The 5 Best Auto Air Fresheners – Buying Tips, And Reviews In 2020

If you are wondering which car air freshener to buy, our guide will provide you with all the necessary tools to choose the product that best suits your needs. So don’t hesitate any longer and immerse yourself in reading. If, in the end, you still had confused ideas, you can analyze our table, with the strengths and weaknesses of each deodorant, to make an immediate comparison. The most popular are the following: AlsterPlus Désodorisant-01, with a simple and elegant design and replaceable scented sticks for a long-lasting product, and AAF-Popular Donut, vanilla flavoured and with a reproduction of an American doughnut, the famous “doughnut,” covered with coloured glaze.


The 5 Best Car Air Fresheners – Ranking 2020

The following ranking of the best car air fresheners of 2020 was made following the analysis of the feedback provided by users. In each review, you will find the strengths and weaknesses, if any, so that you can choose the best and consciously the deodorant suitable for your needs.


Rank #1: AlsterPlus Car Air Freshener, Perfume Diffuser

Among the best-selling products, we find the AlsterPlust deodorant, with an exquisite and non-invasive shape that adapts well to any car, blending in with the dashboard elements. It is a tubular metal diffuser, therefore much more resistant than the excellent low-cost products made of plastic, inside which you will have to insert one of the five sticks included in the package. Each of these emits a different aroma and is indicated by the terms: lime, orange, olives, ocean, and osmanthus.

One of the merits of these sticks is their composition with essential oils capable of perfuming delicately. Those who are concerned about not inhaling chemicals can sleep soundly.

The small cylinder must be fixed to the slots for the passage of air located on the dashboard using a metal tab covered with rubber, to prevent these from scratching or breaking the plastic elements of the car.

The only flaw seems to be the duration of the scented sticks; since they are essential oils, it does not exceed two weeks.

If you want to try something new for the car, the AlsterPlus proposal could be for you. We analyze below the strengths, and which aspects can be improved.



The choice of metal material for the creation of this deodorant has made those who look at an object capable of lasting over time, unlike other more delicate supports happy.


 Five different diffusers in the form of sticks are included in the package, so the user can choose which type of fragrance to use. The quality of the materials and the final cost then look to savings while maintaining a medium-high profile.


 Thanks to the presence of essential oils, the perfume that spreads in the car is light and not very invasive, with an underlying delicacy that does not disturb the occupants of the vehicle.



 Some users would have liked a type of perfume with a more extended period, an aspect that is missing from these sticks whose effect wears off after the two weeks.


Rank #2: AAF Car Air Freshener Donut Vanilla Fragrances

Consumers looking for an original product cannot miss AAF-Popular car air freshener, which is cheap and friendly. It is a 75 mm disc that reproduces an American doughnut printed, better known as a doughnut.

To a careful eye, the doughnut, which has a pink glaze covered with coloured devils, is very reminiscent of the type of doughnut that the famous Homer Simpson is fond of, a character from the acclaimed American TV series “The Simpsons.” Perfect, therefore, to amaze show lovers with a themed gift.

For those who are more interested in the fragrance than in the aesthetic aspect of the product, the deodorant emits a light vanilla aroma which, according to the buyers, does not turn out to be uncomfortable or sickening in the long run, a significant factor to consider before moving on to the purchase.

One of the defects found is the duration of the fragrance, being very light; it runs out quickly.

If you aim for the cheapest car air freshener in circulation, the AAF offer has few rivals in terms of convenience and low prices.



 It must be said that in terms of style, this deodorant beats the others with low hands in terms of sympathy and citations. The shape takes up the typical American doughnut, a dessert that many fans of the animated series “The Simpson” know very well.


 Starting from the shape and the system with which it is positioned, everything seems to point to comfort for the user. It is a useful aspect for those who do not want particular or too complicated hooks.


 Those who have chosen this cute scented doughnut, confirm a fragrance reminiscent of vanilla and persistence that does not create discomfort in the car.



 Also, for this product, the Achilles heel turned out to be the reduced timing with which the perfume runs out.


Rank #3: Millefiori Diffuser of Profumo for Auto Go

In the third position, we have a car freshener with a pod system made by Millefiori Milano. One of the most exciting advantages is the possibility of attaching it to any type of car thanks to the universal clip on the back.

From the aesthetic point of view, it is exquisite, with a turquoise colour that does not clash in the car as more flashy products could do instead.

The system used for the fragrance is that of the pods, which can be purchased separately to give the car the scent you like most. The one supplied with the product is fresh and intense with notes of sandalwood, bergamot, citrus fruits, and lavender.

From duration, the manufacturer guarantees at least two months if the regulator is positioned on the minimum supply.

Users are generally satisfied with the quality/price ratio. However, they complain of a particular difficulty in finding the scented pods that are not sold online. Detail to consider if you are looking for a car air freshener that can last over time.

Those who aim for elegance will find in the Millefiori proposal a new system, which combines ease of use with the management of fragrances with pods. Below you can scroll through the pros and cons, with a link to the term where to buy.



 The rounded shape and delicate colouring are best placed inside the machine, also using a universal clip that allows you to connect the air freshener to any medium.

Operating system:

 Inside the diffuser, there are pods, which can be replaced if necessary once the charge is exhausted. Thanks to levels, you can then choose a greater or lesser intensity.

Build quality:

 In addition to aesthetically, the deodorant has proven to be a robust solution to keep in the car. Even at a simple glance, you notice the attention and attention to detail.


Pods availability

: An element to consider and that some people have noticed concerns the difficulty in recovering the pods once the ones included in the package have been used up.


Rank #4: Californian Car Scents F332 Coronado Cherry Air Freshener

One of the advantages of the California Car Scents product is the convenience format. In the package, at an extremely competitive price, you will find three pieces lasting about 60 days each. The design is not the strong point of the product, and it is a simple purple container with a perforated cap from which the aroma comes out.

The only fragrance available in this pack of three deodorants is the “Coronado Cherry,” that is, for non-English speakers, the classic cherry aroma.

One of the advantages is the duration and intensity of the fragrance, and the buyers claim that it can immediately eliminate the plastic smell that a new car emits and maintain the cherry aroma for about two months without the intensity reduction over time. This is an ideal choice for those who often transport animals by car or have to share the passenger compartment with a smoker.

The application is less convenient; in fact, you will have to place the jar on the ground or under a seat if you do not appreciate its design.

If you pay more attention to the substance than to the shape, this product will offer you what you are looking for, with three long-lasting perfumers.



 Many users liked the essentiality of this deodorant. The box includes three elements, replaceable once the previous one has run out.


 The ability to deodorize the environment remains for an adequate time, in some cases, even touching two months.


 The round shape and the openings in the upper part allow the cherry scent to spread in the car, effectively eliminating other unpleasant smells and for an extended period.



 From the opinions collected, the choice to create a round-shaped deodorant forces users to position it under the seat or in a comfortable place on the machine.


Rank #5: Chupa Chups Chp201 Car Lime Air Freshener Spray

The last choice we offer is a low-cost car air freshener made by the well-known Chupa Chups company, producer of the famous lollipops.

The difference compared to what has been analyzed so far is in the application method, we are not talking about a diffuser to be placed in the car but a real spray to be used when you feel the need. For this reason, it does not have a fixed duration, but you can choose independently when to use it or not.

The fragrance is lemon, very fresh, and pleasant. Users recommend spraying it on the floor mats rather than on the dashboard or seats to avoid chemical reactions that could stain plastics and fabrics. After an application, the aroma remains perceptible for approximately 48 hours.

The only complaint is related to the size of the container, which can accommodate only 5 ml of deodorant liquid.

Lovers of the famous lollipop brand can now also have the lemon-flavoured fragrance in the car, to sweeten the atmosphere. Its particularity earned it a place in a guide to choosing the best car air freshener.



 The choice of a spray diffuser partially differentiates the object from the rest of the other perfumers presents here. Practice the management and the quantity that can be delivered as desired by users.


 Once the perfume is sprayed on mats and parts that are not likely to stain, it remains in the middle for 48 hours.


 The fact that it can be transported anywhere allows it to be used in some areas of the house or on another vehicle.



 The 5 ml format is too small to last long enough, partially disappointing the many lovers of the brand.


Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Car Air Freshener?

Deodorants are an excellent solution always to have fragrant environments. They are usually used in closed places, such as the car interior, but it is also possible to use them at home, especially if you have just cleaned and want to keep a feeling of freshness for as long as possible.

With our purchase advice and comparing prices with a convenient table, you can browse the best of the offers, thus choosing the best car air freshener for sale on the market.

Deodorize rooms

Air freshening is a necessary practice always to have a pleasant feeling of cleanliness. Anyone who lives with smokers or loves to cook dishes every day knows it well. Persistent smells such as tobacco, onion, spices, and fried food do not go away quickly, and you soon find yourself having a home, or even the interior of your car, impregnated with unpleasant aromas.

Merely cleaning surfaces is not enough, and sometimes you need to act with more reliable products designed to eliminate these odours.

A wide range of diffusers, perfumes, and deodorants are available on the market, able to help you fight this battle. Those at home are often equipped with a USB or power outlet since they have an electric motor that needs power.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for car air fresheners, you may be more fortunate since they not only have a lower cost but are also more straightforward and more immediate to use.


To understand how to choose a suitable car air freshener, you must first know what type of fragrance and aromas you can tolerate. Some users may indeed appreciate a lot of light shades such as citrus or floral ones, while others prefer something more intense and lasting such as the smell of vanilla, sandalwood, chocolate, and so on.

So try to understand in advance which fragrance is right for your needs so as not to waste your money on a product that is not able to meet your expectations, or worse, offending you.

If you poorly tolerate chemical fragrances made in the laboratory, you could consider buying an aroma diffuser, much blander than a real deodorant, but able to be used in conjunction with natural oils.


If you expect a new and refined design from a product, you cannot help but select a deodorant that is original and resistant. It is not necessary to focus on those made by the best brands, but undoubtedly a more significant expense corresponds to more in-depth attention to detail.

Lastly, not all products are compatible with every type of car. We, therefore, invite you to carefully read the datasheet and our reviews to understand if they are universal appliances or not.

Without forgetting this necessary information, we can now move on to the analysis of the only deodorants to understand which one can best suit your needs.

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