What Is The Best 5w30 Or 5w40 Oil Of 2020?


Total Quartz 9000 Energy 5W40




Total Quartz 9000 Energy 5W40 oil is designed for gasoline and diesel car engines equipped with turbochargers, multi-valves and direct injection. Motors that protect properly and especially in the toughest conditions such as highway use or in extreme conditions of use.

Among its features it has an excellent fluidity that improves cold starting by fully lubricating the system before starting up. During use it is responsible for keeping all elements of the system free of impurities thanks to the high detergent capacity of the product, maintaining an adequate cleaning of the interior of the engine.

Due to its level of qualification SAE is a product suitable for vehicles of all types but especially in those with a little more seniority to be able to cover the parts and the interior better while also reducing the consumption of oil in the vehicle and improving performance.

All this in a high quality oil with a useful life of about 25,000 to 30,000 kilometers, reducing the maintenance costs of the car. All this without forgetting that this oil meets the most modern standards and approvals of the market such as VW 502.00 / 505.00 or MB-Approval 229, among others.

We invite you to read carefully the pros and cons of this option, recommended by customers as the best 5W30 or 5W40 oil of the moment.



One of its most important characteristics is its great fluidity, which allows it to reach each of the corresponding parts and thus fully lubricate and improve cold starting.


It is a product designed to provide great performance to both gasoline and diesel engines; for those who have multi-valves, direct injection and turbochargers.

Useful life:

The lifespan of this type of oil ranges between 25,000 and 30,000 kilometers, which will allow you to have some savings in car maintenance.


It is a product that has been manufactured to give a great performance to your car, complying with the standards such as VW 502.00 / 505.00 or MB-Approval 229 and others.


It has a high quality and detergent capacity that keeps the interior of the engine really clean and free of impurities.


Oil Control:

As with Long Life oils, it is necessary to have greater control of the oil level to prevent it from falling beyond what is desirable.





Castrol Edge 5W-30



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Developed directly from the high competition segment and with extensive research experience, Castrol Edge 5W-30 oil offers excellent lubrication capability of your engine, using a thin film that spreads quickly throughout the engine to optimize the operation of it.

Its design is specially designed to protect the most sensitive elements of the engine such as injection pumps, internal circuits and other elements under tension, with which to keep them properly protected, reducing consumption, adjusting operation and allowing Better system operation.

As a first level product, Castrol Edge 5W-30 oil complies, among others, with the most advanced approvals of the market such as BMW Longlife-04 MB-Approval 229.31 / 229.51, Porsche C30 VW 504 00/507 00 or VW 503 01 of So you can have the peace of mind of having an oil of the highest quality. Due to its synthetic type of manufacturing, the product belongs to the Long Life category, which offers an approximate useful life of approximately 30,000 kilometers.

If you are already very clear about the budget you are going to allocate to give a love to your car and thus guarantee its best performance, you can dedicate yourself to know the details of this product that can be designated as the best 5W30 or 5W40 oil for 25 euros.



To ensure its fluidity and its travel through the engine, this oil is a thin film that will move quickly through all the parts that merit this lubrication.


One of its main virtues is to offer protection to the most sensitive parts of the engine such as internal circuits, injection pumps, among others.


Its design and quality conform perfectly to the BMW Longlife-04 MB-Approval 229.31 / 229.51, Porsche C30 VW 504 00/507 00 or VW 503 01 standards, to ensure the proper functioning of your car.

Useful life:

The useful life that this type of oil could offer is 30,000 kilometers, so you will not have to make expenses very often.


The performance and quality of this oil are ideal for gasoline or diesel engines with or without turbocharger.



Some customers say they received a container with a French stamp, instead of a German stamp that is the one announced in the purchase notice.

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Elf Evolution Full-Tech FE




Elf Evolution Full-Tech FE oil is one of the most recent in this manufacturer’s range, being ready to comply with EURO V and EURO VI contamination standards. Therefore, this oil is responsible for removing even more pollution and generating a more efficient greasing process for all types of engines. In addition, the oil has been specially formulated for vehicles with a Renault brand particle filter, although it can be used in any vehicle compatible with these parameters.

A complete oil to be used throughout the year and, in addition, it supports the most severe driving conditions such as intensive use in the city or the high turn regimes of highway driving.

A technology that joins the Fuel Economy system, which is responsible for reducing fuel consumption by adding extra efficiency to the engine, making this product the best 5W30 or 5W40 oil for its price-quality ratio.

To make it clearer than 5W30 or 5W40 oil to buy, we give you some more details about this product and its characteristics.



Thanks to its improved formula, this oil meets the requirements of the EURO V and EURO VI anti-pollution standards.

Fuel Economy:

The Fuel Economy technology present in this oil is responsible for reducing fuel consumption, while improving engine life.

Renault engines:

This oil has been specially designed for use in Renault engines equipped with a particle filter.



In this case it is necessary to make the oil changes every 20,000 kilometers and not every 30,000 according to what is usual.


There are certain models of Renault, few, in which the oil is not compatible as those with 2.2 DCI engines.








Repsol Elite TDI 50501 oil is another interesting product with which to give more life to the engine of our vehicle. Especially if it belongs to the Volkswagen, Audi, Seat or Skoda group, given that it meets the requirements of this manufacturer in terms of lubrication.

This 5W40 oil has a quality design designed for tourism vehicles with high demands, so it offers you high quality lubrication in all types of driving conditions maintaining the life of the engine, reducing polluting emissions and giving an extra of performance to the vehicle.

An extra similar to that offered by its Long Life technology, which allows lengthening maintenance intervals with the consequent cost savings and the reduction of generation of used contaminating oils. The product is presented in a five-liter bottle with a pouring cap that facilitates its use.

Considered by many users as the best 5W30 or 5W40 oil brand of the moment, let’s see some more details about this product, one of the most representative.



In addition to meeting the standards of the Volkswagen group, this oil also complies with the ACEA C3 pollution standard, among others.

Suitable for particle filter:

This oil improves the performance of the particulate filter by reducing the amount of ash that accumulates in it.

Long Life:

The Long Life technology of this oil makes it possible to extend maintenance up to 30,000 kilometers, according to the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions.



For more purist users, it is possible that they may miss some more information about their characteristics on the packaging, although this is always available on the web.


As always, it is necessary to verify that the oil corresponds to the specific needs of the vehicle, especially if it has a particulate filter.




Mobil 1 151060 ESP




Among the best 5W30 or 5W40 oils of 2019 we find the Mobil 1 151060 ESP. A product formulated with ingredients specially designed for diesel engines with particulate filters and for gasoline vehicles with catalysts.

In both cases, this oil includes an efficient formulation that reduces the presence of particles in diesel engines, as well as less pollution in catalytic engines. These elements are combined with their active cleaning agents, with which to extend the life of the engine and generate a more fluid performance.

This formula is completed with high thermal stability, which reduces the deterioration of the oil and increases the mileage between changes without risk to the engine. A generic oil that has the approval of manufacturers such as Peugeot, Citroen, General Motors or Chrysler, among others.

If you are still not sure which 5W30 or 5W40 oil to buy, we leave you some additional features of this product.


ACEA compliance:

This oil can be used in engines that require compliance with the ACEA C2 or C3 standard, being compatible with both standards.

Thermal stability:

The product has a better thermal stability, which reduces the aging of the oil and allows the maintenance to be extended.

Petrol or diesel:

Thanks to its low ash, sulfur and phosphorus content, this oil reduces the pollution generated in both diesel and gasoline engines.



Some users comment that they have received oils with manufacturing dates close to the expiration period, being recommended to verify this end for safety.


You may receive a can with a different label than the Spanish version, although, in practice, the oil maintains the same lubricating properties.





The most popular brands


If you want to take care of the internal parts of your car engine, it is necessary that they remain well lubricated. To achieve this you will need to apply 5w30 or 5w40 oils, depending on the characteristics of your vehicle. These apart from taking care of it contribute to extend its useful life and guarantee that its parts can work in the correct way. The brands most recommended by users today are Castrol, Repsol and Elf.




This brand of oils is one of the most recognized worldwide for the quality of the products it offers and because for several years it has been used by different dedicated teams that participate in the best known racing and motorcycling competitions.

The company had a presence in Formula 1, sponsoring important teams such as Lotus, Williams, McLaren and Renault. It began to be used in 1909 by the Wakefield Oil Company, years later it was acquired by Burmah Oil, and by 2000 it was the British Petroleum company that bought this firm.

It has had worldwide projection and although it is in the United Kingdom it has offices in more than 40 countries and its distribution network extends to 140 nations, its products being marketed by more than 2000 agents. In total, it has 7,000 employees worldwide.

Its main area of action is the manufacture of greases, lubricants and other products used in the automotive industry, the marine industry and other related sectors. Among the different items they offer are also 5w30 & 5w40 oils that contribute to the care of two- and four-stroke engines and guarantee the proper functioning of the internal parts of the car.




The history of this company has its beginnings with the foundation of the oil company CAMPSA established in 1927 with the objective of administering the oil concession in Spain; this influenced the creation of different organizations dedicated to the work with hydrocarbons, among them, Repesa that was formed in 1948 and was the one that drove Repsol.

When the state oil monopoly in Spain disappeared, it was decided to create a joint venture; This was given the name of Repsol, because it was one of the most recognized brands by users at the time. The consolidation of the company was completed in 1987. Subsequently it became a recognized multinational in different countries worldwide.

This company is dedicated to carrying out activities of transport, production, exploration and refining of oil and gas. In addition, it is responsible for the distribution and commercialization of hydrocarbon products, and sells liquefied and natural gas.

Among the many items that it offers and markets, this company is also responsible for the distribution of 5w30 & 5w40 oils, which have different properties suitable for the care and protection of the car engine to ensure that it can work in a manner correct.


Its foundation dates from July 1939 with the creation of the RégieAutonome des Pétroles, a company that would be dedicated to the exploitation of natural gas deposits. In the following years similar companies were created that subsequently merged, forming an ERAP company, which between 1967-1976 was renamed Elf-PAR.

He dedicated himself to searching, extracting, refining and distributing oils. And after several years focused on this area, in 2003 he joined the Total Fina SA group

It has gained recognition in the world market, because since 1968 it works together with the Renault vehicle brand. The cooperation between the two companies has lasted over time and has served to show users the quality of ELF additives.

Renault maintains that the different ELF products have contributed to improve the functionality of post-treatment systems, save fuel and contribute to the conservation of the environment; They also protect the engine and allow it to function properly.

Among its various products made from hydrocarbon bases and car additives, 5w30 & 5w40 oils stand out, which have obtained good reviews among users due to their quality and the benefits they bring to the car.


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