The 8 Best Auto Sunshades – Buying Guide And Reviews In 2020

When the sun hits hard while traveling by car, it may be necessary to repair passengers staying in the back with sun shades. This operation becomes a must if you have small children on board, who could be very annoyed by the light. A good model is the sunshades Uarter Sun Shades which, unlike many others, cover the entire rear glass, preventing the rays from filtering. With the Brevi 309 window blinds, you can choose whether to protect the interior of the car or let the light in, since they can be rolled up and installed very quickly using suction cups.


The 8 Best Auto Sunshades – Ranking 2020

Let’s take a look at some of the best-selling products, leaving you also an indication of where to buy to save a lot of money.


Rank #1: Uarter Sun Shades Car Side Window

When buying car sun shades, you do not want the sun’s rays to penetrate inside it. This model has the characteristic of completely covering the window where it is installed, eliminating any crack that allows the sun to annoy those who are sitting.

Assembly is very simple: with the rear door open, this curtain “fits” in the area where there is glass. Be careful to pull it very well to avoid that it can somehow make the door easier to close.

The sunshade is made of high quality, elastic and flexible breathable nylon mesh and allows you to lower the window, blocking dust or insects that make the journey less pleasant. When not in use, these covers can be folded, stored in the small bag provided, and left in the trunk of the car without taking up much space. This is also why many consider it the best brand in circulation.


Window down:

 Compared to many car sun shades, this model, which is among the best sellers online, allows you to lower the window to let in a light breeze when traveling.

Total coverage:

 Once installed, the sunshade covers the entire part intended for you, without leaving any hole that I can let the sun’s rays filter through.


 The cost for a pair of Uarte sun shades is palatable and not much higher than the classic sucker ones.



 Part of the curtain, given the installation method, remains externally, and therefore, in case of rain, it gets wet. Also, if not pulled properly, it can become noisy due to the air crashing into us.


Rank #2: Brevi 309 Curtain for Car Rolling Window

The auto roller blinds proposed by Brevi are the right choice for those who do not want to remove and put them back every time. This model is equipped with a part that rolls up when there is no need to shade inside the car: there is a button that locks it and tends it perfectly and then helps rewind it with a single touch. It can be installed on the window with two suction cups included in the package.

This allows us to make it suitable for all cars, even if the dimensions of 40 cm are not suitable for models with very large windows: because of the extra space, the sun’s rays can pass.

If you want to lower the window, there are also small pieces of Velcro installed on the door to block the curtain beyond the end of the glass using a suction cup.


Simple assembly: 

All you need to do is take the curtain and place it inside the door glass: it will remain stable thanks to the two powerful suction cups it is equipped with.

Window down:

 The curtain can also be used by slightly lowering the window to let some air filter through. In this case, it is necessary to install small pieces of Velcro supplied on the inside of the door.


 This product is well suited to most windows on cars, as it offers a standard size. 



 If you drive an SUV, this roller blind may be too small to properly cover your car’s window, leaving space where the sun’s rays may pass.


Rank #3: Lictin 2 Pieces Car Sun Shades for Children

Lictin’s is a product of the latest conception, which goes to solve the problem of suckers that do not stick, usually combined with low-quality sun shades. This model must be installed by locking it on the rear door as if it were a sock: according to user opinions, the operation is very easy and simple and is performed in a few minutes.

It is fixed just under the glass, in the upper part of the door, using adhesives with a velcro side. In addition to sheltering the passengers sitting on the rear seats from the sun, this curtain also has a second function, i.e., it protects the inside of the car from the possible intrusion of insects when you lower the window.

Once the winter season has arrived, it can be stored in the supplied case, which does not take up much space. The size of this curtain is indicated for SUVs, pick-ups, station wagons, and other vehicles that have fairly large doors: those who own city cars, sedans or small cars should turn to a different type of product.



In comparison with many sun blinds, these allow you to lower the window without problems and circulate air when traveling.

Against insects:

 When you lower the window, you can be sure that insects and dust will remain outside the car, therefore not making the journey less pleasant.


: These car sunshades without suckers are installed and removed from the rear door quickly.



 They are mainly suitable for cars that offer large front doors and large windows, given the size. They are therefore not designed to be mounted on small cars, sedans, and city cars.


Rank #4: Outback Car Windshield Australian Quality Windshield

The brand name derives from a remote area of Australia where the sun is scorching for many months a year: this particular Outback model is designed to protect the passenger compartment of the car and, therefore, falls into the front car category sunshades.

Since it will have to be installed as quickly as possible, the company has studied a system that does not require suction cups. In essence, it self-sustains on the windshield thanks to the presence of two central circles, while the flexible edges make it suitable for the vast majority of the car in circulation. Also very convenient to store, since once folded, it takes up little space.

According to the company, it can filter all ultraviolet rays with a consequent lowering of the car’s internal temperature by 50%. Its qualities are confirmed by the users who bought it, but not everyone is satisfied with the expense to be faced since there are very similar models at low prices. It is, therefore, not the cheapest product for those who intend to save.



 This parasol can be folded and stored wherever you want, relying on a very small footprint and an ad hoc case.


The materials with which it is made allow to block UV rays and, therefore, to have an internal car temperature of 50% cooler.


 The ingenious application system makes it suitable for most windshields in circulation, including SUVs and trucks.



 If you are used to comparing prices, you will find that, among those sold online, it is one of the most expensive. You can, therefore, opt for a similar but less expensive model.


Rank #5: Evolms 2 Pieces Side Sun Shades For Cars 51X35

These car sunshades proposed by Evolms do not escape buyers’ attention thanks to the pleasant theme that distinguishes them: in fact, they like coloured owls on a black background that highlights their hue. Thus, they are particularly suitable when, in the back seat of the car, a very small child or infant sits in the special seat.

The protection from the sun’s rays, which the company claims to be 97%, is possible thanks to the high-quality materials with which this product is made, even if some claim that the light can filter.

The installation is very simple: the curtains are made with electrostatic material. Therefore, it is sufficient to place them on the window to make them remain firm without risking that they come off during the journey and that they can somehow scare the little passenger. The dimensions are 51 × 35 cm, which makes them installable on most of the front windows of the cars currently in circulation.



 They are very popular with coloured owls on a black background, which manages to distract and fascinate, especially children who are passengers.

Sun protection:

 There is talk of 97% of UV rays eliminated, thanks to the correct installation of a product made with high-quality materials.


 Just place the curtains on the window to make them stick without intervening later.


Shielding effect:

 It is not for all users, it is included in the ranking of the most valid products, since it is not completely obscure and, therefore, lets light out.


Rank #6: auto shop Left sun visor with mirror

Owners of a Fiat Panda who need to change the car sun visor can count on this non-original model proposed by autoSHOP. It is a product almost completely identical to that assembled as original equipment and is very simple to install. Users say that it takes less than a minute to have the new flap ready for use in their car.

It is compatible with all Fiat Panda models produced from 2003 onwards and replaces only the driver’s side. It is also equipped with a comfortable mirror that allows you to see your face at eye level. The colour is grey and well-suited to most of the small car’s interior produced by the Turin car manufacturer.

The price is not among the lowest, but it is certainly lower than that of an original sun visor. The same company also lists the passenger side model, to allow you to change both if worn or broken.



 This sunshade for Fiat Panda has a much lower cost than the original one, sold as a spare part by the Turin-based company. The general quality is also very satisfactory.


 Even if someone has encountered difficulties, most users consider this operation simple, without particular hitches, and completed in a few minutes.


 There is also a small, comfortable mirror that allows you to see the driver’s face at eye level.



 Compared to the original version, there is no curtain covering the courtesy mirror, which can get dirty very easily.


Rank #7: FREESOO 3 in 1 Windscreen Car Cover, Waterproof

Compared to the other offers available, this Freesoo car sunshade is versatile and useful in winter to protect the windshield from snow and ice.

The peculiarity of this model is that it is installed externally on the windshield, but it hooks inside the car to prevent someone from stealing it, or a gust of wind makes it fly away. It locks with the help of the doors which, once closed, stop the windshield cover to prevent drafts from entering the car.

The material with which it is made blocks UV rays, which penetrate together with the heat if the machine is left in the sun for many hours. It is proposed in two sizes, S and L, able to meet the needs of any type of car and its windshield. Before purchasing, it is good to check the measures to choose the model suitable for your car: you will find the links to know where to buy this versatile sunshade under this page’s pros and cons.



 A windshield cover can be used 365 days a year since it can stop UV rays and block the formation of ice and limit the accumulation of snow on the windshield.

Easy assembly:

 Its rigid composition allows you to position it on the windshield quickly and lock it by closing the two front doors of the car.


The possibility of using it in summer and winter makes the price of this sunshade very convenient, as it is not in itself very high compared to other models.



 The magnets placed in the upper area tend, over time, to lose their main quality. Therefore, it may happen that, on a windy day, the sheet rises a bit, allowing the ice to rest on the windshield.


Rank #8: Wanpool Sunshade Sun Visor Anti-glare Anti-glare visor

The driver knows very well that the sun visor does its duty only if the sun is straight concerning travel. If you face a road with many curves, therefore, the rays are likely to dazzle the driver. The same happens when the sun starts to drop, and the fin is too high compared to the sunset line.

For this reason, the extendable version installed on the standard one in the car allows increasing the shaded areas to allow the driver not to have annoying reflections on his face.

The new model WP-3VisorExtend extends both in the left and in the lower part: these moving parts can be put back in the flap when not in use. Installation is not particularly difficult and is based on belts that stop the Wanpool on the existing sun visor. Some users, even if they notice its practicality and quality, consider the price a bit too high.



 This anti-glare car sun visor limits the problems caused by the glare of light in the driver’s eyes, when this is not perfectly in front of the car, but placed lower or laterally.


 The extendable flap can be mounted on top of the existing sun visor, using the practical straps supplied to make installation quick and easy. 


 The product is made of polycarbonate, and its opaque colour does not allow the sun’s rays to filter inside the passenger compartment.



 The not low price could make it less attractive to the majority of motorists.


Guide to buy a car sunshade

As the word itself says, the parasols are objects designed to keep the interior of the car cool, when it is left in the sun for many hours, or to repair the passengers sitting in the back, especially if they are children. There are also sun visors that go to be installed on the one already present, and that allows you to block the sun’s rays when they filter into areas that the classic fin does not cover.

The guide to finding the best car sunshade wants to shed light on the different models. You will be given some useful tips to understand how to choose a good car sunshade, avoiding unnecessarily spending money on the wrong purchase.

Children protected with sunshades.

Those who often bring their children by car, especially the youngest ones, face a rather long journey and know how much the sun’s rays can annoy passengers. To solve this problem, there are several models of sun shades on the market to be installed on the rear windows, areas where the rays filter and hit the face and body of the child or other passengers.

Several models, some of the latest generation, manage to solve the problem definitively: we are talking about objects that “fit” on the rear door window and, in some cases and depending on the models, are fixed internally. In this way, a double barrier is created, external and internal, and, very importantly, this does not prevent the window from lowering (which remains between the two layers). In this case, the awning also acts as a protection against insects or dust, leaving children sitting in the rear seats of the car safe.

The classic sucker curtains

A model that has been on the market for a long time is the curtain with suction cups that are applied inside the rear window. It is very simple to install and often comes with cute designs that the child may like. Its main peculiarity is the price affordable for everyone, even if this variant does not cover the entire window. It leaves uncovered parts, from which the sun’s rays could penetrate.

A more ingenious version is the side sunblind, which rolls up when not needed. These particular models have a part that allows the product to roll up and unroll as needed. The rigid part we are talking about must be installed on the window with the classic suckers, which are also present in the lower part and which are used to hook it to the glass when it is unrolled.

Cool interior

One of the consequences of having to leave the car in the sun for many hours is to find it with a high internal temperature and with the hot steering wheel. As a rule, it is necessary to turn the air conditioning on to the maximum immediately. If the car is not equipped with it, to open the doors to ventilate the passenger compartment and wait for at least the steering wheel to return to an ideal temperature. The solution to this problem is the parasol designed for this environment, installed internally on the front windshield. This accessory is offered in different sizes, depending on the size of the windscreen to which it is to be applied, and with different attachment methods.

The most common is the classic sucker, but today there are models with rigid internal circles created with specific materials that manage to adhere to the contact point. According to the reviews of many users, these are the best car sunshades of 2109. Some very versatile models can be used 365 days a year: they are made with special materials and are installed outside the windshield.

In this way, in addition to stopping the sun’s rays, they also block the formation of ice during the winter months and the possible accumulation of snow. However, it will be necessary to evaluate the dimensions and find the most suitable one for the measurements of your windscreen, a rule that, in any case, also applies to the other models. In practice, to know which car sunshade to buy, it is necessary to understand well what your needs and those of the passengers are: in fact, it is not always necessary to take two, one for the front and one for the rear.


Frequent questions

What is the car sun visor for?

The car sunshade is very important, especially in the summer when you leave your car for several hours in the sun’s rays. Their action leads to overheating the passenger compartment, making it reach very high and unhealthy temperatures for humans. Simultaneously, all the leather and plastic parts will become untouchable, such as the steering wheel.

The parasol, therefore, has the task of acting as a barrier between the sun’s rays and the interior of the car. However, it must always be remembered that its installation must be done critically, as only in this way will it allow you to get into the car without sweating seven shirts!

How do I install car sun shades?

The classic sun shades are very simple to install because they do not have to be assembled in any way. Their advantage is to have suction cups that adhere to the glass: it is an immediate action, which will allow you to enjoy the shade and coolness immediately.

How big should the car sunblind be?

It is better to prefer little wide sunshades that manage to produce adequate shade and do not leave many glimmers in the sun’s rays. In this way, they would annoy passengers seated on the rear seats.

How do roller blinds work?

The roller blinds are equipped, in the part in which they roll up, with suction cups that allow them to adhere to the glass. Naturally, it is necessary to choose the most suitable position to ensure that the sun’s rays do not hit the child if positioned on the passenger side.

A great advantage offered by this model is also that of being able to lower the window if positioned not exactly in the upper part of the glass, but slightly below. In this case, it is possible to lock the curtain thanks to small stickers equipped with Velcro to be applied to the upper part of the internal door.

How to use the car sun visor

Each sunshade for cars has a specific purpose of use depending on the type you prefer: consequently, the installation of one model or another can be different. The general rule is to always consult the instructions, in the hope that these are exhaustive or at least give an idea on how to proceed with the assembly. However, it can be said that, in general, the installation of a car sunshade, sun shades, and sun visors is normally very simple and affordable for everyone.

The internal sun visor for the front windshield

To understand how to mount a car sunshade, let’s start with the classic one or the model that must be placed on the front windshield to prevent the sun’s rays from heating the passenger compartment’s interior. There are many models of this type on the market: the best-selling is the one with rigid sides and is made with an antistatic material, to be applied to the car glass.

With a little patience and perhaps with someone to help you, the installation is quite simple: you open the parasol and place it on the glass. The rigid sides should keep it taut so it can be positioned starting from the driver’s side and ending on the passenger’s side. Another very popular model is the one with suction cups. In this case, as is quite logical, you place it on the windshield by pressing on the suction cups that will go to stick on the glass.

The external parasol

The most versatile models are those that are installed outside the car. They can be mounted very easily, as they lock on the glass as soon as the doors are closed since a part will be inserted inside the passenger compartment. They are also equipped with magnets that attach to the car body and help to keep them in place in case of wind (they are placed outside, therefore also subject to atmospheric agents).

Those who want to spend less can also orient themselves on cardboard sunshades, covered with a material that blocks UV rays: it is a product that must be placed on the dashboard, therefore designed to keep the steering wheel cool. If you intend to buy a sunshade that protects the entire interior from the heat, this is not what you will have to turn to.

The sunshades

Another very useful accessory to keep the sun’s rays away from the rear of the car is the sun shades. To understand how to mount them in the best way, it is preferable to take a look at the instructions, especially if you have opted for the new “sock” models. As a rule, you open the door, take the product and insert it, just like a sock, starting from the back of the window. If it is the right size (you have to pay attention to this feature), it will adhere perfectly to the window, covering it entirely.

It should be noted that these “socks” can only be installed on the rear windows and not on the front ones since the highway code requires not to obscure the latter. Such models also have the property of becoming effective mosquito nets when it is decided to lower the window, a peculiarity that other types of sun shades can hardly offer.

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