Are you looking for a new set of mats for your car, but don’t want to spend too much on buying an original product? Don’t worry, in our guide you will find everything you need to know about the products currently available, in particular those most requested by consumers. In addition to the guide with purchase advice, in fact, there is a review of the products that have had the greatest sales success. Among these, the products available in the economic range were particularly noteworthy, in particular the set of JVL Contour Luxurymats and the Sakura SS3601 , both appreciated for their low cost and for the ease with which they can be washed. 

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JVL 01-600 Set of superior quality car mats in rubber and polypropylene, pack of 4, black


The advantage of JVL mats lies in their price, which is lower than any other product with which we have compared it in this guide, including accessories. They are made of rubber and polypropylene and can be shaped according to needs.

The small size makes them suitable especially for small cars and sports cars, they also tend to adhere little despite being non-slip, so buyers recommend fixing them with Velcro strips.

JVLs are the most popular car mats on the market. The incredibly low price has made them very popular, in fact, although the quality is certainly not at the top.



Sakura – Universal rubber car mat set


Sakura SS3601 car mats are not very dissimilar from JVL, they have the same characteristics and are made with similar materials. The quality level is also the same and both come from the economy, despite the Sakura having a slightly higher price.

Again, buyers recommend attaching the floor mats to the car floor using Velcro strips, as they tend to move despite the non-slip surface. The same goes for the smell of plastic.

On the whole they are mats for cars of economic range, made to be used both in summer and in winter and especially suitable for small cars.


WeatherTech 11AVMSB Car Floor Mats, Black


The quality of the mats produced by the Italian company WeatherTech is almost at levels of excellence, they are in fact a high quality product made with odorless materials, completely non-toxic and 100% recyclable, therefore safe for both man and the environment.

They are very expensive, unfortunately, and this makes them accessible only to the most demanding and car enthusiasts who can afford the shopping.

They are excellent but also very expensive. The WeatherTechs are especially suitable for elegant sedans and large-displacement sports cars.


The 7 Best Car Floor Mats – Ranking 2020

Rubber car mats

  1. JVL 01-600 Superior Quality Car Floor Mat Set

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JVL Contour Luxury are in first place in the ranking of the best car mats of 2020 especially thanks to their price, they are in fact the cheapest product among all those you will find in our guide, and currently they are also the most requested among all those sold online .

These are car mats in textured rubber and polypropylene, designed to be cut so as to adapt to the shape of the car; they are very wear-resistant and also extremely easy to clean. The buyers amply confirm these characteristics but complain about their poor adhesion to the car floor; although they are equipped with a non-slip bottom surface, in fact, this is not very efficient and many advise to solve the problem using velcro strips.

Another flaw is the strong plastic smell which, according to some, requires several days of exposure to the air to disappear, but considering the price it is a negligible detail.


Cost : JVL car mats are fully part of the low-priced product range, which has made them extremely popular with consumers despite the quality of the product being just mediocre.

Shapeable : They are designed with different pre-printed shapes along the edges, so you can easily cut them to adapt them to the shape of the car floor. The dimensions make them suitable especially for small cars and sports cars.

Easy to clean : They are made of textured rubber and polypropylene, making them extremely easy to clean, even by simply using a jet of water with moderate pressure.


Odor and size : The smell of plastic could be annoying, so it is advisable to let it take air for a few days before putting them in the car, also the dimensions are not suitable for larger cars.

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Universal car mats

  1. Sakura Set of Universal Rubber Floor Mats for Cars

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The SS3601 set of the well-known automotive accessories brand Sakura ranks second among the best-selling products. The set consists of four universal All Weather type car mats, i.e. suitable for all seasons, two front and two rear.

In fact, they are quite similar to the JVLs we have examined previously, both as regards the manufacturing materials and the general quality level, both in terms of objective characteristics and functionality. They are in fact shaped and designed to be adapted to the car floor, have a non-slip bottom surface and can be washed very easily.

According to the buyers, they also have the same defects, namely the strong plastic smell that needs several days to go away, the non-slip area, which actually adheres poorly and should be fixed with the help of Velcro strips, and the dimensions unsuitable for large cars.


Cheap : Among the various mats compared in our guide, the Sakura are among the cheapest ones and are easily accessible for anyone. The dimensions are ideal especially for small cars and small cars.

Complete set : The further advantage they offer is that of being sold not individually but as a complete set: two front and two rear mats.

All Weather : Among the features offered there is also that of being suitable for all seasons, so you can get in the car even with the soles wet with rain or mud without any problem.


Odor and adhesion : Like the JVL mats, the Sakura also have a strong plastic smell and, according to the buyers’ opinions, it is better to fix the mats with velcro as the anti-slip surface is not very effective.

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WeatherTech car mats

  1. WeatherTech 11AVMSB Auto Floor Mats

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If you don’t mind the price and are looking for where to buy high quality car mats, then we recommend you take a look at the AVM page, produced by the Italian company WeatherTech.

The AVM, or All-Vehicles Mat, are Trim to Fit mats, that is, they are designed to be cut and adapted to the shape of the car floor; Furthermore, unlike cheap car mats that are made of rubber, these are made with TPE thermoplastic elastomers, an odorless and latex-free material, cadmium, lead, PVC or other harmful substances, which remains soft even at low temperatures.

They also have a raised edge and a small tank where water and debris are conveyed, so as not to let them spill on the floor, and with stop systems that help keep them firmly in place. WeatherTech car mats may look expensive, but they are definitely top quality.


High quality : Unlike the cheap mats, which are made of lower quality plastic and with an unpleasant and persistent smell, WeatherTech are made of thermoplastic elastomers, odorless and qualitatively superior.

Guaranteed for life : The quality of the manufacturing materials is such that the WeatherTech company, on AVM car mats, offers the unlimited lifetime warranty. They are also effective in adhering to the car floor.

Suitable all year round : They are good both in summer and in winter, they are channeled and built to collect water and debris without ending up on the floor, and can be washed very easily.


Expensive : It is a high-end product and therefore it is characterized by a fairly high price; they are therefore recommended for the most demanding.

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Car floor mats

  1. CORA 000119602 Trunk tray

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The CORA 000119602 is a tray mat for cars, intended however for the protection of the floor of the luggage rack, in order to prevent water, debris or other fluids from falling directly on the lining of the same and, in the long run, ruining it.

It is rectangular in shape and measures 90 x 70 centimeters, it is made of waterproof and non-slip material, so as to prevent the objects transported from moving in curves, and is equipped with a raised edge to ensure maximum cleaning. It is ideal for protecting the car’s luggage rack when carrying shopping bags, glass bottles and other fragile or liquid-containing objects, and for transporting animals in complete tranquility, without the fear that they will irreparably dirty the luggage compartment lining.

The only flaw is the quality of the manufacturing materials, just mediocre, but moreover it is understandable considering the price of the accessory.


For the trunk : This is a specific mat for the luggage rack, to protect it especially when transporting animals or other objects that could drip fluids, just to give an example.

Economic : The price is very accessible, after all it is a product belonging to the most economic range and, for this reason, very popular with a wide range of consumers.

Raised edge : The fact of owning the raised edge and being waterproof makes it very useful and practical; it is also easy to wash and free of bad smells.


Quality : That of the product, of course, is mediocre. But given the ridiculously low price, many buyers still consider it a great deal.

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3D car mats

  1. Car Lux AR05006 Made to Measure Rubber Mats

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The 3D car mats produced by the Spanish company Car Lux, on the other hand, are designed exclusively for owners of Jeep Renegade, in fact they are made to measure and match perfectly with the original holes on the floor.

The 3D denomination, of course, is due to the typical characteristic of these mats, that is, a raised edge with a thickness ranging from 3 to 4 centimeters; in fact, these are tub mats, designed to offer the best performance on a specific type of off-road vehicle.

They are rigid and resistant, totally waterproof and extremely easy to wash; they are also reinforced in the pedal area and the rubber of which they are made has a little persistent smell, which goes away in just over a day of exposure to the air.

The AR05006 mats are of excellent quality and specific for the off-road Renegade, they have a decidedly high price, but always lower than that of the original Jeep mats.


For Jeep Renegade : These are mats made to measure for this model and match perfectly with the attachment holes on the floor.

Excellent value for money : They may seem expensive but compared to the original Jeep mats they are much more accessible, in fact they cost half the price; their quality is also excellent.

Easy to wash : The rubber consistency is semi-rigid and the mats are solid and resistant, this allows you to wash them using the lance, without any fear of damaging them.


Odor : Fortunately it is not as intense and persistent as that of low-cost mats, but you must still keep them exposed to the air for at least a day to completely eliminate the smell of rubber.

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Carpet car mats

  1. The Auto Sprint Carpet 03405 Car Carpet Mats

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The Sprint 03405, produced by the Italian company Il Tappeto Auto by Fabbri 3, will delight all those who own an Opel Astra J sedan, station wagon or GTC of the series produced from 2009 to 2015, or the owners of the Chevrolet Cruze produced starting from since 2009, both in sedan and station wagon versions.

They are very elegant carpet car mats, black in color with perimeter edging and light gray contour line. They are equipped with non-slip straps along the entire perimeter, rubber heel guard on the driver’s side in order to protect the areas most exposed to wear, and fixings that match only the original fix points found on the floor of the car models listed above. .

The manufacturing materials are of good quality and the Sprint mats are well made and finished with care, even if the originals are still superior.


Well made : The manufacturing materials are of good quality and the Sprint mats are well made and finished with visible care.

For Opel Astra J and Chevrolet Cruze : These are mats designed especially for the Opel Astra J produced from 2009 to 2015, in the GTC, sedan and station wagon versions, and for the Chevrolet Cruze produced from 2009 to today, both sedans and station wagons .

Easy to assemble : The eyelets fit perfectly with the original fixing points on the floor of the cars listed above, so the mats are easy to assemble.


Quality : The qualitative difference between the original mats and these products from Il Tappeto Auto, is noted in any case, which is why some buyers consider them a little too expensive.

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MTM car mats

  1. MTM SP-584 Tailored Velvet Mats, C3 Picasso 2009

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The MTM SP-584 car floor mats are also specific accessories, tailor-made for all Citroën C3 Picasso manufactured since 2009, and are sold in a set that includes the two front and two rear mats.

As regards materials, quality and manufacture, we are on the same level as the carpet mats examined previously. In fact, MTM is also an Italian company with solid experience behind it in the automotive accessories production sector.

The SP-584 are made of polypropylene and black carpet, with non-slip edging and strap along the entire perimeter, are complete with electro-welded rubber door sill and are ISO 9001 and ISO-TS 16949 certified.

Even in this case, however, buyers report that, although they are solid and resistant, the MTM mats are qualitatively inferior to the originals, but are far more convenient as regards the price instead.


Cost : The price is excellent, especially if compared to that of the original Citroën rugs; it is true that the latter have a higher quality, but their cost is also decidedly higher.

Specific : They are specially designed for the Picasso C3s produced since 2009, which makes them extremely easy to install because they perfectly match the shape of the platform and the anchor points.

Sturdy and resistant : Despite being a non-original accessory, they are of good quality, robust and promise to last even long enough.


Not like the originals : The difference is perceived above all visually, and the color is less vivid than the originals.

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Stop car mats

Sakura SS3627

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The Sakura SS3627 is a set of buttons for car floor mats that includes: eight bottom screws, eight lower parts, eight upper parts, the punch for punching the buttons and the instruction manual.

This is the ideal set to adapt the mats to the specific fixing points of your car, regardless of the type and size, so as to make those that are not made to measure.

The instructions are detailed and easy to understand; the buttons, on the other hand, are adaptable to all car models, regardless of the manufacturer.

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Guide to buy a car mat

Be careful not to save too much

Before choosing a new set of floor mats for your car, stop and ask yourself: which car floor mat to buy? Original, not original but specific or universal and cheap? These questions may seem superfluous to you, each of the listed types, however, has its strengths and weaknesses. To understand how to choose a good car mat without taking the risk of repenting after the purchase, therefore, it is advisable to first clarify the ideas about it.

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The market is saturated with non-original, cheap and more or less universally compatible products depending on the size of the car. Needless to say, these represent the largest segment, thanks to their affordable price, and most consumers prefer to buy this type of carpet, however many limitations they may have, and change them perhaps more often, instead of spending more on a product. which then will also require more care.

Low-cost mats

The cheap carpet sets have a price that can range from about 10 to 40 euros, depending on the type. Most are made of polypropylene and rubber, but there are also of course in fabric and carpet. The quality is far from that possessed by the high-end mats of course, however, as we also mentioned in the previous paragraph, they are in great demand precisely because of the reduced price. Their duration is shorter, however, moreover these mats have the common characteristic of having an extremely unpleasant smell of rubber and oil.

Before judging it as a trifle that can be easily solved by getting the mats to get air before mounting them in the car, however, know that with some sets you may be lucky and get away with just one day of waiting, but in most cases the smell is like this persistent to require many days of continuous exposure to the air, otherwise you risk finding yourself in the car with an atmosphere that is nothing short of breathable.

Another typical limitation of low-cost mats is their inability to stand still on the platform, therefore it will be necessary to take into account the possible purchase of fastening buttons or velcro strips, in order to solve the problem. Compatibility is another unknown factor with which you may have problems; to remedy this inconvenience, the manufacturers manufacture mats arranged in such a way that they can be cut and adapted to the floor, but you must still be very careful because it is very easy to make mistakes and find yourself with irreparable damage to the mat just purchased.

The original mats

The best products, of course, remain the original ones, or those of the companies that are authorized to produce original spare parts from the car manufacturers, even if they do not bear their official brand.

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In this case the expense naturally rises, and for a set of original mats you could spend from 50 to 150 euros depending on the car model and the material of manufacture of the mats themselves. In fact, some original sets, especially those designed especially for sedans and large sports cars and for off-road vehicles, can even be made of leather.

Frequent questions

How to remove chewing gum from car mats?

Trampling the remains of chewing gum thrown on the street is a really annoying thing, but the worst that can happen is that you don’t notice you have done it and, consequently, end up transferring the chewing gum from the sole of the shoes to the car mat . Since most car mats are made of rubber, removing chewing gum is more complicated than you can imagine, and things certainly don’t improve with carpet mats.

Even the best car mat will ruin itself irreparably if you do not pay attention to the method used to remove chewing gum, so it is good to keep the following in mind: never use sharp tools, chemical solvents or other methods that would end up only extending damage and further ruin the mats.

The main defect of chewing gum lies in their adhesiveness, which is directly proportional to the temperature and consistency of the rubber; this more heats up, in fact, the more it becomes soft and tends to stick even more firmly. The best solution, therefore, is to apply ice cubes to the chewing gum, or spray ice, in order to make it harden and make it lose most of its adhesive power; with the help of a brush and a lot of patience, therefore, it will be possible to remove it much more easily and without causing damage.

Alternatively, it is possible to use a dedicated product, such as the D101 of the Meguiar’s company, a universal cleaner specific for car interiors, not only for cleaning carpets, therefore, but also for leather, upholstery and any other type of internal lining.

How to lock car mats?

A defect that is usually encountered when purchasing car mats, especially the cheaper ones or of a universal type, is given by the poor effectiveness of the lower non-slip surface in keeping them firmly in place.

Modern cars are now built in such a way as to have the platforms prepared for the attachment of the mats, as long as they are original or in any case produced specifically for the type of car you have. In the event that you have purchased cheap universal mats, however, you can solve the problem of fixing by using equally cheap solutions.

The first is to buy the appropriate button clips, which are usually easily available online for a few euros. This system is especially recommended for those who own a car that has the fixing points already set on the floor, in this case just look for the buttons compatible with the car manufacturer that produced your car and then proceed to mount them on the mats, following the attached instructions.

The second solution, much simpler and more universal, is to get Velcro strips and glue them to the floor and the lower part of the mats, being obviously careful to make them match as much as possible. This way you don’t have to worry about compatibility and the mats will stay in place, but they can be easily removed when it comes time to wash them.

How to use car mats

How to wash car mats

There are various ways to wash car mats efficiently, in order to completely remove dirt, soil and all the dirt that usually accumulates on their surface. First of all, let’s start by making a clear difference between cleaning the mats and washing, since these are two distinct and separate operations. The first, in fact, is aimed exclusively at removing the bulk of the dirt, and can be safely performed without removing the mats, using a vacuum cleaner or a special brush.

To wash them, on the other hand, you must necessarily remove them from the floor, so that you can use water and detergents without running the risk of ruining the vehicle upholstery, or leaving dangerous soap residues on the brake and accelerator pedals.

If the mats are made of rubber, washing will be relatively simple to carry out: take them out of the car and after placing them on the floor, give them a generous rinse with the garden pump; the stronger the jet of water, the less you will have to struggle afterwards, since most of the dirt will be swept away by the pressure of the water.

At this point you can use a brush with hard bristles and a detergent, making sure that it is not too aggressive, so as not to ruin the rubber. Once properly washed and rinsed, they must obviously be dried thoroughly before putting them back in the car.

Models in carpet or fabric

If the mats are in fabric or carpet, however, you can use the special products or use a steamer, but the best method remains the same used for rubber mats, with the variant of adding bicarbonate. Once the mats are removed from the car, and after having beaten them to remove the bulk of the dirt, proceed to rinse them abundantly but this time, before passing the detergent, sprinkle them with baking soda powder and then rub it well with a brush with hard bristles . Then repeat the treatment with a brush and detergent mixed with water.

The bicarbonate particles will react to their usual therefore, sparkling and facilitating the detachment of the most stubborn dirt from the fabric and carpet fibers. The further advantage that is obtained from the use of bicarbonate, moreover, is given by its ability to completely eliminate bad odors, which will be useful especially for owners of animals.

A further washing method, used by few, is the washing machine. In this case, the mats must be inserted in the basket no more than two at a time, provided that there is enough space. Be very careful, however, because despite its feasibility, we strongly advise you against using this method as you could irreparably damage the washing machine.

Better to use traditional methods, therefore, and specific products for the purpose; or, in case you are not particularly fond of this task, you can easily solve it by bringing the car to your trusted car wash, which will provide both the exterior and the interior, making your carpet set return as new.

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