The 8 Best Car Covers – Buying Guide And Reviews In 2020

When we park our car, we leave it at the mercy of atmospheric agents such as snow and rain but also against dust, sunlight, vandalism, and dirt. A good solution to keep the bodywork safe is to buy a good car cover. On the market there are many models of the best car covers to choose from, that’s why we created this page where you can find reviews of all the most popular products of the year, along with practical buying advice. If you do not have time to read it all, we can immediately recommend the Lampa 20551 AG-2, particularly resistant and anti-hail. To save money, you can opt for the Pkr – PVC car cover with an excellent quality-price ratio.


The eight best car covers -ranking In 2020

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Rank #1: Lampa 20551 AG-2 Anti-hail car cover, 150 x 180 x 460 cm

 The anti-hail car cover of Lampa has a very convenient quality-price ratio, ideal if you are looking for a model that can protect your car from the weather. The 5mm expanded EVA layer is extremely resistant, to the point of repelling 12 mm-sized hailstones as well as pine cones or other objects that can fall from trees.

This is combined with effective protection against dirt, dust, and rain, also guaranteed on the sides thanks to the waterproof strips. The sheet is easy to assemble, as it is not too heavy. With a little practice, you will be able to apply it yourself, without necessarily having to be helped by someone.

The only drawback lies in the bulky dimensions that make it difficult to insert into the case. If you don’t know where to buy this new cloth at low prices, click on the link below; otherwise, you can continue reading the guide to find other models sold online.



At a quality-price level, this is the best anti-hail car cover. The 5 mm layer in expanded EVA allows protecting the car from grains up to 12 mm in size and from other objects such as pine cones fallen from trees.

Side protection: 

The waterproof strips keep the car safe from the weather, even on the sides, to offer homogeneous protection.

Easy to assemble:

 It is quite light, so with a little practice, you can put it correctly on the car even on your own.



 The product’s dimensions make it quite difficult to insert it in the case included in the price.


Rank #2: Pkr – Fleece PVC car cover snow hail rain

 Among the best car covers of 2020, we found this product by Pkr, which is proposed as an economical solution, ideal if you are looking for savings. It is a fleece car cover extremely resistant to atmospheric agents such as dust and rain thanks to the waterproof material with which it was designed.

Although it is cheaper than other models, it can also guarantee effective protection against the resin and bird droppings, so you will no longer find ‘surprises’ on the machine. It is not suitable against hail, as it is extremely thin, so we cannot recommend it if you live in areas where this atmospheric phenomenon often occurs.

The cloth is easy to clean, just use a cloth with a good product to immediately put it back. Assembly takes place easily thanks to the practical side zip that allows you to close and open it.


Value for money: 

The resistance of materials to atmospheric agents is combined with a very affordable price.

Easy to clean: 

The sheet protects the vehicle effectively from bird droppings and resin. It can be cleaned with a sponge to make it look like new.

Side zip:

 Allows you to open and close the cloth at will, also greatly facilitating assembly, which you can do without too much effort.



Like other models in the same price range, this is too thin to protect the car from hail.


Rank #3:Sailnovo Car Cover, Auto Protective Cover

 Are you tired of being in a real oven when you get in the car after leaving it in the sun? This car cover is proposed as a solution to this problem, with a black material able to keep away heat and sunlight, which has made it one of the best-selling and appreciated by users.

One of the peculiarities that distinguish the Sailnovo sheet is the lateral fluorescent strips that make it visible even at night. In this way, you can easily find it and report the vehicle’s presence to the next. The product is very easy to clean as well as to assemble. We conclude the review with our table that compares the strengths and weaknesses of the product.



The black fabric is particularly suitable for protecting the vehicle from sunlight, keeping the heat away from the inside and outside of the car.


 It can be easily cleaned using a sponge or cloth. Assembly takes place in a few steps thanks to the lightness of the sheet.


The fluorescent strips on the sides make it identifiable even in the dark, ideal for finding your car immediately and signaling its presence to the next.



 The sheet is not suitable to protect the machine from hail, but on the other hand, it has been designed mainly for summer use.


Rank #4: ICover Deluxe car cover

 Not all sheets have been designed for external use. Even if you leave your car in the garage or a guarded parking lot, it may be a good to cover it with an indoor car cover to protect it from dust or dirt. The ICover model proves to be very practical thanks to the extendable material, ideal for covering your entire vehicle with ease.

The availability of different sizes of the same item allows you to choose the one that best suits the car’s dimensions. The double-layer makes it very resistant and, at the same time, long-lasting. Unlike other sheets, this can be washed in the washing machine at 30 °, to always keep it clean and presentable without having to perform hand cleaning.



The sheet’s elastic material allows you to spread it well over the entire vehicle’s entire length without problems. You can also choose between different sizes of the same model.

Double layer: 

Although it is a product for internal use, the material used is very resistant to tears and cuts.


 It can be washed comfortably in the washing machine at 30 ° so that it is immediately ready for use.


Not waterproof:

It is an indoor fabric, therefore unusable on the outside as it is not waterproof and not very resistant to hail.


Rank #5: Goodyear 77470 Anti-hail sheet size S

 We are talking about a brand that needs no introduction when it comes to automotive equipment. This Goodyear anti-hail car cover is not the cheapest on the square. Still, the price is justified by a truly excellent quality of materials and practical, resistant hooks that greatly facilitate its assembly.

The thickness of the sheet is ideal for protecting your car from external atmospheric agents such as snow, rain, and even hail or other objects potentially harmful to the bodywork such as pine cones. It can be mounted easily and quickly thanks to the side hooks, which, moreover, secure it to the body, making it stable. Once put on, you can adjust with the straps to find the right position.



The sheet materials are extremely resistant and allow to protect the machine from atmospheric agents such as rain, snow, and hail.


 It can be easily put on the machine thanks to the side hooks that effectively secure it to the bodywork.


The straps allow you to adjust the sheet’s position without effort, so it will be possible to adapt it perfectly to the shape of your vehicle.



 The price of the product is quite high, so if you don’t need to protect the car from hail, you can opt for a model sold at a lower price.

No side cover: 

Unlike other sheets, this one does not have protection on the vehicle’s sides.


Rank #6: ATMI S3 breathable autoplane compatible with FIAT 500 II

 If you own a Fiat 500 and are looking for a good sheet to cover it without spending too much, you can focus on this practical and economic model. Although it is very thin and therefore not suitable for bad weather like rain and hail, the sheet effectively protects the vehicle from sunlight, snow, and dust as well as from resin and bird droppings.

It adapts perfectly to the size of the subcompact but also with cars of similar size and shape. The affordable price is a good incentive to buy. There are many positive opinions from users who praised its convenience. Another plus point is the immediate assembly that allows you to quickly and effectively place the Fiat 500 car cover on the car.



The low price of the sheet allows you to buy it without spending too much and effectively protect your utility vehicle from snow, sun rays, dust, and dirt.


This is a 335 cm sheet designed to cover the Fiat 500 but can easily be adapted to other cars of the same size.


Given the small size of the product, it will be very easy to put it on and off the vehicle.



 It is not suitable for protecting the vehicle from heavy rain and hail, as it is extremely thin.


Rank #7: RunSnail Winter Waterproof Car Cover

 We cannot consider this model one of the best of the year, as it is only a partial car cover. On the market, you can find complete sheets at the same price. Thus, we can recommend the product only to those who want to protect the windshield from sunlight.

Its advantage lies in its design, which gives it high compatibility with large cars such as SUVs and sedans for which cheap canvases are difficult. We cannot complain about the materials. The fabric has been made with an excellent quality fabric that will last a long time. The anti-theft rope allows you to secure the sheet by passing it through the trunk, making it impossible for malicious people to remove it.



A partial sheet very useful for keeping the windshield of SUVs and sedans cool, ideal when parking the car in the sun in summer.


The cloth was created with a good quality fabric that will last a long time. 


 Thanks to the anti-theft rope, it will be possible to arrange the sheet by passing it through the luggage rack to prevent it from being stolen or accidentally removed due to gusts of wind.



 The cost is not justified for a partial fabric, given that entire models can be found on the market for the same amount.


Rank #8: F.lli Iannaccone Car Cover Waterproof Car Fleece Cover

 Although not one of the most popular sheets by users, the F.lli Iannaccone model presents itself with respectable features and a very affordable price, qualities that make it an interesting offer. It is a model capable of completely covering medium-sized vehicles, useful for keeping dust and dirt away from the bodywork. Likewise, it can protect from sunlight, snow, and even hail or rain.

The double stitching is extremely resistant, but at the same time makes the sheet particularly heavy and therefore difficult to apply or remove from the vehicle. We point out the presence of a zip on the driver’s side, very useful when you want to get into the car to take an object that you have forgotten without having to remove all this universal car cover.



The sheet completely covers the machine and has been made with a very resistant double stitching, which allows protecting the vehicle from dirt, sunlight, dust, and bad weather.


The affordable price is a good incentive to buy, especially if you don’t know which sheet to buy and you are looking for one that can cover the whole car.


It has a practical entrance located on the driver’s door that allows you to get into the car to take an object without having to remove the sheet.


Not very practical:

 The heavyweight of the sheet prevents it from being easily assembled.


Guide to buy a car cover

Finding your car covered with resin or with excrements from the cute pigeons that infest cities is not exactly pleasant, especially in the early morning when you have to go to work. The same goes for hail that does not spare the bodywork, often reducing it to real gruyere of cocoons, perhaps breaking the windows. Snow is not a joke because when it freezes, it can compromise the functioning of some components of the car.

How can you prevent all this? Simple, with a good car cover! If you have read our guide and made a comparison between the offers, you will probably already have clear ideas on choosing a good car cover. If not, continue reading to find out the main features to look for to buy the model that best suits your needs.


Not all car covers are the same as they are made using different fabrics. It is precisely the fabric, or rather its thickness, that determines the effective resistance of the fabric to bad weather, sunlight, and dirt. The models with very thick fabric are usually the most resistant. On these, you can bet if you live in areas where it snows and hails very frequently.

A sheet with double fabric can protect the vehicle bodywork from hail effectively, but at the same time, it will cost much more than the other models. If you keep your car in the garage or a guarded parking lot, you don’t want to spend too much and buy a cheap cloth sufficient to protect the bodywork from dust.

In the same way, less thick fabrics can still be useful to protect the machine from birds ‘needy’ and from resin. For the summer, however, a good car sheet can keep away the sun’s rays and prevent the machine from turning into an oven.


Before purchasing a car cover, you must consider the dimensions of your vehicle, as the two measures should more or less match. We also advise you to check the compatibility of the sheet with the different car models to be on the safe side.

It is not convenient for you to buy a large-sized sedan cover just to cover a Fiat 500, as you will not be able to make it adhere precisely to the bodywork, negating its protective effect. In the same way, you have to take into account your needs. If you need a sheet to protect only the windscreen from the sun, then you can opt for a shorter model, simple to put on and take off at will.


In general, mounting a car cover on your car is quite simple; just follow the instructions and have a little practical sense. However, you must keep in mind that the more resistant and, therefore, heavier models can give some problems, as they are very bulky, and at the beginning, they may require the help of a person to be properly placed.

However, we advise you to do some tests when you have time to practice as much as possible. Ensure that the desired model has all the ropes and hooks needed to secure it well to the car, to make life easier. The less thick and, therefore, lighter sheets give fewer problems and can also be easily stored in a bag (usually supplied).

Some companies produce sheets with a practical zip on the driver’s side, very useful for quick access to the car when you forget some objects inside.


Frequent questions

Where to buy the car cover?

You can buy a car cover in any car accessories shop in your city or the one closest to where you live. A good solution is to buy online, as you will have a wide range of models produced by different brands to choose from. By shopping online, you can also save a lot by taking advantage of various offers and discounts every month.

How to wash a car cover?

Most car covers are easily washed using a sponge or cloth combined with a little washing-up liquid. You can safely clean the sheet without removing it from the car, especially if you need to remove stains or dirt. For dust, you can lay the sheet on the clean floor and vacuum it. Some models can be put in the washing machine at 30 ° if you do not see any indication of the manufacturer in the instruction manual then better to avoid.

Does the car cover protect against hail?

Not everyone, if you want this type of protection, opt for a double-stitched fabric made with a very resistant fabric. Keep in mind that these have a fairly high price, and at the same time, they are quite difficult to assemble. It is useless to buy expensive anti-hail cloth if you live in an area where this phenomenon occurs sporadically or if you usually keep the car indoors.

How much does a car cover cost?

It depends on the model. The anti-hail car covers are the most expensive since the fabric used to make them is of a much higher quality than that of normal towels. These can cost up to € 100-150, depending on the manufacturer. The thinner sheets used to protect from sunlight and dirt are much cheaper and are on the market with a cost of up to € 40.

Can I put a very long car cover on an economy car?

In theory, it is possible, but it is not convenient as the sheet would not adhere to the car body, making it difficult to assemble. To be effective, the measurements of the fabric must match those of your vehicle, so it does not make much sense to buy a long fabric. Better to look for a model compatible with your car, with a little patience, you will be able to find the right one for you. You can also take a look at the reviews of the best models of the year, always on this page.

How to put the car cover

Although it may seem like a no-brainer, fixing the car sheet can prove to be quite a difficult task, especially in the first attempts. For this reason, many users prefer to set up a gazebo in their parking space, in order to protect it without having to put on and remove the sheet every time they park it. In reality, however, a good sheet allows you to safeguard the car more effectively, as some models are equipped with side protection. To assemble a sheet, you must first of all, extract it from the case and spread it out in all its length. Then place it on the hood of the car and spread it on the rest of the bodywork. Now you have to fix it, a bit like doing it with a sheet, covering all sides of the machine if the sheet is long enough.

Once this is done, you just have to hook the hooks of the sheet to the machine, finding the right grips at the height of the wheels. To remove the sheet, you only have to unhook them, being careful not to pull it away in one move, especially if snow has collected on it that could end up on the machine.

The difficulties in assembling a sheet can occur if this was made with a very heavy double fabric and, therefore, difficult to spread on the car. In this case, we can advise you to have a person help you, at least for the first few times, so you will have the opportunity to get used to it and acquire a good manual ability that will allow you to put the sheet and remove it easily. Of course, the size of the fabric and your car can also affect the assembly. Clearly, it is much easier to place a tarp on a Fiat 500 than on a very tall SUV.


Some precautions

The easiest sheets to assemble are the anti-sun ones, which usually cover only the upper part of the bodywork and the windshield. These can be taken wherever you go. In fact, they are particularly suitable for the summer period. There are also very long outdoor sheets with special anti-theft ropes that must be passed through the trunk to prevent someone from trying to steal it.

Keep in mind that if you wash the towel in the washing machine, this can shrink and, therefore, not completely cover the car as when you bought it. Unless indicated, it is advisable to wash the towel by hand, using a sponge or cloth and a good product for cleaning the fabrics.

In general, therefore, the assembly may vary by type, so if the manufacturer provides instructions, we strongly recommend that you read them in order to correctly arrange the sheet on your ca

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