12 Best Air Compressors For Home Garage –Reviews In 2020

A good compressor should not be missing from the equipment of those who love taking care of their car, especially with regard to the tire pressure. An inexpensive model with limited dimensions is the Einhell 4020495 TH-AC 190/6 which reaches a power of 8 bar and does not require any type of maintenance, being oil-free for its operation. If you are looking for an ultra-compact product, you can consider the Oasser 150PSI AC DC 13L / Min mini compressor , which is held in one hand and allows you to quickly return the tires to the right pressure without being connected to a power outlet.




12 Best Air Compressors For Home Garage –Reviews In 2020




  1. Einhell 4020495 TH-AC 190/6 Compressor, 1100 W



If you are looking for a versatile air compressor that does not cost an eye of the head and that can inflate the tires of the car without problems, the choice could fall on the Einhell 4020495 TH-AC 190/6 model. This device is first of all known for its very compact dimensions, despite offering a maximum tank capacity of 6 liters. Compared to the more professional models, this does not require the addition of oil to work, and therefore any type of maintenance.

Just plug it into a 230 volt outlet. The maximum pressure it can reach is 8 bar, so there is no problem in inflating even the largest tires.

If used at 7 bar, its maximum output power is 60 liters per minute. There is also a handy pressure gauge to check the pressure which can be regulated by a reducer located next to this pressure gauge. It is easy to transport thanks to the presence of a comfortable handle.



Tank : Despite its very small size, this air compressor offers a 6-liter tank, enough to inflate the car’s four tires without problems.

Bar : Another feature that may surprise you is the 8 bar that it is capable of delivering as maximum power, a value that allows you to perform various jobs with this compressor.

Transportable : Compact dimensions, low weight (just over 9 kg) and a comfortable handle located in the upper area facilitate the possible transport of this compressor.



Noise : According to user opinions, the noise generated by this compressor is far too high and therefore many advise against using it inside an apartment.




  1. Mecafer Portable Compressor 6 lt. 1.5 hp



This portable air compressor offers a 1.5 horsepower single cylinder engine but is powered by electricity. In fact, no diesel or oil is needed, because it is based on coaxial operation. The tank offers a capacity of 6 liters, sufficient for many “home” uses, not least the inflation of tires for cars, motorcycles, bicycles and scooters.

In addition to this, it is useful when needed, blowing, cleaning, spraying, painting or aggregating, using various accessories that can be purchased separately. Like many other compressors of this air flow rate, if you use it for a long time, you need to regenerate the air inside the tank.

In practice with a continuous spray of air you have an autonomy of 10/15 minutes, then you have to wait for it to recharge. The power in Bar that it is able to reach is 8, while users are happy with the precision of the pressure gauge present and clearly visible when you need to check the pressure of the object that is inflating.



Power : Even if its dimensions are small, the Mecafer air compressor reaches 8 bar of power, perfect for inflating any type of rubber.

Versatile : Like a normal professional device, this also allows the most varied uses by purchasing the accessories for blowing, spraying, painting and so on.

Traveling : If you need to have a compressor with yes, maybe on the camper or to carry it in the house to the sea to do some chores you will have no problems thanks to the handle and a low weight.



Autonomy : If it is not connected to the power supply, the 6-liter tank empties quickly especially if you use it to blow on objects to be cleaned with compressed air.





  1. Oasser 150PSI AC DC 13L / Mini



In recent times, mini portable compressors have become established, which make their workhorse a size. An example is the Oasser 150PSI AC DC 13L / Mini model which allows you to inflate car tires and other inflatable products such as balls, mattresses and so on, without much effort and in a short time.

There is no need to power it, since it has a 500 mAh lithium battery inside. Once exhausted it recharges in about an hour and a half, and likes the presence of a cable with a cigarette lighter socket to be able to make it active even when you are in the car and there is no power outlet nearby.

The equipment includes a series of nozzles useful for inflating different objects. Peculiarity of this portable compressor is the possibility to pre-set the pressure that must be reached using the keys and visible on the LCD display it is supplied with. Once the object reaches the set pressure, the compressor stops autonomously, therefore allowing you to have the right pressure as indicated in the specifications of how much you are inflating.



Compact : There is hardly a product on the market that is smaller than this compressor and which is capable of inflating even the car tires without having to connect it to the power supply.

Nozzles : Various nozzles are provided in the equipment which allow the compressor to be used in combination with various inflatable products, such as balls, bicycle, scooter and car tires, mattresses, and so on.

Battery : The Oasser model must not be powered by power, as it is equipped with an internal rechargeable battery, therefore usable wherever you are.



Large tires : The small compressor makes it a little difficult to inflate the tires on large cars, especially if they are particularly flat.



  1. Oasser P2 Portable Auto Air Compressor


This portable compressor is not powered by electricity but relies on a rechargeable battery to always be ready when needed. A comfortable LCD display allows you to view the pressure that can be pre-set before inflating using the buttons present for this operation. This function is useful when you have to inflate a tire and know the pressure according to what is reported by the tire manufacturer.

He likes its pistol design which makes it simple to use: a clearly visible red button is used for inflation, simply by pressing it when the compressor is connected to the object to be inflated.

The maximum inflation pressure is 130 PSI equivalent to almost 9 bar, therefore it is possible to inflate most of the tires used on the various means of transport, including the car. Using a special button, you can choose which pressure measurement unit to use between PSI. BAR, kg / cm².



Gun : Certainly its design is highly appreciated, since it simplifies inflation operations.

Unit of measurement : It often happens with some objects that the pressure indicated by the manufacturer is not expressed in bars but in other units of measurement, such as PSI. With this model it is possible to choose the most suitable one.

Preset pressure : When you know the ideal pressure of an object you can pre-set it before activating the inflation, making sure that the compressor will stop as soon as this pressure is reached.



Battery : An indicator is missing that reveals when the internal battery is fully charged, a real shame given an LED display available where this indicator could have been integrated.



  1. TACKLIFE ACP1C Portable Air Compressor Auto 40L / Min



Small size for this compressor capable of reaching 2.4 bar in just under 5 seconds. It offers an air flow of 40 liters per minute, and therefore suitable for inflating tires, bicycle and scooter tires, as well as clearly a multitude of inflatable objects. The built-in digital pressure gauge, which corresponds to the ANSI B40.1 international standards for the precision of the pressure measured which is never more than 2% more or less than the real one, is highly appreciated by users.

This compressor also does not need to be connected to the mains (even if a wall power supply is still present) but can be used using the car’s cigarette lighter socket.

The presence of four LED lights allows you to use it even at night, of which an “SOS” allows you to be visible if the car is broken down by the roadside. It is possible to choose which unit of measure to use, from PSI, bar and KPA, while the equipment features four adapters to be able to use it with various types of nozzles present in the various objects to be inflated.



Accuracy : The Tacklife mini compressor can boast of complying with the international ANSI B40.1 standards for precise pressure detection using the built-in digital pressure gauge.

Equipment : The presence of four adapters for as many types of nozzles makes it perfect for inflating any object that requires this operation.

LED torches : The one in the compressor has three lighting modes, including the “SOS” to be visible in the event of a broken down car in the middle of the night.



Screwing : The hose for attaching to the tire valve must be screwed and then unscrewed once the inflation is complete, an operation that takes a few seconds but which causes a few bars of pressure to drop.


  1. Fiac AB 100-360 M Air Compressor



When you need a compressor to be able to perform very long work, it is essential that the tank is very large so as not to interrupt what is being done while waiting for the compressor to recharge this tank with compressed air. A model that fully satisfies this need is the Fiac AB 100-360 M a 100 liter tank compressor.

In addition to the classic use for inflating car tires (up to 10 bar), it can be used, in combination with the accessories provided, for sandblasting bricks and stones, for painting and for any other operation that can be done using a compressor. The compressor is a very current model, and the absence of brushes, one of the main components most subject to wear in electric motors, guarantees long life.

The head made of cast aluminum is of the twin cylinder type, with the cast iron cylinders. Finally, it should be noted the presence of an outlet pressure adjustment knob which can be checked by means of a pressure gauge positioned just below this knob.



Tank : With a capacity of 100 liters, this compressor is suitable for different uses and therefore the inflation of the wheels is only one of the many offered.

RPM : The engine head reaches 1,500 rpm, a good figure which confirms the durability of the compressor, given that an engine that delivers too many rpm is more subject to wear.

Pressure switch : The presence of this element activates the compressor autonomously as soon as the pressure inside the tank is too low.



Nothing to report : This model is perhaps the best compressor on the market and in fact it is confirmed by only positive reviews from users.


  1. Hit Compressor 24 25 Lt Dry Silenced


One of the major defects that are attributed to the compressors is the noise they generate during their use. In recent times, however, a new family of devices is becoming increasingly popular: the silenced compressor. These particular models are precisely quieter than the “normal” ones.

This is thanks to the presence of pistons made of Teflon (and not of cast iron or steel) which allow to contain the noise in only 57 db, therefore a sound that is barely perceptible by the human ear. To all this corresponds the compressor with 24 liters of tank proposed by Hit, which therefore does not even use oil for the lubrication of the pistons.

The power supplied in bar is 8, as it is very useful for those who have to cover up since this power is available directly on the output of the relative tool to be connected. The 24 liters of capacity are recharged in just two minutes, while the air flow per minute is 165 liters. To find out where to buy this silenced compressor just click on the links on this page.



Quiet : With its 59 decibels of noise it proves to be one of the quietest 24-liter compressors, and perhaps for this reason it is also one of the best-selling.

Teflon : In order to offer a silent compressor, Hit has inserted pistons made of Teflon and therefore do not even need oil to be lubricated.

Bar : With 8 direct output power bars it also makes it useful for being a good workmate for other uses and not just for tire inflation.



Tank : Despite the 24 liters, if you have to do prolonged work, you will have to wait from time to time for the air contained inside the tank to return to the right pressure.


  1. POWER Plus Compressor 25 Lt Wheeled Oil Compressor



When you don’t know which compressor to buy, a good middle ground to having a model that can inflate your car’s tires without problems and to be used even for small maintenance jobs at home, is the one with a 25-liter tank , a good middle ground between portable and large workshop compressors.

Furthermore, these models, among the most sold online, can count, in comparison also on low prices compared to those described above. A good 25 liter compressor is the GAL-118399, which offers a maximum direct outlet pressure of 8 bar. The power reaches 1,500 watts and capable of delivering 170 liters of air per minute.

Compared to more current models, it is necessary to insert oil to lubricate the pistons and the level can be checked using a small screw rod. Comfortable the two wheels and the handle to be able to move it easily where it is needed.



Quality / price : Compared to many offers found on the web, this compressor is considered by users to be a good compromise between product quality and price to pay.

8 bar : With a power of 8 bar in direct output it can also be used to sandblast bicycle frames, walls and so on. However, the prepared tool is not included in the scope of delivery.

Handy : The not very heavy weight and the presence of two wheels and a handle allow you to move it without too much effort.



Connections : The various quick couplings are not of excellent quality, given that some users have found that they filter air, with the consequent emptying of the tank if you do not use it for a few days.


  1. Haobase Air Compressor Pressure Switch Control Valve



This compressor pressure switch made of plastic offers an evident red button that allows you to stop or activate the air flow in different applications, not least the one that provides a compressor combined with swimming pools and whirlpools present in the SPA or even at home.

It is designed to be used when you need a pressure switch often put under the press, therefore with prolonged and intensive use. It is compatible with a large variety of fluids and as many terminations that make it ideal for installation in any type of compressor, replacing the present one or in addition where it is not provided in the equipment. Its power varies from 20 A to 120 V to 12 A when used at 240 V.

The maximum pressure it can handle is 175 PSI equivalent to 12 bar. Finally, the presence of four “female” ports and the valve size of 1.3 cm in diameter make it compatible with many compressors on the market.




Einhell 4020495 TH-AC 190/6 Compressor



The compressor is very compact and therefore suitable for home / hobby use without it going to steal too much space in the cellar or in the garage where cars and bicycles are present.

It is not one of the quietest compressors and many users advise against using it inside an apartment due to the noise it produces, even if this is normal for such a device.

An ideal device to keep handy when it is necessary to inflate the tires of the car or even the scooter and bicycle. It is space-saving and requires no maintenance. Normal price.



Oasser Portable Air Compressor Auto Mini Rechargeable Electric


It is difficult to find such a small but powerful compressor. Thanks to its size, you can always have it with you when you need it, even inside the car, even in one of the storage compartments.

It is certainly not easy to inflate car tires, especially those that require high pressure bars. Even if he does, the time it takes is a bit high, around 20 minutes per wheel.

Mini compressor useful for inflating small things, such as bicycle wheels, balls or mattresses. It can be used for emergency when the tires of the car are slightly deflated.





TACKLIFE ACP1C Portable Auto Air Compressor

The Tacklife ACP1C compressor is small, light and efficient, powerful enough to ensure an air flow of 40 liters per minute; but its main advantage is the high precision of the built-in digital pressure gauge, with a difference of no more than 2% more or less.

The mechanism for attaching to the tire valve is screw; therefore, when the inflation is removed, the cable is lost a little pressure because the valve does not close suddenly.

The excellent value for money and the high precision of the integrated digital pressure gauge have made it one of the most popular portable compressors by motorists.




Guide to buy a compressor


The compressor is a precious device that has been designed to inflate various objects that you find yourself using every day or almost. The first one to think about is without a doubt the tire found in various vehicles, such as motorcycles and bicycles, but above all the car tire. The compressors, compared to a few years ago, have become less bulky and heavy and in our day there are also portable versions that to work do not rely on the classic electrical wire to be connected to an outlet, but are equipped with an internal rechargeable battery.

These particular models are in practice useful to always keep with you in your car’s equipment, since they are always ready to use when needed and also do not take up much space, so much so that they can be kept in the glove compartment inside the passenger compartment.




The 25 liter compressors

The size of a compressor is determined by the capacity of the tank. This is already a very important feature for knowing how to choose a good compressor. Leaving aside the portable models that do not go beyond 13 liters and the mammoth ones from 100 and passes liters, a compressor suitable for home use and therefore useful for various do-it-yourself jobs is the 25-liter one, the right size for any operation you can run with this device.

First of all, in case of flat tire of the car, it is a valid alternative to the tire under the house, while if you want to spray paint or cover up a frame of your bicycle, with the necessary accessory, all this is possible. In short, the potential of the 25-liter compressors are manifold and also do not have an exorbitant price, often contained within 100 euros even for medium-high-end models.


The bars

As with many other objects, to choose the best compressor of 2020, it is important to evaluate some features that can make the difference between one model and another, always taking into account your needs. When it comes to compressors, the first evaluation is how many bars it can reach, a feature that identifies the maximum operating pressure that the compressor can reach.

The bars are very important to understand if the model on which the eyes are placed is able to inflate the tires of your car. The same is true for those who want a compressor to cover up or paint, since a good number of direct output bars (between 8 and 10) are required for these operations.



It may happen, on an object that is swelling, to see a wording in the data sheet or directly on the product relating to the pressure expressed in PSI, an acronym for “pound-force per square inch”, which is nothing more than the unit of measurement of the pressure in the Anglo-Saxon system.

One bar equals about 14.5 PSI. Many of the more sophisticated models allow you to change the unit of measurement, while it is very common to find analog pressure gauges with double scale, in bars and PSI. In the (rare) case of a compressor that is equipped with a pressure gauge with the scale in bar or PSI only, it will be necessary to make a quick calculation to understand at what pressure to inflate the object in your hands, without the risk of exaggerating or worse (for a tire) than leaving it too deflated.


Noisy, but not all

The compressor, par excellence, is a fairly noisy product, given that it has an engine that must send the air contained in the tank to the right pressure. This problem is more evident in models with a tank of 25 liters or more. For this reason, the compressor is usually used in the open air or in the garage, areas where the noise, apart from those who are using it, is not annoying for other people. Fortunately, even in this field, the compressor manufacturers have evolved, and offer “silent” compressors.

To obtain a “silent” compressor, instead of the normal steel pistons, Teflon ones are used, a material that creates less friction and therefore less noisy when the piston is moving. In addition, special chassis are produced to be mounted around the motor which are soundproofed. Silenced compressors are very useful in closed environments, perhaps in public places such as shops or bars. On the other hand, they have a higher cost than the same models with the same characteristics but not “silenced”.




Frequent questions


How the compressor pressure regulator works

The pressure regulator, also known as the pressure reducer, allows, as the name implies, to adjust the outlet pressure (in “downstream” jargon) in order to set the best one according to the type of tool being used. For example, if a blow gun indicates that the use is indicated with a maximum pressure of 4 bar, through the regulator it will be possible to obtain this pressure at the outlet of the gun.

Without this device it is impossible to regulate the pressure before the outlet of the same, and therefore it will always be at maximum (the value is indicated in the compressor specifications) with the risk of exhausting the air contained in the tank in a short time.


How the compressor pressure switch works

The pressure switch is a very important component that should be present in every compressor, at least in those with a tank of 25 liters or more. This small device allows you to keep the pressure inside the tank under control and when it reaches the maximum allowed by the model, it stops the engine to prevent it from rising too high, to avoid the risk of the tank exploding.


How to adjust the compressor pressure switch

This operation is quite simple but must be done with great care. The pressure switches are normally equipped with a bolt which has the + and – symbols beside it. By turning this bolt towards one of the two symbols it will be possible to choose the maximum pressure that can be created inside the tank.

It is very important, however, never to exceed the maximum value allowed and specified by the manufacturer, because there is a risk that too much pressure inside the tank may cause the latter to explode with all the risks attached to such an unfortunate episode.


How a compressor works

The compressors are divided into dynamic and volumetric alternatives. The former generate compression by exploiting the kinetic energy thanks to the rotation speed of some mechanisms. It normally starts from 1,000 RPM to reach very high speeds (obviously depends on the compressor model). They have the peculiarity of not using oil for the lubrication of these rotating components.

The most popular compressors are those called alternative volumetric. In this case a piston, inserted inside a cylinder full of oil, conveys the air inside the latter and compresses it inside the tank. The alternative volumetric term derives from the fact that the cylinder has two holes that open and close alternately, where one takes care of taking the air from the outside and the other, through a tube, “pushes” it inside The alternative volumetric compressor model is also the cheapest on the market, compared to the dynamic one.


How to change the oil in the compressor

According to many compressor manufacturers who are equipped with lubricating oil, every 300 hours it would be good to check the level by means of a special rod. After 500 hours of use it is advisable to completely change the oil present. This operation is very simple: first of all it is important to heat the oil, starting the compressor for about 5 minutes.

This becomes more fluid and therefore its output will be easier. Under the crankcase it is necessary to place a container that can accommodate the outgoing oil. At this point it is necessary to unscrew the provided cap and wait for the oil to come down to this container. This operation may take quite some time. If the compressor is not too heavy, you can think of tilting it to facilitate oil leakage.




How to use the compressor


The air compressor consists of some pieces that are very important, each for what it was used for, to have a good product. The classic compressor has a clearly visible main part which is the tank. Above is the engine which, like that for cars, has one or two pistons and other moving mechanical parts.

These components must be lubricated. For this reason, oil must be added to the engine and its quantity present inside must be checked periodically by means of a graduated rod, a bit like with cars. The best models are also equipped with a convenient tap that allows you to let the oil out to change it completely when better lubrication is needed.




Tanks and accessories

In the tank there is normally a kind of tap to which a rubber cable (often spiral) is connected, which must be able to support the pressure created by the compressor itself but be at the same time easy to handle for the various operations that can be carried out. do.

The various accessories are then connected to this tube: there are many and designed for various uses. The classic one for inflating car tires also has a pressure gauge that is readable when you do this, without having to make various contortions to see what is normally integrated between the compressor instrumentation.


Control pressure gauge

The pressure gauge is the only tool that allows you to understand how much pressure is being delivered. The most classic are circular in shape and have a hand that moves from 0 to a preset number each time compressed air is released from the compressor tank.

The numbers that are seen on this pressure gauge are the bars or PSI, the two specific pressure measurement units. When the air inside the tank runs out, the engine starts to suck it up from the outside and compress it (in practice puts it under pressure) inside the tank itself.


Safety valve and pressure switch

One component that can make the difference is the safety valve, which is designed to release the air from the tank when for any reason the pressure switch goes into lockout, with the serious risk that the pressure accumulated inside the tank leads to compressor burst, with consequent risks for those around him. The pressure switch is precisely that component which is responsible for controlling the flow and the amount of pressure it generates inside the tank.


Transport and feeding

The compressors are then equipped with wheels and usually with a handle that allows you to move them without too much effort, given that the 100-liter models have a really considerable weight. It should be remembered that a normal motor-driven compressor requires an electrical outlet nearby in order to operate, normally 230 V.




The alternatives

There are also compresses defined as “dry”, that is, they do not have moving pistons and therefore do not use elements which, by rotating, are able to compress and insert the air into the tank.

These elements do not need to be lubricated, and therefore the compressor does not require the presence of oil inside it. It is an even greener alternative when the engine does not generate any type of emissions.





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