8 Best Luggage Carriers – Ranking In 2020

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Rank #1: Sport Cam Box 431, Dark Gray, 430 Liters

Those looking for a good car roof rack and don’t want to spend too much can consider the model proposed by Cam Box. The Sport 431 offers a capacity of 430 liters and stands out for its flat bottom, designed to minimize any turbulence and noise while driving.

This black bottom is made of PP, while a series of inserts and fixing points have been added to prevent the contents of the luggage rack from slipping when it is not full. The system here is well suited to any roof rack, to make installation particularly fast and smoothly.

The distance between the bars must be between a minimum of 45 cm and a maximum of 87 cm, while the dark gray color is well suited to any car. Since the aerodynamic design minimizes the noises caused by the air when traveling, many consider it the best luggage rack among those sold online.


Flat bottom: 

The flat bottom, which distinguishes this luggage rack, makes it less sensitive to the noises and turbulences that can occur during the car’s journey.


 With 430 liters of capacity, this roof box is useful for any transport need, even for particularly bulky objects, such as a stroller.


 The shape of this luggage rack is designed to decrease air resistance when traveling and, consequently, the wind’s noise.



 According to users’ opinions, the plastics used for the production of this luggage rack certainly do not shine for strength, but it is a problem common to many such models.


Rank #2: Menabo BRIO Roof Bars for Cars with Open Railing

Those in question are a couple of roof bars to be mounted on cars which, as standard, include longitudinal bars, also known as Rails. Menabo Brio roof racks are one of the many models defined as “universal,” provided that you choose the right size based on the width of the roof of your car.

The version we analyze here, in our purchase guide, is the 120 cm long one: the bars must be installed at a distance between them that does not exceed 100 cm. They allow you to carry weights on the roof up to 90 kg, but it is always better to check the maximum capacity of that of your car.

If there is one aspect to highlight, it is the simplicity with which they are mounted on the sidebars, thanks also to the presence of the Allen key necessary for assembly, included in the package. As is the case with many other roof rack bars, even with these, a slight whistle is audible when traveling at around 60 km / h.


Simple assembly:

 A quality highlighted by most users, who have purchased these bars, is the simplicity with which they are installed on the longitudinal ones of their car.

Value for money:

 Considered by users of good quality, they have an affordable price for everyone.


 By choosing a suitable size, based on the width of the roof of your car, you can purchase the right version of this model called “universal.” 



 Even these roof bars, like many of those offered in the “universal” segment, suffer from generating an annoying whistle when traveling even at not particularly high speeds.


Rank #3: Thule Touring

When it comes to safe quality luggage racks, one cannot fail to mention the Thule brand, one of the most popular and best-selling in the car accessories sector. In this case, it offers the Touring 634100 roof box, which puts a capacity of 330 liters on the plate, the smallest in the series (it reaches 430 liters with the 780 version).

It has a shorter length than the other boxes since it reaches 139 cm. Especially liked for the color “Titan Aeroskin,” ideal for any type of body color of the car on which it will be mounted. THE

It’s very low weight allows it to be installed effortlessly, an operation that can be performed even by a single person. Another very appreciated feature is the possibility to open it at will on both sides, so if you park your car close to a wall, you will have no problems choosing the right side to open the roof rack.



The characteristic that made Thule famous in the car accessories market is its quality, which does not escape even this new luggage rack from the Touring series.

Double opening:

 You can choose to open the roof box, both from the left and from the right side. A nice convenience that allows you to park your car even near a wall.


 If assembled professionally, you can be sure that the journey will take place in total silence, at least there will be no hisses or noises coming from the roof rack due to the wind.



 Like many other quality items, this Thule luggage rack also gets paid and not a little. However, those who compare prices can establish that it is one of the best brands out there.


Rank #4: GrecoShop BoxAuto Universal Luggage Carrier 320Lt

The Grecoshop universal car roof rack stands out for its excellent value for money, making it a very convenient purchase, especially if you are looking for savings and do not know which roof rack can fit your vehicle.

It has a solid shape and a good quality design made with shockproof, weatherproof, and cold-resistant polypropylene materials that make it suitable. It can be opened and closed thanks easily to a practical lock with key, while for the assembly, you will find in the package the attachments for fixing to the roof of the vehicle.

The maximum load of 55 kg allows you to store objects, backpacks, and trolleys, increasing the car’s space. The only drawback of the product is the slightly too narrow opening angle that forces some large objects to be forcefully inserted.



 High-quality polypropylene materials meet with an affordable sales price, suitable for those who do not have a high budget.


 It will be possible to use the roof rack even in the coldest and rainiest seasons of the year, as it has protection against bad weather and low temperatures.


 The assembly is easily completed, thanks to the fixing attachments. Closing and opening are done with a key.


Opening angle:

 A little too narrow for some large objects to enter correctly.


Rank #5: RAX K0381644R Auto Box

Rax’s proposal is a Made in Italy car trunk with few frills and good quality, combined with a not very high price. The product offers 320 liters capacity, thanks to the dimensions of 1.3 meters in length, 38 cm in height, and 78 cm in width. It has a key locking system and a safety device located on both the front and the rear.

The load capacity is 50 kg and can be hooked to the roof bars installed at a distance from each other, between 50 and 86 cm. The box’s sturdiness is guaranteed by the construction using injected polypropylene, a better solution than the polystyrene models.

The bottom is made on the inside with non-slip flaps while the outside is flat. Although the installation is fairly simple, the instructions in the attachment are considered not exhaustive: a problem if you find it difficult to fix it to the roof bars.



 This box is made of injected polypropylene, a material much more resistant than polystyrene, used with most of the car boxes in this price range.


 A key with its lock is not missing to close the box when traveling or stopping, to keep what’s inside safe.


 Good capacity of 320 liters, which, as users have seen, allows you to insert two large suitcases without any particular difficulty.



 The trunk comes in two pieces to be assembled, an operation deemed easily executable. The installation on the bars, although not difficult, is not supported by clear and exhaustive instructions.


Rank #6: Fiat Transverse Roof Bars Original Fiat Punto 5p

Owners of a Fiat Punto can count on the crossbars produced directly by the Turin car manufacturer.

The version in question is suitable for those who want to mount a luggage rack for five-door Fiat Punto: these are the models Grande Punto (2005-2009), Grande Punto Actual (2009-2013), New Punto Model Year 2012 (2012-2013), Punto Evo (2009-2011), Punto Model Year 2013 (2013-2017) and the Punto produced in 2018. The bars are made of steel and are supplied with all the hooks necessary to fix to the roof of the small car produced by Fiat. They have a fairly limited load capacity, which is only 40 kg.

However, users are satisfied with both the price and the quality of the bars, which, being original, do not present installation problems. It is only to be remembered that, if you have a Point with a sunroof, it must install the rubber pads in the package. There is also a safety lock to prevent them from being stolen.



 These roof bars are produced directly by Fiat and can be installed without any problem, given the complete set of bolts and hooks.


 The resistance of these bars is guaranteed by the fact that they are made of steel, which also makes them very elegant to look at.


 Fiat has also provided special rubbers in the equipment to be used if the Punto is equipped with a sunroof.



 The bars support a fairly limited weight in the order of 40 kg, which is not a great deal if you also want to add a 12 kg roof box.


Rank #7: OMAC GmbH Dacia Duster Gray Aluminum Luggage Carrier

When you need more space in addition to the trunk, and you want to travel by your car, crossbars could be used to mount a roof box, to stow luggage and other bulky objects. The luggage rack for Dacia Duster is recommended for those looking for low prices, given the cost affordable for everyone.

Although this product is much cheaper than the original bars, sold by Dacia as an option, it includes everything needed for assembly, which is also particularly fast.

The roof bars are made of aluminum; they are not afraid of bad weather and are less susceptible than others to rust. They are TÜV / AB certified and can withstand a maximum load of 75 kg, more than enough to mount a roof box and fill it with what is needed. Good aerodynamics properly counteract the contrary wind without generating particular noises such as whistles or annoying hisses.



 These roof bars made by OMAC are made of aluminum, a light but very resistant material that more than others does not fear the unsightly rust


 Like all self-respecting roof bars, these can also be certified by TÜV / AB for Dacia Duster. For this reason, they can also be installed on cars that circulate on Italian roads.


 Using the supplied Allen wrench, these bars can be assembled quickly, thanks also to the illustrated and clear instructions on the steps to be carried out.



 Some users complain of the supplied screws, considered too short of guaranteeing their resistance. However, this problem can be quickly solved if longer screws are used, easily found in a hardware store.


Rank #8: F.LLI Iannaccone M-Way Menabo Roof Bars

If you don’t want to spend a lot on a luggage rack designed for the Ford Fiesta, you can opt for the M-Way roof bars produced by F.lli Iannaccone. This model is compatible, but it is made in Italy to have a quality guarantee. They are made of aluminum and, therefore, ideal for use in all weather conditions, being certain that wear and tear will only be a distant danger.

In addition to the Ford Fiesta, given the measures, these bars are suitable for other types of cars. It is, in fact, a model compatible with Audi S3 (8VS), Sedan 13 4 Doors, Nissan MICRA (K12) 5 Doors, Alfa Romeo Giulietta 5 doors, Seat Ibiza IV 5 doors and Peugeot 208 5 doors.

If you want to know where to buy these roof bars, you can consult the seller’s link under this page’s pros and cons. Users are satisfied with the quality of the product, although some complain about the lack of a key lock to protect them from theft.



 These roof bars are suitable for different car models, including higher-end Ford Fiesta models, such as the Audi S3 or Alfa Romeo Giulietta. 


 The choice of Iannaccone F.lli to make these aluminum bars guarantees a long life to the product that will hardly wear out over time. 


 Those who chose to buy these roof bars did it first for the very good quality/price ratio they offer, which is better than that of the original models.



 The low cost of this article has to deal with some shortcomings. The most obvious is the key lock to prevent someone from attacking from stealing them.


Guide to buy a luggage rack

The days when carrying parcels, suitcases and even bicycles on the car’s roof were no longer a complicated operation. Now the machines are almost all designed to house bars that are installed transversely on the roof and allow you to hook different supports to transport the most disparate objects. There is also a trunk (or box) where you can insert your suitcases to keep them protected from the weather when you travel to the much-desired holiday.

Bars and boxes

In our guide to choosing which roof rack to buy, we first want to clarify between roof bars and roof boxes. The two products are complementary; i.e., it is impossible to install a roof box if the roof rack bars are not installed first. In practice, the modern roof rack is offered by these bars, in most cases, easy to install and particularly versatile. The best roof rack will, therefore, be the one that will be created on the roof of your car with the most suitable bars.

Choosing the right bar

As mentioned, the roof rack for cars is based on the presence of roof bars. Each car offers a type of bar often different from the others. What distinguishes one model from another is the type of installation offered by the car manufacturer: station wagons, such as the cars most prone to house roof bars. There are “original” bars on the market, that is, those supplied as optional by the various car manufacturers, and those defined as “universal,” produced by third parties to be also used on different types of cars.

Often the price of these is much lower than that of the originals, but this does not mean that they are of bad quality, quite the opposite. The only positive aspect of purchasing the original roof bars is that these will certainly be the right size concerning the car roof and provide a simple coupling system, foreseen by the type of car, or rather from its roof. If you decide to save a few euros for the purchase of roof bars, which will make it possible to stow parcels and more, it is also good to check that these are homologated and use them in combination with the cars that circulate in Italy.

The luggage rack 2.0

Once the bars are installed, you get a luggage rack to put suitcases and other objects that normally cannot be inserted in the car trunk. It is clear, however, that especially suitcases and packages are exposed to the elements. Therefore, it is a good idea to cover them with cellophane to prevent them from getting wet. The installation must be a meticulous operation, which will take a long time, also because you will never be sure that between cables, ropes, and elastic bands, the load is firmly on the roof of the car.

However, there is a very useful accessory installed on the roof bars, which practically resolves any problem of load holding and protection from atmospheric agents: we are talking about the roof box. It is a rigid container proposed in various sizes, inside which you can insert suitcases, packages, objects, strollers, and everything that you cannot put in the trunk.

In this case, as for the roof bars, it is necessary to evaluate whether the model chosen is compatible first with the bars installed and second in your car. For example, it cannot be too long, i.e., it must not come from the back or front of the car. Another reason to choose a roof box is the presence of a lock with a key, to keep the contents safe even if you stop at the motorway service station for a stop.

The same box also offers an anti-theft system to ensure that it is not disassembled from the roof bars, and, as in the previous case, as a rule, a key is offered to be able to release it when you arrive at your destination. In conclusion, the best roof racks of 2020 are those more than others go to meet their needs. Being a component that will not change for the entire life of the car, it is better to spend a few euros more, but be sure that the purchase is satisfactory from all points of view.


Frequent questions

How to place luggage on the roof rack?

If you want to be safe while traveling, the suitcases and more on the luggage rack must be made to ensure that everything is placed in the right way. Correct positioning requires that the larger suitcases are placed in, the lower part, and the smaller ones above them.

In practice, it is good to create a “base” with more “flat” baggage and then put all the others on top, like a pyramid. No suitcase must protrude from the car’s sides or beyond the installed roof bars because this could cause it to fall during movement, with disastrous consequences.

How to tie your luggage on the roof rack?

The easiest way to tie your luggage on the roof rack is to have nice sturdy ropes. Starting from a couple (or a fairly long one) who will keep the luggage together, it will be necessary to cross them to have more security. Finally, the ends must be tied with a double knot to the roof bars on the roof.

If you want to spend a few euros more, there are ratchet straps on the market, very safe and able to be stretched optimally, to make them adhere to the load. Even the connection to the roof rack is simpler as they are equipped with hooks that close easily and make travelers feel comfortable. On the other hand, rubber bands must be avoided, even if they are very resistant.

How to use the luggage rack

To know how to choose a good roof rack, it is necessary, as mentioned, to buy roof bars that are compatible with the installation system set up in your car. If this is the case, all the elements necessary for assembly are offered, from the screws to the hooks, passing to the Allen wrench necessary to screw all the bolts present properly.

To know how to mount the luggage rack, you need to rely on the instructions enclosed with the product, many of which have images that show step-by-step the procedures to follow for correct installation.

The roof box

The same goes for the roof box: once the bars are installed, this must be positioned, or better hooked, above them. Normally the boxes have universal connections to be compatible with any type of bar. If the box’s size is suitable primarily for the car and secondly for the bars, the assembly is not very complicated.

Also, in this case, the instructions attached to the package will be of vital importance. Still, if they are not there, several videos are available on the web that explains how to do it and which are often more exhaustive than the usual indications printed on a sheet.

The semi-rigid roof boxes

One of the latest innovations in terms of luggage racks is the semi-rigid roof boxes, which have the particularity of not necessarily being mounted on the roof bars. It is sufficient that your car is equipped with longitudinal ones. In this case, the box rests on the roof and is stopped using the supplied straps to be tied precisely on the longitudinal bars.

The best feature of these semi-rigid boxes is the ease with which they can be removed quickly and even folded away, using a small space to store them. If the car, as mentioned, is equipped with longitudinal bars, this “soft” box can be an excellent choice, given the decidedly lower price compared to the rigid models, not to mention that in any case, it is not necessary to also buy the roof bars for their installation.

The other supports

If the roof box is the best-selling and used roof rack accessory, as evidenced by the reviews in our ranking, there are other supports on the market that allow you to carry the most varied objects on the roof of your car. One of the most popular lately is the bike rack, which, as can be seen from the name, allows you to carry one or two bicycles on the roof of the car.

The rule of following the assembly instructions applies, clearly choosing a model suitable for your car and the previously installed crossbars. Less used but often visible, especially when going to the sea or the mountains, are the luggage rack accessories that allow you to have surfboards, canoes, kayaks, and even windsurfing with a sail. They are very versatile models for their installation even if, for the correct insertion of the above objects, a minimum of manual skills is required.

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