Best 10w40 Motorcycle Oil – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

The lubricant is one of the vital elements to keep your motorcycle engine in good condition. And when we talk about motorcycles, due to their characteristics, this importance is even greater. That is why it is necessary to choose the engine oil that suits us, both depending on the type of motorcycle we drive and the style of our driving and the terrain on which it is produced.

If your motorcycle uses the best 10w40 motorcycle oil, you can use products such as Motul 7100 oil. A synthetic-based product can significantly improve the performance of all types of motorcycles, reducing noise and fuel consumption. Something similar to what REPSOL 9990510531 oil offers. A classic product of this manufacturer, which protects all types of 4-stroke motorcycles and is presented in a 4-liter can, really practical for the most demanding oil users.


What is the best 10W40 motorcycle oil on the market?

Although it is something that we sometimes put aside, oil is a key element for any engine’s health, both in terms of durability and its protection. So if you want to add to your motorcycle the best oil you can find, you just have to take a look at our guide to buy the best 10W40 motorcycle oil to find the perfect product for your motorcycle.


Rank #1: MOTUL 7100

A complete engine oil designed for motorcycles of all types, which can meet the most demanding requirements. As much as to comply with a good part of the current market standards in terms of quality and performance.

Main Features Explained

Main properties

One of the aspects for which this product stands out among the best 10W40 motorcycle oils of 2020 is for its high efficiency in terms of its basic properties. Something that reduces noise and friction when circulating in all engine components improves their lives and contributes to saving fuel on your route.

Something that contributes to its products based on 100% synthetic ester, so the durability and the ability of the oil to properly maintain its properties are remarkable.  

Main applications

One of the advantages of this product compared to other 10W40 motorcycle oils is its wide versatility. And this oil is designed for all types of four-stroke motorcycles regardless of their nature. So we will be able to use it in all-terrain bikes, road bikes, enduro or trail bikes, and many more, such as scooters, quads, or mopeds.

It also has the advantage of working optimally on different types of engines, such as those with integrated gearboxes or not, or motorcycles that have clutches dipped in oil or not. In all these cases, the product responds appropriately and offers high protection when it comes to driving.

Pollution and performance

As an extra to all that this oil offers you, we cannot fail to highlight its ability to reduce pollution and waste generation in the combustion process. Something that helps the oil to be compatible with the EURO 2 and EURO 3 standards in terms of contaminant generation.

For this compliance, there is a fluid oil that processes combustion better, but it also implies a lower generation of waste through more intense lubrication and greater cleaning capacity. Something that benefits your bike is extra durability, lower fuel consumption, and better overall performance.

  • As a manufacturing oil with 100% synthetic base, we speak of a high-quality product and improved performance, at least compared to conventional and mineral-based oils.
  • Although the oil is suitable for all types of uses, some users comment that for the use in the circuit or for motorcycles that circulate at high speeds of continuous, it is convenient to use the same product of the superior range.

Rank #2: REPSOL 9990510531

 REPSOL 9990510531 oil is another of those classic products on the market, with which giving extra protection and performance to any motorcycle are quite easy. The synthetic base oil and designed for all types of motorcycles give extra performance and protection to those models of greater power and demand.

It is perceived both when circulating, with a more fluid operation and better performance, as well as a more efficient and higher quality life in the oil itself.

Something presented in engines of one, two, three, or four cylinders and that even adequately protects the clutches bathed in oil.

A product located among the cheapest in its format, so it could very well be the best 10W40 motorcycle oil for the price we have analyzed.

Let’s see some more details of this product, which is another strong candidate to be the best 10W 40 motorcycle oil of the moment.



 The high quality of protection of this product adds extra performance to your motorcycle engine.


Thanks to its fluidity, this oil can deeply lubricate your engine, generating lower fuel consumption and taking better care of your motorcycle.


This synthetic base oil offers greater durability and better performance in terms of product durability.

Can size:

 The four-liter can allow you to have more oil at a lower cost per liter.



 Some user comments on certain inconveniences with the product’s shipment as far as its sealing is concerned.


 This model is suitable for medium and high demand engines, but not for scooters or other simpler or less demanding vehicles.


Rank #3: Castrol Power 1

 Like the previous one, this motorcycle oil is backed by a world-renowned manufacturer, Castrol. This brand is an authority in the world of lubricants, so its Power 1 Racing oil is one of the best when caring for your motorcycle engine.

Castrol Bundle Power 1 Racing is an oil with the 10W40 vocabulary, especially to keep your motorcycle heart healthy. It has been specially designed for motorists who live to the limit, driving their machine.

It has passed various tests and studies to demonstrate its effectiveness as a lubricant for all engine parts and to provide excellent acceleration with just a touch of the accelerator.

It has an exclusive semi-synthetic Power Release formula, making it easy for the lubricant to flow rapidly through the entire engine gear, significantly reducing friction and wear, while minimizing power loss. It is recommended for the 4-stroke engines of any motorcycle model.

If you intend to save as much as possible, you may want to know the characteristics of what could be the best 10W40 motorcycle oil for 10 euros:



 Castrol Power offers you a can of synthetic oil to perform proper engine maintenance with a quality product that offers high performance and durability.


 The oil composition has attachments that allow it to protect the engine, clutch, and gears on four-stroke motorcycles.


 The boat has a special nozzle that will prevent you from spilling the oil when you pour it into the engine nozzle.



 As reported, the use of this oil can have long-term negative effects on the environment.

Price: If you want to save as much as possible, you may have to consider mineral oil, since this model is much more expensive.


Rank #4: Liqui Moly 1521

 We continue with this lubricant manufactured by the German brand Liqui Moly, an expert in automotive maintenance.

The 1521 oil has undergone various tests and tests like all the products of this prestigious company, resulting in a motor oil capable of extending the life of the heart of your motorcycle for much longer, avoiding extra costs for repair or In the worst case, by replacement of the engine.

The Liqui Moly 1521 is a high performance 10W40 lubricant designed with HC technology, especially for 4-stroke motorcycle engines.

It has been adapted for use on water-cooled and air-cooled (1L) motorcycles. It is an oil with high wear resistance that guarantees engine protection and maximum performance under normal conditions.

It is a product that offers optimum lubrication to all parts, avoiding friction and wear due to the continuous movement.

Also, it grants excellent cleaning to the engine, which maximizes its performance considerably. It is recommended for two-wheeled bikes, even for four-wheeled bikes, snowmobiles, and scooters. To know what 10W40 motorcycle oil to buy, we advise you to take into account the specific requirements of your vehicle:



 The most outstanding advantage of Liqui Moly motorcycle oil is that it is of a synthetic type. It is more recommended for modern engines with high demands in terms of lubrication of internal components.


 The presentation boat has dimensions of 18.1 x 5.7 x 14.5 centimeters and weighs just 699 grams, in addition to having an opening one level lower than the top to facilitate pouring.


 Being synthetic, 1521 offers great performance in terms of performance, and you can use your vehicle hundreds of kilometers before having to recharge or make a complete change.


The composition of this type of oil adheres better to the internal components of the engine to be able to stay in operation for longer than its mineral counterparts.



 However, you should know that 1521 is sold in 1-liter presentation, so you will have to buy several boats if you need a complete oil change.


How to use a 10W40 motorcycle oil

The correct lubrication process that you provide to the engine of your motorcycle is essential to obtain a good operation in the different terrains without forcing the gears. This generated friction could wear them down and deteriorate the life of the machine. That is why apart from using a first-line lubricant such as 10W40 motorcycle oil, you must also learn how to use it to take full advantage of its benefits.

Select tools and workspace

Select a flat place to change the oil, also identifying the tools you will need. So have a newspaper or absorbent paper on hand, so you can place it on the floor with a container to collect the burned oil, a replacement filter, a wrench, and motorcycle oil.

Adapt the motorcycle for an oil change

The oil that you are going to extract from the motorcycle must have an intermediate temperature. In this way, its viscosity level will not be so high, and thus you will avoid complications when draining it. The recommendation is to turn on the machine a couple of minutes before starting the process and immediately turn it off since warming more than desired could accidentally hurt your skin when you are emptying it.

Release the oil contained in the reserve

Take the wrench and place it around the nut. This way, you will be able to exert pressure clockwise to begin to disengage.

Now, before releasing it completely, you will have to place the collecting container under it, so that the oil falls directly into said container and not on the ground. You mustn’t rush and wait for the necessary time until the contents of the reserve are completely emptied so that at the end of this step, you proceed to screw the cap again.

Replace filter

First, you must remove the filter from the engine of your motorcycle with the help of a wrench, trying to be careful not to damage the adjustment nozzle. Then, it is appropriate to clean the oil contained in the edge and lubricate before placing the replacement.

It is necessary that you verify that the model of the new filter piece is compatible with your motorcycle so that when it is screwed, it is not insulated and closed correctly, thus preventing any leakage from compromising its proper functioning.

Pour the new oil

To pour the new oil, it is necessary to remove the cap from the engine tank inlet. In this way, you can introduce the funnel and then pour the lubricant indicated through it, without fear of spilling during the process. Do not forget to replace the lid at the end of filling. It is necessary to verify that it has been adjusted correctly.

It is recommended that you start the motorcycle for approximately two minutes, and with the measuring rod, you check the level reached. If it is lower than necessary, you will have to fill it a little more until you reach the limit.


The most popular brands

We are all aware of the importance that engine oil has in the operation of a motorcycle. This fluid is of great importance for the lubrication of the vehicle, and not just anyone is suitable for a certain model. Here are the most popular brands of 10W40 motorcycle oils, according to users.

The British company is a world leader in the development and development of oils, greases, lubricants, and services for the efficient operation of your motorcycle. The brand began operating in 1909 when the ingenuity and innovative thinking of Charles Wakefield led him to visualize the creation of a company focused on the commercialization of lubricants for cars and airplanes.

In this way of work and research, he managed to find a sufficiently liquid and thick oil formula from castor; This invention would be known as Castrol. From this historic milestone, the brand noted the success of this product, which began to diversify and began the development of individual oils for each engine manufacturer, according to the mechanical and combustion needs of each of the models.

With a direct presence in more than 46 countries, the workforce exceeds 75 thousand people, reaching more than 120 nations worldwide. Its team of engineers and researchers constantly work on perfecting manufacturing processes to provide users with purer, more efficient, and efficient liquids.

Since 1853 Motul has worked to revolutionize engineering, through the development of high-performance products, for the efficient operation of almost any type of vehicle.

Improving all manufacturing processes is part of the main corporate objectives of the automotive company. 1966 was an important year for the brand, which saw the birth of the Century 2100, a semi-synthetic oil that has enjoyed wide commercial and industrial recognition for its optimal performance and the power it brings to the motorcycle.

In 1971, Motul managed to launch its first completely synthetic fluid, a world landmark that made it a benchmark in motorsports. Many awards and recognitions have earned him a place among the leading brands in the distribution and production of oils. It is a difficult market to conquer due to the competition and expansion of other companies that hold these honors.

In addition to this, the company sponsors various automobile events around the world, taking its experience to another level. On the road it tests the quality of all its products, always remaining in the search to develop innovations for the engine of your motorcycle.

This Spanish multinational was created in October 1987, although its history dates back many years. Specializing in the exploration, transformation, processing, and commercialization of energy, the brand has an important directory and chain of clients throughout the world.

This helps you improve the distribution of all your products, as well as the installation of your entire network of refineries and exploitation points of the raw material with which they work. Its team of researchers, developers, and other production areas complete a workforce of more than 24 thousand employees representing at least 84 nationalities, who contribute their knowledge in engineering, gas, oil, and derivatives.

The brand operates in 37 countries, but its catalog of products reaches more than 87 nations, with an investment that exceeds 350 million euros in recent years, when the premise has been the search for sustainable, efficient, and pure energy, all to preserve the environment.


Frequently asked questions

Q1 Is it better to use a 10W40 or 10W50 motorcycle oil?

This depends solely on two things. The first one is your manufacturer’s recommendation, and the second one is the place where you live. In countries with not very strong winters and hot summers, any 10W30, 10W40 and 10W50 oil will be functional, since fluids are kept at high temperatures.

If your manufacturer has indicated that both types of oils can be used on the motorcycle, then a 10W40 oil may be better, as it is usually cheaper and diluted at reasonable temperatures. If the manufacturer has indicated the use of a specific oil, then choose the recommendation given by the brand to avoid long-term engine problems.

Q2 What are the differences between motorcycle oil 10W40 and 5W40?

The biggest difference between both oils is the change of the first number. However, this has an explanation that constitutes the true character that makes them so different. The first number refers to winter, while the second refers to summer.

Although both oils share the same level of viscosity in the summer, in colder climates, the 5W40 model will be able to flow faster at low temperatures, and this means that the motorcycle’s engine does not have to work too much using a viscous oil, which what would happen with a 10W40 engine with oil.

Q3 Is it better to use 10W30 or 10W40 oil for a motorcycle?

There is not much difference between 10W30 and 10W40 oil, so this may be a personal choice for you. Many brands recommend the use of either when pouring oil on your motorcycle. For that reason, there is no problem with your choice. However, if not, use the indicated oil to avoid inconvenience.

If your motorcycle is used to oil, it is preferable that you do not change it and, if the temperatures are somewhat cold, then choose 10W30 for its texture and density, as this will flow a little faster in this type of weather. However, do not forget that as 10W40 oil is one of the most common, it is still more economical, so it is the choice of many.

Q4 Which is better: 10W40 or 20W50 motorcycle oil?

If you have a modern motorcycle, the best option for you will almost always be the lowest number. 10W40 engine oils are ready to have your motorcycle ready in any kind of weather and are also made for modern motorcycle engine systems.

If your motorcycle has a small engine, the 20W50 oil could damage it instead of helping it. Usually, this type of product is only used in engines that are quite old or have an exacerbated oil consumption when it comes to running. If there is a very strong summer and you need an oil that works with high temperatures, you may need a 20W50. However, it is preferable to consult with the mechanic before.

Therefore, one could say that the best motorcycle oil is 10W40, except that your motorcycle meets the specific cases mentioned above.


Shopping guide

Protection compliance

Since not all 10W40 motorcycle oils are the same, it is convenient that we verify the protective properties offered by each product, as well as the different standards that it meets, according to what your motorcycle may need.

And the mere fact of complying with the 10W40 standard already involves including in its composition a good amount of compounds designed both to give the engine adequate protection and to meet the corresponding maintenance intervals. An oil that must be synthetic based, since it is the one that offers the best performance during the use process.

As for the standards, as with the rest of the oils on the market, each oil must meet the parameters determined by the manufacturer. Among these are API and JAPO standards, it being necessary that the oil adequately meets those that the manufacturer of your motorcycle has decided. Anyway, for greater safety, you can always choose an oil specially designed for that motorcycle, as indicated by the manufacturer.

Advanced features

Beyond the basic functions, even the most economical 10W40 motorcycle oil includes some additional functions to better take advantage of its properties. Something that can make a difference in any comparison of 10W40 motorcycle oils, so it is worth checking out these properties.

Among them, we have the property of lubricating effectively even in the cold, so that you can enjoy less engine wear and better fuel consumption. Something that also contributes to having a high capacity detergent or cleaner oil, which reduces waste inside the engine and keeps the entire injection and combustion system in a better state.

These advanced functions are also added oils with special properties in order to reduce pollution. A task in which it is worth checking that the oil complies with the EURO standards in terms of contamination, the most common for these oils are the EURO 2 and 3 standards.

Oil presentation

As usual in our guides, this section is usually the last important aspect that we include when we talk about motor oils. It greatly influences how much the product costs and also how comfortable or complicated it will be to manage it properly.

To begin, it is convenient to see what needs of change we will have and what is the capacity of the carter of our motorcycle. The greater this capacity and the greater the number of changes you make, the more you will be interested in resorting to larger sizes, such as those of 4 liters. And these formats are the cheapest when it comes to buying, so the cost per liter of oil will always be lower.

However, in case your motorcycle has a little capacity, or you simply have less need to make frequent changes, you can always resort to models with smaller capacity, such as liter bottles. These bottles usually have enough to make a change or a punctual filling on any motorcycle without having to spend more on oil that, once opened, can lose

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