Best Hub Caps For Nissan Altima – Reviews In 2020


Hubcaps can give your car a little touch of style without your wallet suffering too much. But to achieve this, it is necessary to have quality products that adapt both to your style and to what your car needs. If you need 14-inch hubcaps you can use the NRM Draco CS model . This product has a current 10-spoke design with a beautiful black and silver bilayer paint that gives it greater elegance. More classic is the Cartrend 70278 model , 15 inches in diameter and with an aluminum tone finish that is very decorative in any vehicle.







The best hubcaps on the market


Although they are a small decorative piece, the truth is that hubcaps can give any car a special image. Although for this it is necessary to know what are the best hubcaps that we can buy for our vehicle. If you do not want to break your head looking for thousands of products you just have to read our selection of the best hubcaps of 2019, in which we leave you the most outstanding products of the moment. A list that makes it easy to know which hubcaps to buy, depending on what you like and the needs of your vehicle.


Hubcap 14


NRM Draco CS



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The NRM Draco CS hubcaps are a simple and elegant model with which to give a current touch to any vehicle. We are talking about a 14-inch diameter hubcap with a ten-spoke design and central area, so that any vehicle looks more elegant.

This product has a nice two-color finish, so that the outer areas of the spokes have a chrome-like finish, while the interiors have a black finish. All this to give your vehicle its own tire finish, but at a cheaper cost than it would have to equip them on your vehicle. Therefore, it is not strange that we are talking about the best hubcaps of the moment within its segment.

By the way, if you need them, the same hubcap is available in sizes ranging from 13 to 16 inches in diameter.

If you are looking for the best hubcaps, the features of this model will surely help you make a decision.



Bicolor : The hubcaps have a beautiful two-tone finish, silver-chrome and black.

Design : The ten-spoke design is very similar to that of the most beautiful and modern tires of the moment.

Resistance : The assembly is solid and resistant, provided it is done properly.

Instructions : They are accompanied by instructions, to make it even easier to place them.

Durability : According to users, they withstand cold, water and even snow without deteriorating.



Finish : Some user comments on certain finishing defects, although imperceptible unless you look closely.






Cartrend 70278




Cartrend 70278 15 inch hubcaps are a good proposal to give a different touch to the aesthetics of your car. A design suitable for all types of vehicles that fit this tire size, offering a very aesthetic finish reminiscent of some classic tires.

In fact, the design offers the usual 10-spoke design of the same, with a zone of false central screws properly painted to “hit the stick”. Specifically, the main finish has an aluminum color finish while the nut area has a chrome finish. In addition, the hubcaps have bilayer paint, which gives greater resistance and shine to the piece.

And if to all this we add a price located among the cheapest of our selection we could well be talking about the best price-quality hubcaps of our extensive selection.

If you are looking for cheap and classy hubcaps this lot is an excellent option to give a different image to your car.



Appearance : The traditional appearance of the product gives a classic image to any vehicle.

Paint : It has a double layer paint with high quality glossy finish, for a better look.

Screws : The hardware area is painted in chrome color, creating an interesting contrast.

Measurements : In addition to the 15-inch measure they are also sold in 14 and 16-inch sizes.



Valve : Even when the hubcap is correctly positioned, the valve is somewhat hidden under its surface.









If you are looking for a hubcap for Peugeot, the RICAMBI ITALIA 2017 299 model is all you need, as long as your wheels are 14 inches. This model faithfully reproduces the image of the brand’s hubcaps, present in models such as the Peugeot 106 or 206, among others.

In it we can find the rotated shape of the spokes, the image of the lion that is located in the center of the piece or the false hardware that accompanies it. A complete model with a beautiful finish in “color” aluminum, the usual undulations and a system of adjustment by means of eyelashes and metallic ring that is already known in the market.

This lot includes the four hubcaps, so you can change them all at once and comfortably maintain the uniformity of your vehicle’s image in a simple way.

Renew the image of your Peugeot with this set of hubcaps, which we analyze below.



Faithful reproduction: The model is a faithful reproduction of the original hubcap, without any detail that detaches.

Fastening : It is held by the usual metal ring, for greater comfort and safety in the shoot.

Complete lot : The lot includes the 4 hubcaps, so that you renew the whole image of your wheels at the same time.



Price: The price is somewhat high, considering that they are not original spare parts of the brand.

Resistance : Some user comments that the paint tends to lose brightness over time and friction.




Wheel Trims 429/14



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The Seat Ibiza is one of the best selling cars in Spain, so it is not surprising that many users want replacement parts for it. If what you need is a hubcap for Seat Ibiza, the Wheel Trims 429/14 is just what you need.

We are talking about a replica product of the original design, with a diameter of 14 inches and that is suitable for any Ibiza after 2002, but also for other models such as Córdoba or León, whenever you mount 14-inch wheels.

These hubcaps have the original design, with the brand logo in the central part and the seven-spoke format of this manufacturer. As for materials, the hubcaps have been manufactured in polyamide and polypropylene, to give you greater strength and durability during their use.

Renew the image of your Ibiza with these beautiful hubcaps and everything they offer you.



Design : The design perfectly replicates that of the original hubcap, both in design and finishes.

Compatibility : This game is suitable for a Seat Ibiza but also for other vehicles of the manufacturer with 14-inch wheels.

Fixation : The fixation follows the metal ring approach, which simplifies the process.



Logo: The logo is not molded, but is attached to the hubcap, which takes away some resistance.

Finishes : Some user comments that the touch and finish are improvable, because it is too “plastic”.





Ford 1317874



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For those who need hubcaps for Ford Focus, nothing better than resorting to the manufacturer. Specifically to its model 1317874 which is the reference of these original Ford hubcaps.

This model has a size of 16 inches and maintains both the design and the quality of the hubcaps that were originally mounted on your car, so you will not have any compatibility problem to assemble and replace them. A model that is compatible with both the aforementioned Focus and other models of the brand that mount 16-inch tires such as the C-Max or the Ford Mondeo.

As for its image, it maintains the design of the original piece, with its elegant aluminum finish and the logo present in the central part of the hubcap on a dark blue base.

Enjoy the quality of an original part and give your Ford Focus a renewed image with this product.



Original : We are talking about an original brand product, so you will not have quality or compatibility problems.

Finish : The silver finish contrasts with the Ford logo in its usual dark shade, giving the product an elegant image.

Assembly : As an original product, the assembly of the hubcaps is extremely simple and is properly fixed in place.



Price : The price of the product is not exactly economical, although it is what the original parts have.






Opel 1006077



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The Opel 1006077 model is an original Opel hubcap, with which to maintain the uniformity of any brand vehicle while preventing thieves from taking your hubcaps. Something that is achieved thanks to their installation system, typical of current anti-theft hubcaps.

Specifically, this model is not installed exclusively by means of a pressure ring, but also consists of five spaces designed to introduce the fastening bolts of the tire and more effectively fix the hubcap. It also consists of a space for the valve, so that you have no problems accessing it, as with other models.

All this in a hubcap with a beautiful five-spoke design, as usual in this model, compatible with all types of 16-inch tires.

Protect yourself against the friends of others with these high-security and original brand anti-theft hubcaps.



Safety: When fastened with the nuts of the tire it is almost impossible to steal the hubcaps.

Appearance : The five-spoke finish is a classic of this manufacturer’s vehicles, with a glossy finish.

Compatibility : They are suitable for all types of 16-inch wheels, as well as for Astra H, Signum, Vectra or Zafira models, among others.



Logo: Since the wheels have a logo, if you do not have an Opel they may be somewhat rare.

Ring : In addition to the nuts it is fastened with a ring, which complicates the entire assembly a bit.




J-Tec j16514



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Although it is common for vehicles with 16-inch tires to mount alloy wheels, we can also find 16-inch hubcaps if we need them. This is what the J-Tec j16514 model offers us, which also breaks with the traditional aesthetics of these products.

Specifically, this hubcap has a beautiful black design with a circular white exterior decoration and a central chrome with the brand logo printed on it in carbon tones. Ideal then if you are fed up with the silver or chrome hubcaps of a lifetime.

This decoration does not affect its usefulness, because we are talking about resistant hubcaps and with a simple assembly on compatible wheels, so you will not have to worry more than show them on your vehicle during your trips or lose them on the road.

Although it is difficult to decide which is the best brand of hubcaps in the market, this model would be a good representative of it.



Design : The design breaks the boring appearance of conventional hubcaps, both in shape and color.

Sizes : The product is sold on tires from 13 to 16 inches in diameter.

Resistant : We speak of a resistant product that supports the passage of kilometers, according to users.



Finishes: The paint has a tendency to jump with friction, so you should get away from the curbs.

Gloss : The only bright part is the center, counting the rest of the piece with a rather matte finish.









king for are hubcaps for Volkswagen Polo, the RICAMBIITALIA2017 332 model is what you need. This complete set of 4 14-inch hubcaps is compatible with this vehicle as well as other small cars of the brand such as Lupo.

The hubcaps maintain the image of the original product, with a seven-spoke design, the reliefs we usually find on them as well as the brand logo, which presides over the central part of the hubcap. So you will not have problems to maintain the aesthetics of your vehicle with this product, which also is not particularly expensive, at least if we compare it with what the originals cost in a dealership.

The hubcaps are fastened by the usual system of eyelashes and sealing ring, so assembly and disassembly is not a problem either.

Maintain the aesthetics of your Volkswagen Golf with these replica hubcaps of the brand’s own.



Fidelity : The design is true to the image of the original product, both in appearance and finishes.

Price : The price of the product is very competitive with respect to the cost of the original hubcaps.

Compatible : Can be installed on original 14-inch diameter wheels.



Mounting: As always, assembly must be done carefully so as not to break any flanges.

Fixed center: Although it seems detachable, the central part of the hubcap is fixed.


Altre Marche 72.413 / 13



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Renault is another of the leading car manufacturers in the market, which we could not forget. For those who need Renault hubcaps we find the Altre Marche 72.413 / 13 model.

These hubcaps have high compatibility with various models of the brand such as Twingo, Clio or Megane, among others. In addition, this model is fastened by screws and not with the ring that is common in most of the current models of hubcaps, so you will not have to worry about being stolen.

As for its image, it corresponds to the most modern of this product, with a design of five open arms, which give a current touch to any model of this manufacturer.

Give a different touch to your Renault with these modern and quality hubcaps, which is impossible to lose unless they break.



Design : The hubcap design maintains the brand’s image but looks more modern.

Fastening : The fastening is done through the wheel hardware and not with a ring, being anti-theft.

Materials : The quality materials of this product avoid problems with breakage or premature deterioration of the product.



Tire: These hubcaps are only for 13-inch wheels, although if you need larger ones you can also find them.

Not original: Although you may have noticed, we are not originals but a replica of them.



Autostyle PP5153B



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If we think of 13-inch hubcaps surely boring and traditional models come to mind. That is precisely why we have chosen the model, which breaks with this usual boring image.

We are talking about a sport-cut hubcap, with a seven-spoke design and a beautiful black finish with a black and gray damask in truly modern and attractive radios. So much so that the product pretends to be a tire and gives a sporty image to any vehicle. An aspect that ends with the acronym VR in red and white located in one of the radios.

By the way, if your vehicle does not mount 13-inch hubcaps but you like the design, it is sold in sizes up to 16 inches, so it is easy to get it as you need.

Because sports style also exists for small wheels, let’s see more details of this model.



Design: The purely sporty design breaks the boring image of the usual models.

Lace : The lace is very precise, which avoids problems during filming.

Measurements : In addition to the measure of 13 inches, you have other models up to 16 inches, with the same design.



Single pieces: Only sold for sets of 4, which is a problem if you need spare parts.

Resistance : Treat them carefully, to avoid premature breakage or deterioration of the paint.

NRM Draco CS Universal Hubcap, 14 “, Bicolor



The hubcaps have a beautiful 10-spoke design, similar to today’s alloy wheels, to achieve a modern image. They also have a two-color finish, silver on the outside and black on the inside of the spokes.

Some piece may have small finishing faults, but the same is not noticeable to the naked eye, but it is expressly stated where they are.

An elegant proposal to give any compatible vehicle an extra style when shooting.



Cartrend 70278 Storm hubcap set with chrome nuts


This classic cut model has two distinct zones. One is the exterior, with an aluminum finish and a ten-spoke format. Inside we find the false hardware, with a dark chrome finish, which completes the image of the product.

Access to the valve is somewhat complicated, even by fitting the hubcaps well. So it is essential to take precautions during the process.

Classic hubcaps and located among the cheapest options on the market.





Set of 4 14-inch hubcaps, with chrome logo



This model faithfully reproduces the image of the original Peugeot hubcaps, where details such as the curved style of the arms, the four screws and the image of the lion presiding over the center of the product are not lacking.

Not to be an original product of the brand has a somewhat higher price than would be desirable. In addition, they tend to lose some paint over time, according to users.

These hubcaps are suitable for any Peugeot user who wishes to maintain the uniformity of their vehicle.




Guide to buying hubcaps


The hubcaps are one of those complements of our vehicle that is not essential, but it is true that they help make the car look better. They are also a good way to give a different or renewed touch to our vehicle without spending too much money. In any of these cases you can use our guide to buy the best hubcaps, with tips to squeeze your purchase and make your car look its best face.


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Shopping guide


Hubcap Measurement

One of the advantages of the hubcaps, compared to other parts such as tires, is that choosing the specific model is quite simple. In fact, with some exceptions, almost all hubcaps are universal with respect to the size of the tire for which they have been designed.

This is something easy to see in any comparison of hubcaps, in which we will see how they are grouped precisely by that diameter of tire or tire, which is obviously the same. Anyway, the options to confuse us are scarce, since in the market there are only four measures: from 13 to 16 inches diagonally.

Even so, before seeing how much the hubcap costs, how beautiful it is or how it is mounted, it is key that you verify that this product has the corresponding measure to your vehicle. Something we must do directly on the tire, since sometimes the technical data sheet contains several measures, and some of them may be different from the one actually mounted on the car.


Original, replica, universal

When we look for a hubcap, or a set of hubcaps, one of the questions we usually ask ourselves is whether to resort to an original product from the manufacturer or one that is not. It is true that the original hubcap is usually designed specifically for our vehicle but it is also true that the difference in how much one of them costs compared to a universal one is considerable.

In the middle of both worlds there are the hubcaps that we call replica. In this case they are not original products of the brand but they are made in their image, so they are more or less similar to those originals. The main advantage is that they have a cheaper price and do not break the aesthetics of the vehicle too much.

As a third option we have the universals. In this case they are hubcaps that are valid for any vehicle. The originals or brand also serve, the truth, although it is rare to see a Ford logo on a Peugeot, for example. Anyway, the universals are valid for any car and allow you to change the image, ranging from classic and traditional models to those that mimic the most sporty and modern tires. It’s all a matter of what you prefer for your car.



We cannot forget the assembly process of the hubcaps, since there is a difference between the two main ones. The best known is the plastic eyelash and metal ring. A system that does not evolve despite being somewhat complicated to assemble and not be as resistant as any pothole can blow up your hubcaps. Therefore, it should be verified that it offers a good grip so as not to have this problem.

Something that can also be solved with the other existing hubcap system. Specifically, we talk about the products that are fastened by the nuts of the tire. This system has the disadvantage of having to disassemble the wheels to place them but in return you will never lose them and they will not steal them either. Anyway, if you opt for this system do not forget to check that the product has the necessary holes for mounting, as many as studs have the wheel, four normally.


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We have left for the end what has to do with the appearance of the hubcap, for being something more aesthetic than anything else. But that is not why we should put aside.

The good news is that as we have already dropped, we have a bit of everything. So if you want a model with a more classic finish, a simple design and some shades in aluminum or silver you will be able to find it. And if you prefer something modern, even with sporty touches, with more interesting colors and with a more current look, too. It is true that these latest models are not lavished as much as the more traditional ones, but they are increasingly easier to find.

In any case, by the way that you review this aspect do not forget to also check that the product has a good resistance, so that its good image lasts longer. Although rubbing with curbs will always be a problem.




Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to clean hubcaps?

The cleaning process of the hubcaps is not particularly complicated, being able to use on them the water jet of any gas station gun, cleaning them with hose or directly with conventional sponge or cloth. A process for which we can use any product that is not aggressive, as with the rest of the vehicle, really. Anyway, in the market you can also find specific products, such as foams and the like, specially designed for hubcap materials.


Q2: Can I pass the ITV without hubcaps?

The hubcaps are an aesthetic type element that does not affect the stability or safety of the vehicle , so there is no problem in passing inspection if they are not installed in the vehicle or are not the original ones. The only case in which they can tell us something is if the hubcaps are loose or can come off, because it is a risk for driving. But it would only be a warning and should not have more influence on the inspection process.


Q3: How to change hubcaps for tires?

In truth, all cars have tires and, some, also hubcaps. So truly, the process would not be to replace hubcaps with tires, but it would be to change the iron tires of the vehicle, on which the hubcaps are mounted, by alloy wheels, aluminum or the material that we like the most. Something for which we will need to know the measurements of the tire and its equivalences, as well as what the technical data sheet indicates the respect, proceeding then to buy the corresponding tires and discarding the iron tires. With all these elements it would be enough to mount the tires on the new tires and mount them on the car


Q4: How to ensure hubcaps so they don’t fall out?

One of the main problems that the hubcaps have is that their fastening system is quite unfortunate, so we have many ballots for them to fly en route in case of catching a pothole with bad shade. We can take care of everything we want in the placement of it, that if you have to jump, it will jump. One solution is to use flanges, which would link the hubcap and the tire, preventing their “freedom.” Another solution is to apply some adhesive, such as silicone, that fixes the hubcap in place. Anyway, do not forget that sooner or later you will have to remove the hubcap, so be careful what you use for that fixation .


Q5: Are there hubcaps that don’t fall with the potholes?

To have them there, although the difficult thing is to find them. Specifically, we talk about the hubcaps that are fixed directly with the rim fasteners, with the corresponding holes in the central part of it. This has the advantage that, unless they break, it is impossible for the hubcaps to fall off or to be removed. The drawback is that if we want to change them we will have to disassemble all the wheel hardware.


Q6: Where to buy original hubcaps?

Finding original hubcaps is a complicated process. The fact that it is a relatively cheap piece and that, nowadays, begins to be in disuse before the rise of the tires, does that they are not pieces that we can find in a scrapping. It is also not easy to find these hubcaps in our dealership and, if they have them, you will have to prepare the portfolio because they are usually quite expensive. As a last option we can use the network, where it is possible to find a loose game that is original.


Q7: Are hubcaps universal?

The hubcaps are universal, as long as they have the same inches as the tire on which we are mounting the piece. In other words, 15-inch hubcaps can be installed on any 15-inch tire and tire, regardless of the vehicle brand or any other detail, except for a few exceptions.


Q8: Can I paint hubcaps with spray?

The hubcaps, like plastic material that they are, can be spray painted without problems. However, it is necessary to perform some previous tasks in order to guarantee an adequate result. Specifically, we must start cleaning and sanding the entire surface, to facilitate the paint sticking and also to remove scratches, bumps and other surface damage. Depending on the amount of paint the material absorbs, two spray hands, and even one lacquered, may be necessary to fix the result.




How to use hubcaps


Although it seems one of these elements of our car to which we do not give importance, the hubcap is an element that deserves our attention , at least during the assembly process. So if you want to know what is necessary to circulate without risks with this model we leave you some interesting tips about it.




Choose the correct position for the valve

Before assembling the hubcap it is necessary to choose the position correctly. All hubcaps usually have a kind of semicircular notch on the outside of the piece, designed to match the area of the valve. The location of the notch must always be respected, since if we do not do it, we may not be able to access the valve or, even worse, that we can damage it.


Assembly of a conventional hubcap

When we mount a conventional hubcap it is necessary that the different elements are correctly located. This means keeping the inner metal ring in place as well as placing the eyelashes inside the circle that forms the tire. It is important that we resist the desire to hit the different mounting tabs to fix them, since we have many ballots to end up breaking something. What we must do is gradually insert the eyelashes, using a screwdriver to locate those that require it when the tension begins to make the process difficult.




Additional fixation

As you will see during assembly, the fastening is done by means of tabs that go inside the rim. This has the disadvantage that they can be released with potholes or other road imperfections. So there are few users who opt for additional fixings so as not to lose the hubcaps along the way. Among these solutions we have the use of flanges, with which to hold the hubcap to the tire efficiently, or the use of some adhesive that fixes it in place. If you finally decide to resort to any of these solutions, it is important that you remember that the hubcap must be able to be removed, so a definitive fixation is not possible.


Mounting a hubcap to screws

We have called them screw-cap hubcaps, although we can also call them anti-theft hubcaps. Specifically, we are talking about the models that are installed on the rim fasteners, which obviously prevents theft or accidental detachment of the hubcaps. In this case, the assembly process is complicated, since to proceed we will have to remove the nuts that hold the tire to the corresponding studs.

Next, we must put the hubcap without forgetting what we have already said for the valve. The next step is to tighten everything again, maintaining the proper pressure so that the wheel does not move. As a final step, we will have to place the bezel that covers the part of the hardware, in case the hubcap includes it.






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