5 Best Auto Magnetic Holders For Smartphones – Buying Guide, And Reviews In 2020

The purpose of our article is to help you understand how to choose the best magnetic car holder for smartphones. This instrument allows you to have your portable device always in front of you, to be used as a navigator, or to listen to music without getting distracted from driving. We, therefore, invite you to carefully read our purchase tips to navigate more easily among the offers and thus select the magnetic car holder for your needs.

Those who do not have much time to read every single review can rely on our comparison table, where two products stand out in particular: Aukey HD-C5-IT, one of the most popular products thanks to compatibility with older smartphones and Yosh YSNCM001, the cheapest magnetic holder on our list, ideal for users who want to spend as little as possible.


The 5 Best Auto Magnetic Stands for Smartphones – Ranking 2020

The ranking of the best auto magnetic supports for smartphones of 2020 that you find below has been made starting from the comments expressed by users regarding the products sold online that have satisfied the most.

You will, therefore, find not only the best brands but also low-cost products for all budgets. Make a comparison of the characteristic features with us to choose the most suitable support for you.


Rank #1: Aukey Universal Auto Magnetic Smartphone Holder

Among the best-selling magnetic car holders for smartphones, the Aukey product, HD-C5-IT, stands out. It is a small disc, inside which there are four magnets, with a rear part that easily attaches to the ventilation grilles present in the passenger compartment of your car. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the shape of the latter, since it is incompatible with the round ones; therefore, before proceeding with the purchase, carefully check this detail.

Among the supported smartphone models, we find Apple iPhones, from models 5 to 7, Samsung Note and S8, Nexus, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi, and One Plus, among the most famous brands.

In the package, there are also two magnetic plates, one round and one rectangular, to be placed on the back of your smartphone so that it can be hooked by the holder.

Users claim it is ideal for a phone with a weight that is not too heavy, to avoid that over time the flaps to be inserted in the air vent do not become deformed


Rank #2: Yosh Smartphone Holder for Car Mobile Phone Holder

In the second position, we find the Yosh product, which, after a quick price comparison, is the cheapest on our list. Compared to the previous product, it does not present significant innovations, and the design is very similar, also, in this case, we find a magnetic disc to be attached to the car’s ventilation vents. Interesting is the presence of soft rubber, 50D type silicone, to protect the latter from scratches if you often remove the support.

Compatibility with smart devices is high even if it is not able to bear excessive weights, so forget to hook tablets or phablets. As far as the attachment to the vents is concerned, users claim that the back cut of the support is horizontal and not cross-shaped, and consequently, it has a less firm hold compared to what one would expect.

The quality/price ratio is still satisfactory and should be taken into consideration by users who have low-weight smartphones.


Rank #3: Mpow Auto Smartphone Magnetic Holder

The support of Mpow is slightly more invasive but ensures a better seal. To be fixed inside the passenger compartment, it requires the use of a high viscosity adhesive, users who are reluctant to glue anything in their car should, therefore, desist from the purchase.

The package also includes two magnetic plates of different sizes to be fixed to the cover of your smartphone to hook them to the support.

One of the problems that users have encountered, with the introduction of new wireless charging technologies, is that this plate interferes with this system. Therefore you may be forced to change covers if necessary, perhaps leaving the one to be fixed to the support in the car.

The cost of the Mpow product is in line with what has already been seen, with the small difference of a better magnetic seal of the devices that you attach to the magnet, proving to be the right choice even if you have a slightly heavier than average smartphone.


Rank #4: Satechi Universal Smartphone Holder for Auto CD Player

The support proposed by Satechi is certainly original because instead of relying on stickers or the standard attachment to the air vents, it uses the CD player compartment, which is much more resistant.

The magnet design is classic and has a circular shape, while the rear has three concave and convex fins to be inserted inside the CD player. Before carrying out this operation, however, it is good to check that the slot of the car CD player does not have dust protection which could be damaged.

Users claim that the product is capable of supporting the weight of most smartphones on the market and even the newest Apple tablets, with some pure vibrations if you venture on rough roads.

The construction materials are robust and resistant, and users say that the product can suffer even some impact without any consequence, proving to be suitable even for the most distracted.


Rank #5: Ugreen Smartphone Holder for Car in Aluminum, Magnetic

The last support of our ranking is an Ugreen product that has the classic circular shape with attachment to the car’s air vents. The rear part has a horizontal cut, an element that makes the product suitable only for vents with horizontal slats, excluding all circular types and with vertical slats. It is, therefore, essential to pay attention to the model of the car you own before purchasing, so you will avoid wasting your money on a product that you cannot use with satisfaction.

The supported smartphone models are the most classic and widespread, from the latest generation iPhones to Samsung, LG, Huawei, and so on. Consumers recommend placing the metal plate included in the package as low as possible if you have Samsung smartphones as it could interfere with the watch function of the latter.

The cost is slightly higher than would be expected; therefore, the product cannot conquer a more top position in the ranking.


Buying guide – How to choose the best magnetic car holder for smartphones?


If you do not know which magnetic car holder for smartphones to buy, the first step is to read the purchase guide below carefully. Several factors must be taken into account before choosing one in order not to find yourself with an incompatible device both with your smartphone and with your car.

So let’s analyze this category of products together for all those who have never heard of it.


An essential tool with which the smartphone is equipped and which we could no longer do without is the navigator. Having finished the era in which we oriented with paper maps, nowadays, we use the mapping power of satellites in orbit around our planet, receiving the signal directly on mobile devices.

When you are in the car, however, it is challenging to find a place to position your smartphone to always have an eye on your position and the road you are following; for this reason, products such as magnetic media have appeared on the market. Although it is a small object, it manages to make a big difference and make life much more comfortable even for users who love listening to music from their smartphone or tablet.


One of the elements to pay particular attention to when buying a magnetic car holder is its compatibility with both smartphones and the car. We must first evaluate the weight of the first and then analyze the technical data sheet of the chosen product to confirm its tightness and maximum support capacity. Many supports are, in fact, incompatible with older generation tablets because they are too heavy, with the risk of falling during more or less stable oscillations of the car.

As for the compatibility with the car, the element to pay attention to is one: the air vents in the passenger compartment. If these are circular, the supports may not be applied.


The accessories are essential, always check that the package contains at least two or more magnetic disks to be glued on the back of the cover of your smartphone, so you will always have a spare one if you decide to change the cover or for an additional mobile device. Besides, if you opt for a support that does not have a hook to the air vents but an adhesive to be placed on the dashboard, it should have at least two replacement stickers to be considered worthy of attention.

Taking these simple factors into account, you will be able to choose the best magnetic car holder for smartphones for your needs.

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