THE 8 Best Car Cameras For Uber Driver- Buying Guide And Reviews In 2020

To better see the back of the car when parking, or to keep an eye on what is happening around the vehicle when travelling or parked, the best car cameras for the uber driver have become a useful accessory for all motorists. Sold at a very attractive price is the Chortau 1080p Car Camera capable of recording images in Full HD and with a viewing angle of 170 °. The HQBKING model has the particularity of having a screen that rotates 360 ° and connects to an app (to be downloaded to the smartphone) via Wi-Fi. Therefore installation is very simple and does not require wiring.

The 8 Best Car Cameras For Uber Drivers – Reviews In 2020

Rank #1: Chortau 1080P Full HD Car Camera

It is known that your car is never safe, even when you keep it parked. To report any damage, you can buy a car camera against vandalism such as this Chortau.

The images taken will be transmitted to the screen with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels at 30 frames per second, and it will also be possible to take photographs at 12 megapixels. In this way, it will be possible to collect all the evidence to be able to complain to the authorities in the event of vandalism.

The wide 170 ° shooting angle allows you to see everything clearly, without missing any detail. It is easily installed with a suction cup to be fixed to the windshield. It can also record in a loop by overwriting previous recordings. In the event of a collision, the camera will pause the video, so you can save it without losing it.



The resolution of 1080p at 30 frames per second of the video allows you to see all the details. Also, the 170 ° field of view leaves no dead corners.


 In addition to videos, it will also be possible to capture static 12-megapixel images, ideal for gathering evidence against any vandals.


 The camera automatically overwrites the videos so that you can loop record. In the event of an accident, it stops automatically to allow the user to save the evidence.



The instructions are not very clear on the assembly procedure, which can give some difficulty to those who are not very familiar with electronics.


Rank #2: HQBKING 1080P WiFi Car Camera with Night Vision

This dashcam has the particularity that it can be rotated 360 ° so, compared to other models, you can decide the best position for recording, which is not necessarily the central one on the rear window.

It has a Wi-Fi connection, useful for connecting a smartphone on which images can be recorded and then sharing them on various social networks. The viewing angle is 170 ° which allows the dashcam to shoot the full width of the roadway, especially if travelling on the highway. The resolution of the images is in Full HD, and when the sensor detects a “shock”, or a collision, it saves the video preventing it from being overwritten.

The small size does not affect the normal vision of the road by the driver. When the SD card is full, the recorded video will overwrite the oldest one always to have a video available in the event of a collision.



 Through connection and related app to download to your smartphone, you can share recorded videos with friends or on the main social networks.

360 °: 

One of its best features is the possibility to rotate the part where the sensor is integrated by 360 ° for shooting from different angles, not possible with most dash cameras.

Magnetic coupling:

 the body of the dashcam is hooked to its windshield support using a powerful magnet. This allows you to remove it without having to release the support every time.


This dashcam does not have much vertical inclination, therefore on some particular types of windscreens very inclined towards the inside it may not “point” the road in an optimal way.


Rank #3: CHORTAU 4.8 Inch Full HD Touchscreen Car Camera

The new 2020 model of the Chortau kit offers both a front dash cam and a parking rearview camera. Given the price, it is one of the best-selling models online, thanks also to good quality technical qualities. First of all, the installation of the dashcam is really simple: it must be positioned above the rearview mirror present while offering a new 2.5d high visual and anti-glare glass including a 4.8-inch display where you can perform the various settings, and the dashcam with 1080p resolution.

The rearview camera is activated every time reverse gear is engaged, and guidelines are also shown on display to assist in the manoeuvre being carried out.

This rearview camera displays images at 720p, and some users point out that to see what is being done in reverse, there must be good external light. The package also includes the cables to connect the rearview camera to the car’s ECU.


Single Kit: 

One kit to have both dashcam and reversing car camera. The cost, given this equipment, is not particularly high.


 Front dashcam and display must be installed on the rearview mirror. The glass of the latter is replaced by a new anti-glare and high vision one.


 The rearview camera corresponds to the IP67 approval, which certifies its total waterproofness and its operation even in adverse weather conditions.



The rearview camera has some problems viewing images with a certain quality when the external light is low or absent, so much so that some users consider it unusable in these conditions.


Rank #4: AZDOME Dash Cam For Car GPS WiFi, 4K 2160P

The Azdome Wi-Fi car camera comes with a truly stunning resolution, although this makes the price of the product go up a lot. The 4K video quality at 2,880 x 2,160 pixels is not easily found in this type of device and allows you to see any detail, even the most distant ones.

To this is added a field of view of 170 ° that also covers the dead corners, ideal for recording evidence of accidents, vandalism or parking more easily. The camera can be easily installed and, via the Wi-Fi connection, it will be possible to connect it to a smartphone to record videos with Geo Tagging and control the position of the vehicle remotely.

There is also the possibility of recording in a loop on a microSD card (not included in the price), an operation that stops automatically if there is a collision.



 A dashcam with 2160p resolution at 25 frames per second and a 170 ° field of view are not found every day.


 By pairing the camera with a smartphone via Wi-Fi, it will be possible to use the tracking system always to find your vehicle.


 Continuous recording allows you to capture video without having to free up space on the camera, also in the event of an accident the shooting will stop to be saved.



 Not exactly accurate, especially with regards to the Wi-Fi function which often switches off automatically. The manufacturer promised to fix the problem with an update.


Rank #5: To guard Full HD WiFi GPS Car Camera

For those looking for a dashcam that also allows a good view of the images when there is not much light, you can consider this car camera To guard, which offers an infrared sensor that precisely allows you to shoot video even at night, when the lighting, even artificial, is not the best. Another feature in its favour concerns the possibility of being able to install it also on the rear of the car and use it as a rear chamber to make manoeuvres in reverse in complete safety and tranquillity.

In this case, the images are viewed on a smartphone where the relevant app must be installed.

The video footage is sent from the camera to the latter device via Wi-Fi. However, there is also a small 2.4-inch display, which also acts as a control panel to set all the settings made available by the dashcam. All recorded videos are saved on a microSD memory (not supplied), and the duration of the video can be chosen between 3 and 10 minutes with 5-minute intervals.


Night shooting:

 One of its best qualities concerns video shooting when there is not much light, which is of good quality, thanks to the presence of an infrared sensor.


 If you want, you can also install this dashcam on the back of the car to have a vision, via smartphone, of what is behind the vehicle when reversing.


There are no suction cups, but only very powerful adhesives to be able to install it in a short time where it is best believed.


Internal battery:

 This model has a very small internal battery, suitable only for storing settings. So by force of things, it is necessary to power it through the cable that connects to the cigarette lighter socket of the car.


Rank #6: Aukey 1080p Car Camera, Wide Angle Lens

Small size for one of the best selling front car camera models online. It must be installed behind the rear-view mirror, thus disappearing from the driver’s sight and therefore not becoming annoying, reducing the view as can happen with a cheaper model. It has a small 1.5-inch display, mostly useful for setting up the dashcam. His prized piece is the Sony IMX323 sensor capable of capturing 1080p video at 30fps.

The videos are saved on a Cat 10 microSD card therefore with capacities up to 128 GB. Easy to install thanks to the presence of 3M adhesives, while the power supply is via the classic cable with cigarette lighter socket.

In the package, there is also a USB cable long enough to make it disappear in the dashboard so as not to have flying wires between the dashcam and the cigarette lighter socket. It activates as soon as the car is started and turns off automatically when the ignition key is removed from the vehicle.


Sony sensor: 

The image quality is among the best offered by the various dash cameras, thanks to the integration of a Sony IMX323 CMOS sensor.

Wide view: 

The high quality of the images is well supported by the wide-angle lens present, which offers a recording field of 170 °.


The cigarette lighter socket to be connected to the long USB cable offers an additional USB port which becomes useful for recharging your smartphone when in the car.



To be a high-end dash cam, weirdly lack Wi-Fi. So to see what has been taken, it is necessary to remove the microSD memory and connect it to a PC using an appropriate reader.


Rank #7: CHORTAU Sony WiFi Car Camera Full HD Sensor

An ideal car park camera to monitor what is happening around your car, van or truck when you do not have the opportunity to see it with the naked eye. A specific sensor detects any impact that may occur even with the car turned off and records the images (in Full HD at 1080p) of what happened. If you want, through Wi-Fi connection and smartphone that is within the coverage range of the dashcam, you can see, always and at any time, what happens around your vehicle.

It works even when the temperature inside the passenger compartment is very high (maximum 70 °) and also when it is freezing (maximum -20 °).

It is powered by the classic USB cable that connects to the cigarette lighter port in the passenger compartment. Also liked for the not too bulky dimensions that do not preclude the driver’s view. As with many other dash cameras, in the event of an accident, the video is saved where it cannot be overwritten.

This dashcam model works in practically any temperature, both very high and extremely low.


When parking the car, a sensor picks up any vibrations that may occur around the car and activates the recording. Images can also be reviewed via smartphone via Wi-Fi.


No special manual skills are required to install this dashcam: just choose the area of the windshield where to place it, attach the double-sided tape, and you’re done.



 Anyone who thinks they can review what is recorded on the small display must make a reason for it and use the smartphone screen, certainly more suited to this operation.


Rank #8: SuperEye Dashcam Mini 1080p with Night Vision

Many motorists think that the best car cameras for uber drivers are the smaller one because it is not very intrusive in terms of vision and also easily “hidden”. For this reason, mini car cameras were born, which as you can imagine, have their workhorse in very compact dimensions.

The SuperEye RJ0060-UK model that offers many of the technical features offered by the “more corpulent” dashcams (G-Sensor, Full HD resolution, 170 ° wide-angle, loop recording and so on) does not escape from this, but in a chassis very small and space-saving.

Paradoxically, the suction cup support of the entire dash cam is more cumbersome. It has an integrated, but very small battery which is only useful for saving files in the event of an accident. So you need to power it with the usual USB cable to be connected to the cigarette lighter socket. The links below the pros and cons of this page indicate where to buy the mini car camera produced by SuperEye.



 It is difficult to find a dash cam smaller than that proposed by SuperEye, which once removed from the car, fits comfortably in your pocket.


Compared to many other dash cameras with the same technical characteristics, this model saves a few euros.

Suction cup attachment: 

This type of attachment to be placed on the windshield, even if a little cumbersome, allows you to remove and put the dashcam very quickly and have it ready for use when needed.


Little light:

 According to user opinions, this dash cam also suffers when it needs to take video, and the external light is not the best.


Guide to buy a car camera

Car cameras in recent times have become a useful accessory for everyone to have a valid ally in the event of an accident where the reason may be controversial. Our guide wants to highlight which car camera to buy that matches your needs. The best car cameras for uber drivers of 2020 are very similar to each other in terms of technical characteristics, but each often offers a plus that the others do not offer. For this reason, it is important to carefully evaluate every facet to know how to choose a good car camera that becomes useful when needed.


Dash cameras and rear cameras

Car cameras can generally be divided into two types: dashcam or front camera, and a rearview camera. The former is the most used and are installed on cars to record what happens during a trip. In the event of an accident, therefore, a video will be available to demonstrate your reason if the driver of the other car involved does not agree on who committed the road traffic offence and who led to the accident.

The rearview cameras are instead very useful when reversing manoeuvres because they go to visualize what is behind the vehicle which may not be visible from the rearview mirror. In both cases, the most important feature to evaluate is the video resolution with which they can record images.

Most of the dash cameras currently on the market record in Full HD, so most of the details, which in case of verification of the dynamics of an accident are fundamental, are optimally visible. There are models of cameras that offer HD resolution (720P). They are not to be disdained, because for their use it is still a sufficient definition to see well what happens on the back of your car.

Night vision

Needless to deny that many dash cameras suffer particularly when they have to record videos in low light, therefore at night, at dusk, or in case of heavy rain or fog. This feature can only be evaluated once the dashcam has been purchased, or better, by checking the various user reviews that have purchased and tried them. The best models that can record videos even in low light are those that offer infrared sensors, but this feature often determines a higher price than those that do not offer them.

Another fact that can be useful is the maximum aperture of the sensor, i.e. how much light it can capture when shooting. Unfortunately, this data is not always available. Still, if it were to be found and read, for example, “opening f. 2/2 ”you can be sure that you are dealing with a model that will be able to record videos even in poor light conditions.


All dash cams are powered by the classic cigarette lighter adapter that is normally offered in the package. Along with this, there is usually a USB-mini USB cable, to be connected to the dashcam and consequently to the adapter.

When you turn on the car, if the connector is inserted, it activates the dashcam, which switches off as soon as you reach your destination and you remove the ignition key from the dashboard. The rear cameras are powered with a cable (USB or other), but in this case, it must be very long because it must reach the car battery, passing it through the car. This operation is not very simple and requires some manual skill or the help of an electrician.



Modern car cameras are equipped with numerous sensors. The most useful is the so-called G-Sensor, which takes care of saving the video it is recording in a “safe” area of the inserted SD card as soon as it detects a collision, and therefore an accident has occurred. Always useful is also that of movement that can detect any movement that occurs inside the car even when it is parked. This is concerned with activating the camera in the event of a collision, blow or even when there is an attempted break-in.


Frequent questions

How does the car camera work?

The car camera is a miniature video camera that records video in a loop. This means that a video has a certain time normally decided by the user: 3, 5 or even 10 minutes. When the time runs out, another recording starts. The videos are saved on an SD memory, and upon completion of the capacity, the dashcam deletes the first recorded video leaving the last visible. In the event of an accident, a sensor activates and in practice goes to save the video of the accident in an area of the memory that cannot be overwritten.

What is a car camera for?

The car camera is useful in the event of an accident to show the insurance company the video that proves its reason, in compliance with the highway code, if there is a dispute with those who had the accident.

How does a Wi-Fi car camera work?

The Wi-Fi car camera can send the recorded images to a smartphone or tablet on which a specific application developed by the dashcam manufacturer must be installed. Many of these apps also allow you to set the various camera parameters remotely.

What does the law say about car cameras?

At present, there is no specific law regulating the use of a car camera. So there are no limitations whatsoever, although the risk of violation of privacy is always lurking since they resume what happens around your car while you move. If you decide to buy a model that rotates 360 degrees and you want to take back any other occupants of your machine, you must necessarily inform them.


How to use a car camera


If you are wondering if there are particular problems on how to mount a car camera, the answer is that generally all of this is very simple. These small devices have either a suction cup attachment to attach it to the windshield or very powerful double-sided adhesives to be able to attach it to other areas of the car too. However, they must allow the camera to point towards the front of the car.

Attention to food

Most dash cameras have a very small internal battery which is only used to keep settings active and to save recorded files on the microSD memory. So, necessarily, they must be powered through an energy source. The easiest way, which is the one offered by each dash cam manufacturer, is to connect it via a cable (usually USB) to the cigarette lighter port of the car.

Things get a little complicated if you don’t want to have this flying cable in the passenger compartment that goes from the dashcam (installed on the windshield) to the cigarette lighter socket (usually located in the lower area of the passenger compartment and sometimes also in the right area concerning the seat of the driver)—a bulky and not very aesthetic solution.

It is, therefore, necessary to pass this cable (fortunately the manufacturers normally offer one bundled long enough) from the car camera to the cigarette lighter port by passing it through the dashboard, mats and all those parts that can hide it from view. This operation requires a little patience and a little ingenuity in finding the holes where to run this cable. In modern cars there are now often USB ports: they can be used to power the dashcam, as long as they are of the right amperage and are capable of delivering at least 12V.

A solution widely used by the most discerning motorists is to connect a power bank to the dashcam that can be installed more easily and closer to the area where the car camera will be positioned. Again, a model of powerbank powerful enough to power the dashcam is to be chosen.

Rearview camera for cars

Of other commitment are the operations to install a rearview camera. Assuming that each model must be supplied with detailed instructions that explain step by step how to mount a rearview camera, good manual skills or contacting an electrician is necessary, even if much depends on the model you choose. Some of the latest models, taking advantage of wireless connections, are a boon for those who do not want to waste a lot of time in the installation.

The images taken by the camera are transmitted to the display located in the front area of the car, or even to a smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This ( expensive ) model are powered by a battery (very often rechargeable), and therefore the video and power cables disappear completely.

Assembly and disassembly

A visible dash cam can become palatable for thieves. For this reason, it is useful that the camera can be installed and removed quickly from the windshield. The simplest solution is the suction cup attachment, but dash cameras that position themselves using double-sided tape are no small.

In the long run, this solution may not be the most advantageous, also because it is known that sooner or later, adhesives lose their qualities. If you are aiming for a model that adopts this type of installation, it is a good idea to at least provide a dashcam small enough that it can be as visible as possible from the outside. A good position is in the area of the windscreen located at the level of the rearview mirror, perfectly in the centre to have the right overall view of the roadway and less visible on the outside, going to blend in precisely with the rearview mirror.

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